Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 30

Luna pushed the door open and saw Nier playing with an elven sabre. She smiled and said: “With regards to swords and sabres, elves are most certainly confident with their craftsmanship.”

Nier narrowed her eyes and glared at Luna. After scoffing, she sheathed the sabre and placed it on the table. She then stood up and looked at Luna. Luna smiled as she looked back at Nier and asked: “Since we both now devote our loyalty to his majesty, you do not need to treat me with such hostility, right? If we had to compare who hated who more, I should hate you humans more, would you not agree?”

Nier looked at her and coldly said: “Hate to your heart’s content then.”

“But I don’t hate you humans because you have such a gentle prince. However, his majesty is a half-blood. Mana flows in his majesty’s body.” Luna smiled and touched her own chest. She gently continued, “My mana has finally started to circulate again after his majesty held me.”

“You and his majesty-?!”

Nier was exasperated. She looked at her and a random feeling of rage she couldn’t supress surfaced. She grabbed the sabre by the side, pressed it on Luna’s chest and then pressed her up against the wall, and thundered: “You’re sullying the royal family’s blood! You were already told that you can’t have a relationship with his majesty!! I could now rightfully kill you according to her majesty’s wishes!”

“According to her majesty’s wishes or according to yours?” Luna looked at Nier’s expression and smiled helplessly. She then added: “Miss Gilliante, I don’t think the anger you’re showing on your face is for her majesty’s sake. Do you want to kill me because of her majesty’s order or your own desire?”

“Of course it’s because of her majesty’s order!”

“But you’re not a Valkyrie right now. You’re his majesty’s bodyguard. His majesty getting together with someone has nothing to do with you, does it?” Luna looked at Nier. She tilted her head and then looked at Nier who was speechless. She shook her head and continued, “But you don’t have to worry, Miss Gilliante. His majesty didn’t fall for me. I know that his majesty loves someone else. What he feels for me is pity and sympathy. As for holding me, that was my desire so that I could feel fortunate when I recall my past. Remembering that I once held the man I love will prevent me from thinking about the suffering and torment in my past. His majesty didn’t hug me out of love, but most probably, because he felt sympathetic towards me. If you’re angry, Miss Gilliante, you should be angry with that girl. She is the one that his majesty truly loves.”

“What’s that got to do with me? I’m not interested in his majesty’s love affairs. This is about you. Don’t come close to his majesty!”

Nier snorted before sheathing her blade and releasing Luna. Luna patted her chest and looked at Nier. She turned around to sit on her bed. She then smiled and said: “I know. I love his majesty, that’s why I can’t be with him. His majesty’s future is definitely not with me. Perhaps it is with you, Miss Gilliante.”

“Don’t spout nonsense!” Nier whipped her head and looked at her. In a stern tone, she said: “There is no way his majesty’s lover will be us!”

“But you’re the only one who can protect his majesty, isn’t that right?” Luna smiled helplessly as she looked at Nier and continued, “I can stay by his majesty’s side, but I can’t protect him. You are her majesty’s Valkyrie, but you’re the only person his majesty can rely on. And are you truly positive that you don’t have any feelings for his majesty?”

“I don’t! I hate his majesty! He’s the weakest person I’ve ever seen! He’s the person that lacks courage the most, and he doesn’t have a brain!”

“Is that how you truly feel? I actually think that his majesty is the bravest person.” Luna looked at Nier and calmly continued, “Think about it carefully, Miss Gilliante. Is the courage you have truly yours? It comes from your loyalty to her majesty, in other words, you’re brave because her majesty is behind you. But what about his majesty? His majesty never had her majesty’s support in the past. He has always stood at the forefront regardless of what happens. He has never backed down a single step, and to what end? He does it for the happiness of others. Even the things he’s doing now are for the sake of protecting those around him. His majesty doesn’t have anything. He doesn’t know swordsmanship, and is somewhat stupid, but he’s never backed down before. Is that not courage? He is willing to give way to others when it comes to his own matters, but he would never back down a single step if somebody tried to hurt us.”

“Who could hurt me……?”

“In the case that there was, his majesty would definitely protect you even if he can’t do anything. He will definitely stand up and not back down.”

“He has already abandoned me… He didn’t protect what I wanted to protect… He gave up on me……”

Nier lowered her head and clenched her fist tightly. The candy pouch at her waist shook along with its owner’s body. She hadn’t seen the children in a long time and his majesty hadn’t mentioned it once. Those orphans were probably no longer around, and her haven had probably disappeared. Maybe they’d be starving when she next sees them.

“He wouldn’t, Nier. Please trust his majesty. Even now, he is still gentle and kind. He will definitely help you. When you have a problem, rely on his majesty. His majesty will definitely will. He definitely will.”

“Rely on?” Nier chuckled coldly and continued, “There’s never been anyone I could rely on. I’m a Valkyrie. I don’t need anything or anyone to rely on. If I’m so weak that I’d have to rely on another, I wouldn’t be worthy of being her majesty’s guard!”

“But there are some things you can’t do. Trust his majesty. He can definitely help you protect that which you want to protect.”

Luna looked at Nier with her eyes full of confidence. Nier was speechless for a moment. She retracted the rebuff she was about to say. She then turned around and dropped down onto the bed. Luna laughed and then sat down on her bed.

“All good now.”

I sealed the envelope, took out a spoon from the fire and put the royal family’s seal on the letter. I then placed it aside to wait for it to dry. I then wrote everything I did on the letter including how I pushed Luna down. But when I was about to write the address, I froze up.

Where is Lucia at right now?

I chuckled helplessly to myself. I don’t even know where Lucia is. It looks like I wrote this letter for nothing.

I took out the pendant by my belt. It was something Lucia and Mera left for me. I’ll love Lucia forever if I drink it, right? I don’t intend to drink it right now though because whenever I think of my lover, I think of Lucia.

We’re going to get married soon. After I return, I’m going to leave Luna in her hometown and then I’ll be able to be with Lucia. This time, I’ll make sure Lucia doesn’t get into danger.

But reminiscing about Lucia right now won’t help me with my current goal. I spread open the map of the royal capital and drew a line from the city gates. I then looked at the map silently in deep thought. Where should I take action for the next step?

“Your majesty, the things you asked for have been prepared.”

“Good. Get ready. I don’t buy what that coach said. Leave the things here. This is the prince’s orders. Tell every station on the way to notify me as soon as they see the church’s horse carriage.”



*You may have notice how I started using contractions for Luna’s speech in her exchange with Nier. That is because Luna makes a change in formality in her speech towards Nier, and makes sense given Nier is no longer a Valkyrie (for now).

**In case you’re confused with the part where he grabs a spoon to use as a heat-stamp, it is indeed an actual spoon. Here is what they look like visually speaking:

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