Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 13

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Vyvyan gently landed from the sky. Her emerald dress blew in the wind, and not a drop of blood stained it. But when she landed, she landed in an area that was like a small creek of blood. The stench of blood in the pitch-black forest could irritate one’s nose. The creatures that had a fondness for blood rushed over and lay in ambush in the water while sharpening their fangs and claws in the darkness. Vyvyan’s blood-red eyes shined brighter than the moonlight in the pitch-black forest. She wore her wild and crazy smile on her face like the leader of a pack of wolves before gnawing at its prey. She walked up to a tree with graceful steps like a dance and hugged a small troll in front of a female troll.

The female troll looked at her, hugged her child with terror and shouted something at Vyvyan. Vyvyan stood in front of her and patiently listened to what she had to say.

The wild beasts in their surroundings roared. They wanted to just leap over and tear into their final prey. Vyvyan gently tiptoed up. The entire forest went silent at her command.

Vyvyan pinched her chin and softly said to the female, “I understand now. You’re saying that you had no food because of the extreme cold up north and were left with no choice but to come here, right?”

The mother troll seemed to stop to think about something and then nodded rapidly. Vyvyan didn’t need to learn the language of trolls. She used her magic as a replacement for language to communicate with her by entering their subconscious. She looked at the woman and then swept her gaze around the frozen organs that poured out of the sliced-open guts of trolls and said, “So you’re a victim too.”

The female troll nodded with everything she had and begged for mercy with her whimpers. She even pointed to the child in her arms for Vyvyan to see. Vyvyan paused and then revealed a friendly smile. She said, “What a coincidence, you’re a mother too? I’m a mother. I’m a mother too. My son is cute like yours. Ah, no, no, cuter than yours. Aah, my son was so cute when he was this young. So, so cute. He never bit me when I breastfed him. Once he was full he’d look up at me and smile. And then when he called me ‘mom’ afterwards, my heart virtually melted. Aah, how can there be such a cute child in this world? Too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute… My son is the cutest in the world… the cutest…”

Vyvyan’s speech got quicker and quicker while at the same time the blood-red colour in her eyes became clearer and clearer like her entire body was illuminating a red light. She reached her hands out and grabbed her face with a claw-like hand posture tightly while smiling with extreme infatuation. Her face was so distorted like that of a demon’s while her intense breathing made her look like she was being pumped full of air like a balloon. With every breath she breathed out, a white mist came out from her mouth.

“Haa… haa… my son… my son, my son is the cutest in the world… The cutest… he’s the cutest… so… so… no one is allowed to touch my son, whether it’s you or that woman… no one!”

The female troll jerked her body and a blood-red ice-spike pierced through her skin from underneath her body, penetrating through the top. Her entire body was covered in blood-red like a sea-urchin pierced by a hedgehog. The spike pierced through her child she was holding onto as well. Losing her balance, she fell to the floor while the ice-spike shattered as if hit the ground and slowly turned into blood.

Vyvyan panted heavily and let out a high-pitched insane laugh like a devil from the depths of hell. It was like a wailing siren. It was like the leash on the blood-thirsty hound was removed tonight. Vyvyan transformed into a demon for the sake of her son tonight and massacred all of the races within the area.

A breeze blew past and Vyvyan vanished in an instant. The blood-thirsty wild animals around immediately leapt forth and began their feast.

It was very peaceful at night in Galle Village. While it wasn’t very quiet due to the crowd, the atmosphere of drunken people babbling underneath the clear night sky was peaceful, nevertheless.

I was sitting in the chaise lounge outside. I narrowed my eyes as I watched the stars in the sky shine. Freya was sleeping while leaning against my shoulder. The warm weather, clean breeze, and starry sky will make one fall. The environment almost made me want to give up pursuing the matter.

“You… erm… Troy…”

Luna came outside and held her dress together before sitting down. She placed a plate of fruit on the tree-stump in front of us. She adjusted her hair and then said, “Troy, do you want to go and wash up after eating this? I have prepared a wooden tub and hot water. It is a little simple and crude, but I hope you can put up with it.”

“Umm… Luna… I can’t come into contact with the water here in the elven lands.” I looked at Luna and smiled helplessly before adding, “Due to my berserk mana, my body will be immobilised once I’m in the water. I’ll drown.”

“So… how do you intend to clean yourself? You must be dirty after travelling for the entire day, right?” Luna looked at me. She then suddenly had an idea and said, “I will hold you and wash you then. If you do not mind, I will wash with you, and we can wash in the lake. I always went there in the past. But the water at the lake is a little cold at night.”

“No… ah, alright.”

I just went along with it and agreed, since Luna and I don’t have any secrets. I’m now her husband, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Not to mention that we’ve already done something even more erotic. Lucia isn’t around so I’m safe.

Standing behind me, Luna then said, “I shall go and prepare, then. Please wait a moment.”

“Alright… Freya… Freya… wake up…”

“What’s wrong… brother?”

Freya rubbed her eyes and sat up with annoyance. She said, “I’m really tired from riding all day. If possible, please allow me to sleep a little longer.”

“Go inside and sleep if you want to sleep. I’m going to go and wash up. I’m worried about leaving you here alone.” I pat her on her shoulder, but she couldn’t hear me. Instead, she rested her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. I sighed and picked her up to carry her back into the house.


“Sorry, Luna, could you set Freya’s bed for her first please?”

“Ah… alright.”

Luna was carrying a pile of clothes. She tidied up the room and set up a few mats on the ground to sleep on. She then smiled embarrassingly and said, “The house is really small. I hope you do not mind.”

“It’s fine. Let Freya sleep first.”

I carried Freya to the bed and then covered her with the blanket. Luna picked up the pile of clothes by the side as well as the leaves, which were to add a nice fragrance to the bath, and said, “Let’s go, Troy.”


When Luna and I left, we happened to see her brother returning with a bottle of wine. He looked at us and saw the things Luna was carrying. He snorted and said, “Are you going to wash together? You two sure have a good relationship. When are you going to have children…?”


Luna made a sound to show her embarrassment and with a red face said, “It’s too early for that, isn’t it…? We have just come of age after all.”

“What do you mean just come of age? Luna, you’re already…”

Before her brother could finish what he was saying, she shoved a piece grass into his mouth and stared at him with her eyes narrowed. She then lifted up one leg and kicked him into the house before pointing at him with a ferocious gaze. She sternly yelled, “Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to mention a girl’s age in front of her?! No wonder why I don’t have a sister-in-law! Get inside and reflect on yourself! Don’t let me hear my age again!”

After she was done speaking, she turned around and looked at me with a bright smile to say, “Troy, let’s go. I’ve just come of age~.”

“Yes, ma’am!!”


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