Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 29

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“Are you crazy?! Son! You just escaped from danger!! Why are you going?! Humanity’s affairs have nothing to do with you! You’re my son right now! You’re the elven prince right now!!”

I huffed and puffed as I desperately tried to break free of mom’s hold.

Other than the desire to kill and insanity, my mind was otherwise blank right now. I want to massacre all of the church’s people. I want to destroy everything related to the church. I want to kill all of them, burn their church down and destroy all of their belongings.

I don’t want anyone around me to get hurt again.

How dare they threaten me with Nier? I don’t care how Nier got caught. I just want to rescue Nier. There is no “after.” There is no “other person.” I want to go there now. I want to charge into their castle right now and rescue Nier!

I can’t let the people around me get hurt again.

Even more so when it is Nier! I won’t let anyone harm Nier. Nier is indeed very strong and very skilled, but when she’s in danger, I’m the only one who can help her. I’m the only one she can rely on, so I must go!

“Mom! Mom, let go of me! I have to go and save her, no matter what! I have to save her, even if it means I have to give the church what they want! I can’t let Nier suffer! I will never let those bastards touch Nier! I won’t let anything befall Nier! If something happens to Nier, I’ll die in front of her corpse!”

I roared as I looked at the messenger that I had hacked to pieces. I was fuming after I finished reading the letter. My bones were shaking with fury and my blood was boiling in rage.

So I drew my sword and slashed at the only person who I could kill in front of me. I roared crazily as I slashed the human, spraying his blood, bones, and organs into the air.

I was covered in blood and the scent of blood.

The next thing I knew, mom was grabbing me tightly because I was about to mount my horse that didn’t even want to budge anymore and return to humanity.

Mom wrapped her arms around me tightly and shouted loudly, “Son, calm down! Calm down! It doesn’t matter who got captured, because that’s humanity’s business! Son! You’re an elf right now! You’re my son right now! Think of mommy! Think of mommy!! You just went through something so dangerous, and you want to make mommy worry again?! And if you leave before the allotted time, that would mean breaking the agreement! That would be a reason to start a war!!”

“I. Don’t. Care!”

I shouted at the top of my lungs, “I don’t care! I don’t care! I just want to save Nier! I want my Nier to be safe and sound! If no one is going to save her, I will! Others see her as a dispensable pawn! I’m the only one who views her as my Nier! I must return! I must return to save her!! Because…”

I finally broke free of mom’s hold. I staggered a few steps before turning around and shouted, “Because I love her!!!”


Mom slapped me and then slapped me again before I could come back to my senses. Mom put her strength behind those two slaps.

Her slaps left me spinning. I lost my sense of direction and in fact, nearly passed out. My ears were ringing. While I was in a trance-like state, I looked at M=mom who was crying.

Mom looked at me with anger in her gaze. She looked at me and shouted, “Don’t you love mommy then?! Why is it that you can love so many people, but not mommy?! You always say that you won’t leave mommy. You always say that you won’t make mommy worry, but name one instance you haven’t made M=mommy worry! Mommy loves you so much, cares about you so much, and yet you’re putting your life on the line for a woman?! You love that woman, okay, what about mommy?! Don’t you love mommy?! If you leave today, mommy is going to forcefully keep you by mommy’s side!”

Mom’s eyes were completely blood-red, so I knew she wasn’t joking. Mom isn’t just any ordinary yandere. If mom really keeps me by her side, I really won’t be able to leave.

If I anger mom even further now, there’s a chance she’ll go to humanity and destroy them. I took in a deep breath. Those two heavy slaps calmed me down slightly. I looked at mom and hugged her tightly.


Mom froze up because of my sudden hug.

I took advantage of the situation to hug her tighter. Next to her ear, I softly said, “Mom, mom, I know, I love you… I really do. So I won’t leave…”


Mom shivered all-over. Her anger vanished in an instant. Of my two moms, Vyvyan is relatively harder to deal with, but at the same time, the easiest to handle.

Elizabeth’s love for me is very rational, so she doesn’t get involved with my business too much, hence she rejects any unreasonable requests I make.

Vyvyan, on the other hand, is different. No matter how angry she is, she’ll calm down if I hug her, cuddle up to her, and act cute.

“Mom, I really love you. I really do… I love you too. Even if I love Lucia and Nier, I still love you. I really do. I won’t make you sad and definitely won’t let you worry about me. I have something I must do. Mom, I don’t want to see Nier get hurt.”

“But… but… son… you… you’ll get hurt…”

“I won’t, mom. I promise you. I’ll look for helpers when I get there. I’ll wait somewhere safe. Mom, I love you. I really do…”

I gently kissed mom on her cheek, and she quivered before hugging me tightly.

It’s too simple to deal with Vyvyan. I just need the three words “I love you”, and then to give her a kiss, and she’ll let me have my way.

I gently wiped mom’s tears away, smiled and said, “Mom, trust me one more time. Once I save Nier, I’ll return and marry Lucia. And then I won’t ask to go to humanity anymore.”

“Really? …” Mom wiped her tears and looked up at me with hope.

I nodded earnestly and said, “Yes, mom, I won’t lie to you.”

“Mommy… mommy… mommy wants to protect you… my son…”

“Mom, you’ll stand out too much if we’re in humanity’s lands. Mom, return to the capital and prepare for my wedding with Lucia. I want to have one of your mini-meat pies too.”

I gently kissed mom on her forehead.

Mom looked up and wore a shy and blissful expression like that of a little girl. Her elegance and esteemed demeanour as the queen were nowhere to be seen anymore. Luckily there was no one else around. Otherwise, everybody would be silenced.

“Mommy shall trust you this once then… Son… you mustn’t. You mustn’t do things that would make mommy sad. Son… don’t let Mommy see you return with injuries. This is humanity’s mistake. If you get hurt, mommy will immediately charge over there…”

Mom removed her necklace. She softly chanted a spell and then wore it around my neck for me. She said, “If you run into any danger, just press this necklace. Mommy will be able to sense it and shall appear before you instantly to protect you. You must take care, son. You must take care… Mommy… mommy doesn’t want to see you get hurt… The Earth Dragon incident scared mommy… Please… please… please don’t scare mommy like that again…”

I hugged mom gently, nodded and said, “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll definitely come back. I still want to eat your mini-meat pies…”



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