Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 14

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Luna’s actually very quick and efficient with her work as a maid. She’s very dutiful. I don’t know where she learnt the skills and gained her experience as a maid from. She should’ve been a toy in the past and not a maid according to my understanding, but she was very quick with her hands.

She was helping me wash right now. I know very well that she did gain experience from being toyed with for so long… Her body wasn’t as perfect as mom’s but the way she moved her hands on my body showed she had more experience. While I couldn’t feel it, I’m absolutely certain I’d blow my load if I could.

Stop. Stop. I already told myself I wouldn’t betray Lucia. I believe that Luna won’t refuse, but I’m worried that I’ll be done for once I let myself get swept up. Lucia will seriously hack me to pieces when we next meet. I don’t know where Lucia is right now, and I’m toast if she’s heading this way.

I don’t know if the water was cold or not but I know that Luna’s skin was bright and flawless under the moonlight. Her smile was gentle and tranquil. Her body should never have been tarnished, yet humans tarnished it the way they tarnish other beautiful things in the world.

Luna hugged me gently from behind and hummed something in my ear. Perhaps it was an elven song, or maybe it was just her way of expressing the happiness within her.

She has managed to return home after all so it should be a happy matter for her.

“Let us get out of the water, Your Highness. It is not good for you to soak in cold water for a long period of time.”

Luna pulled me out of the water and placed me on the shore before using a hand-towel to carefully wipe me dry. Once the traces of water vanished I let out a long sigh of relief before sprawling onto the ground. But then I suddenly realised I was stark naked. But just as I was about to get up, Luna spun around at a high speed and pressed down on me.

I looked at Luna blankly, and she looked back at me. She licked her lips, and then giggled softly before asking, “Your Highness, what would happen if I continued? Would you punish me?”

“Punish… no… probably not… because I should be angry with myself for doing this sort of thing, not you. But I don’t want to continue, as I don’t want to betray Lucia.”

I shook my head and supported Luna’s shoulder.

Luna paused for a moment and then gently laughed as she rolled off me. She softly said, “My body was the only thing of value when I was with the humans who kept me alive. But my body – which is the only thing I am secretly confident of – cannot be used by you. It is the first time I have wanted to do this, but you have rejected me. Your Highness, Miss Nier confessed to you as well, right?”

“Uhm.” I nodded and slowly got dressed. I then continued, “But I rejected her.”

“Because of Miss Lucia, right? How nice. I really envy Miss Lucia. It is such a pity that I do not get to meet Miss Lucia this time. I want to see how amazing she is. However, Your Highness, do you really not love Nier?”

I smiled helplessly and replied, “How could I not like Nier when she’s so amazing? Or maybe I should say that if there was no one else, I would definitely marry Nier. Nier is so strong and brave. She’s the one I yearn for. I would most certainly be really happy if I could be with her. However, I already have someone, so I can’t have another.”

“But Your Highness, you have two sides.”

Luna laughed softly and continued, “Say if Miss Lucia could accept Miss Nier, would you marry both of them, Your Highness? Love is not limited to being shared with just one person. If you love them deeply, there should be no need to differentiate between how deep or how shallow your love for one is. You have Miss Lucia to accompany you for one month and Miss Nier to accompany you for the next, so your love for them should be consistently equal.”

“There’s no way Lucia would agree, and Nier wouldn’t agree for sure either. Since both of them disagree, I have to choose Lucia, despite Nier having saved me too…”

“If both of them want to stay by your side, I imagine there would be a great duel to watch.” Luna wore a smile like an onlooker enjoying the show and then got dressed before standing up. She picked up the stuff and walked side-by-side with me. She continued, “I really want to know who would win in a fight between Miss Nier and Miss Lucia.”

“That’s freaking scary!”

“Who would you bet on as the winner?”

“Count me out!”

“Just imagine it~…”

If you’re asking for my opinion, I would choose Nier… because Lucia’s sword skills aren’t that advanced. Lucia’s skills are mainly reliant on the wind elves’ buffs. Without them, Lucia is but just an ordinary elf.

Nier, on the other hand, is someone who cut her way through a mountain of corpses and sea of blood. Nier’s sword skills themselves and her physical attributes far surpass Lucia’s. However, if Lucia uses “invisibility” to assassinate Nier, then I don’t know what the result would be.

“Ah… it looks like someone else has come.”

As I pondered the question, Luna and I had already arrived at the entrance of the village. It was now very late, probably midnight right now, I would say. The noise in the village had stopped now as well. However, there were a few horse carriages parked outside the entrance. It looked like a merchant group. The merchant who was the leader was discussing something with the guards at the gate.

Just as Luna and I went to walk over, the stableman came over. Luna sent him a kind greeting.

I noticed that all of the people that were part of the discussion wore cloaks and covered their noses and mouths with scarfs. They looked really shady and scary. But merchants do commonly dress up like that since the difference in temperature in the forests between day and night can be quite drastic, as well as being damp.

I stared at the leader for a while. He was discussing something in the elven language very fluently. I assumed he was speaking about his goods. However, I could only hear bits and pieces due to his voice being really soft.



I quickly covered Luna’s mouth because I noticed that a few people were watching us too. Luna reacted with surprise and hid behind me. I looked at the group of merchants.

A few members of the merchant group guided the guards over to the horse carriage. They removed the cloth used to protect the goods from the rain.

A faint fruity scent seeped into the air. I think it was fruit.

But then I noticed a reflection of metal underneath the cloth when they removed. The reflection blinded my vision.

They had weapons.

Although merchants commonly bring weapons, this particular group of people gave me a feeling that they weren’t merchants.

The guards made way once they had inspected the goods and confirmed there was no issue.

We too moved back to make way and the horse carriage passed by us. A group of people carrying with them the cold of the forest walked past me in front of me. A few of them turned around to look at me with a cold look.

Luna poked her head out from behind me and looked at them frightened.


As I watched their backs, I softly said to Luna standing behind me, “Don’t even address me by my name next time. Call me something like ‘hubby’ or ‘my beloved’, it doesn’t matter which one. Remember: Do not address me by my name.”

I noticed that they looked over in this direction at the moment Luna was just about to address me by my name. If this group of people are with the church, they definitely know my name. They reacted at that moment.

If they discover that I’m Troy, something will definitely happen. I must, therefore, hide my identity.

“Alright… ‘my beloved’ then.”

“Why did you suddenly choose the most flirtatious one?!”


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