Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 33

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I imagine everyone has heard of a phenomenon known as dust explosion. A dust explosion is the rapid combustion of fine particles suspended in the air that is no less powerful than TNT.

There are two challenges to successfully carrying it out. The first is that there must be dust particles reasonably distributed closely together in the air. Another is an ignition source which can be ignited instantly.

I don’t have either of the two with me. If I had metallic powder, I would choose metallic powder as my first preference. But the only option I have right now is flour.

It’s not easy to buy flour in winter. I had people grind out some flour for a few hours so that it was thick enough for my requirements. But then I wasn’t left with much flour. I only had a small pouch. It’s enough, though.

I just need them to do as I say now.

A few small boats slowly crossed over toward the island in the centre.

We didn’t use any light to remain hidden under the cover of the darkness.

The surroundings were silent. The only sound was the sound of water flowing.

I looked down into the pitch-black water. I inquired about the depth of the water during the day. I’m not actually a good swimmer, and the last time I died happened to be in the water. I’ve got a bit of a phobia towards deep water.

However, I know that Nier is more scared than I am.

Tonight happened to be a full-moon night as well…

I placed my hand on the necklace on my chest… Mom wasn’t wrong. Tonight is a full-moon night. I wasted too much time on the road and with the elves. I had arrived there late, to begin with, then I stayed in the capital for a week. I also took my time on the way to the village, and today is a full-moon night.

It hurt. My entire body was hurting. All of my joints were aching like they were going to pierce through my skin. I clenched my teeth tightly. My gut felt like it was being forcefully twisted and bunched together. Even breathing was making me feel sick. I couldn’t puke even if I didn’t eat.

Fortunately, it was a cloudy day today or I wouldn’t dare to be in the moonlight right now.

Luna sucked out some of my mana when we kissed before which is the reason I’ve managed to hold out until now. But Luna couldn’t keep it up. We only kissed for a short while before she passed out from the pain. I left her on the shore and came here while fighting the pain.

I must go and rescue Nier. Nier is still waiting for me. I can’t waste time. Nier is waiting for me. She’s just inside the castle. If this were a fairy tale, then the prince is on the way to save the princess.

I can’t back down now.

A few tiny boats encroached upon the pitch-black castle like fish approaching a whale that was deeply asleep, except that these few fish were about to gobble this whale…



Ice-cold water got poured onto Nier’s head.

Nier’s body jolted violently. Her breaths were now virtually non-existent. It was like her body, which had shut down, was switched back on. She struggled to look up at the merchant who placed the cup down to one side.

He chuckled indifferently and said, “Good evening. It looks like you are very disappointed.”

“That’s right. That’s right.”

He stood silent, due to being caught off guard. He never expected Nier to still have her rationality and reasoning intact. He bent over to look at Nier’s face and said, “But you’re more disappointed than me. It looks like you’ve become a discarded pawn. It looks as if neither Her Majesty or His Majesty are going to come to your rescue.”

“Hmph…” Nier shot him a mocking glare and then subconsciously began to shuffle her feet and said, “This… this isn’t… Mm… Do… do I want… it? … You will never… never… never hurt His Majesty! Even if I… even if I die… His Majesty… mm… ugh… will… will…”

Nier’s body jerked every time she mentioned His Majesty.

The merchant smiled helplessly when he saw her. He said, “Why must you struggle futilely? What sort of love makes you so loyal? Or are you unable to distinguish between love and loyalty? If it’s loyalty, naturally he won’t come, because you dying for his sake is just a matter of course. However, if you truly love each other, then he would’ve come to rescue you already.”

“I know… that he doesn’t love me…”

Nier looked at him and firmly continued, “But… I love him…”

The merchant shook his head as he couldn’t understand her sentiments. He stood up and lamented, “I don’t quite understand this moronic love of yours, but it looks like your love hasn’t provided you with anything…”


A huge fire rose up and the entire castle was virtually quaking.

The glass-cup the merchant placed to a side dropped to the ground and shattered.

Stunned, he used the wall to regain his balance. In a flustered manner, he loudly shouted, “Men! What happened?! What happened?! Is someone attacking the castle?! Where did the explosion come from?!”

“Reporting sir! It’s the main door! The main door has been blasted open! It’s been blasted open!! Someone threw flour inside and then a big ball that looked like a hand grenade!! The main door got blown to pieces! The men behind it all died! The intruders have already fought their way into the hall!”

“You useless garbage! Weren’t there more than thirty people behind it?! Even thirty pigs could kill them!”

“I don’t know! It was the prince! It was the prince! He threw this small thing that was really bright, blinding us, and then they cut everyone down!! They’re in the hall right now! They’re on their way here!!”

That’s right. It’s very simple.

Someone used stones to toss the small pouch of flour in, where the flour then scattered and fell like a blanket of snow onto the drawbridge. Then, another person shot the fire and quake potions mom gave me in.

I already mentioned mom’s fire spell. It creates a huge violent fire. The flour particles scattered in the air in addition to the fire… The resulting massive explosion almost blew us backwards, into the water.

The timber main door and the gate behind it were blasted apart.

Just as the soldiers behind the doors and gate were about to make a move I threw in two light magic balls. They created a blinding light to inhibit their vision.

The mercenaries then rushed them and entered in one fell swoop. They cut down all the soldiers who jumped up onto the shore. After that, they either pushed them into the water or used them as stepping stones as they joyously charged into the hall of the castle. As everything happened suddenly, they didn’t even have time to close the door to the hall!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! What has that damned prince done?! What has he done?!” The merchant grabbed his hair and shouted. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

The castle he thought would be easy to defend and hard to attack was conquered in an instant. The castle was a double-edged sword. Once the enemy had successfully invaded the castle, no one inside would be able to escape unless they jumped into the water from up high.

Ah, of course, you’d still get injured jumping into the water from that height.

He aggressively turned his head and looked at Nier on the ground with his eyes that looked like they were going to start bleeding. He strutted over to her.

She was his final bargaining chip.

There might be that off-chance that he could get away with his life if he surrendered now. He didn’t care about the church any longer. He had started thinking that perhaps he would be able to get away with his life if he handed Nier to the prince.

Nier watched him approach her and narrowed her eyes.

As soon as his hands touched Nier’s hair, she jumped up swiftly. She swung her hands, with blood pouring out from them, and stabbed him in one eye.

He shrieked in pain as he took a few steps back with his hands covering his eye. He shouted and grabbed the sharp object stabbed into his eye. He pulled the sharp piece of glass out which yanked his eye out with it while blood spurted forth.

Nier leaned on the wall and panted to try and catch her breath. Her body liquid continued to run down her legs non-stop. She glanced at the merchant, laughed coldly and said, “I forgot to tell you this. His Majesty is full of tricks. Let’s see who’s disappointed now.”

“Shut up!!! You bitch! I’m going to kill you! I’ll kill you!!”

The merchant thundered and charged towards Nier.

Nier wanted to resist, but her entire body was powerless. She had just expended her last ounce of strength. She blankly watched as the merchant tore her clothes off, revealing her beautiful skin. She closed her eyes with despair in her heart. Did she fail even after struggling to the bitter end?

If so…

Did that mean…

That she would never have the right to stay by His Majesty’s side…?



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