Son-con War for Their Son – Ch. 18

Even if the star fortresses were to fall, there was still some distance between them and the elven imperial capital. However, the elves to the rear of the star fortresses were evidently worn out. Without the star fortresses, they were forced to rely on parapets and fight the red uniform army in person on the plains. But under the heavy barrage of cannon attacks, their parapets crumbled upon explosion, not to mention the blow delivered from the explosions.

The red uniform army reformed their ranks again, and beat their drums as they rushed the elves’ position. The empress drew her commander sabre and appeared right at the forefront on her battle steed. She was neither afraid of arrows nor flying rocks. She roared as she commanded the charge. When the red uniform army saw their empress appear before them again, they roared like crazed beasts and sped up while maintaining their formation.

The cannons accurately blew open the parapet while the Earth castle formation sporadically put together was instantly broken through by the Valkyries. The Valkyries rushed the defences of the elves from every direction like ghosts.

The elves retreated in defeat. Even the brave warriors of the forests were in fear while faced with the disadvantageous position. Some of them threw down their weapons and ran towards the interior of the city.

“Reporting, your highness! The humans have broken through our three star fortresses! Our men are being routed!”

“We cannot allow them to enter the city! We must not let them in! We must stop them in front of the city. Before the other elven races strike the human army from the rear, we must not allow ourselves to be forced to fight a defensive battle at the city!  We have no hope of winning in a defensive fight! Our bows and arrows cannot compare to the reach of their cannons!”

The empress gave her orders as she looked at the messenger with shock. She then turned to face her generals by her side and said: “Call for the imperial guards. It’s time for them to fight! If we cannot push the humans back to the forests in this battle, the elven race will be wiped out! The other elven races will attack the human force’s artillery unit and camp from behind and completely cut off their communications to the front lines. Once successful, we’ll outnumber them, and they’ll be caught in a pincer attack from our forces by the city walls and the elves striking from behind. We can definitely win, but we must first hang in there!”

“Your highness, what are we going to use to stop them?! They have guns and cannons. What do we have?!”

The queen clenched her teeth. She raised up the war flag by her side and then in a loud voice shouted: “We have our lives, our determination, and our family! We haven’t lost yet! We haven’t lost yet! Do not retreat! Do not retreat! We can still hang in there! Men, do not retreat!!”

The queen raised up the war flag. She was dressed in the elven king’s battle armour. Her red cape swayed as she spoke. The green elven war flag expanded as the wind blew against it and travelled along with the queen as she headed in the opposite direction to the fleeing troops. The petite queen raised the war flag up high and shouted loudly. Her blood-red cape carried with it the glory and honour of the royal family. She wore her infinite determination and courage on her beautiful face. The fleeing troops stopped and watched the queen come towards them.

The bright gold sun behind her made her armour shine, making her appear like an angel descended from heaven, like the goddess of victory had descended, and like the goddess of war’s cry. The war flag that carried the glory and honour of the elves, the blood of the elves and their hope was raised up high by the queen. The way she held the flag made it seem as though it would never fall. The elven soldiers looked at her and the flag. The soldiers that fled lowered their head for a moment, and then roared: “We can win! We can win! Push them back! Push them back!! This is our land! This is our city! This is the land our ancestors blessed! This is the altar of the gods!!”

They picked up their weapons again, turned around and charged towards the shiny and tall silhouette. The queen didn’t promise them anything, but she gave them the hope to win, and the determination to win.

The imperial guards followed behind, roaring loudly as they charged towards the army in red outside the city with their swords, spears, bows and arrows in hand.

The red uniform army looked at the previously fleeing elves that turned around like they got a hit of adrenaline with astonishment. They couldn’t reload in time, picked up their bayonets and roared as they charged towards the elves. They immediately engaged in battle on the battlefield. The human cavalry unit drew their sabres and charged in from the side. At the same time, the elven cavalry unit charged forth from inside the city. There were shouts, the sound of horse hooves and metal clashing on the battlefield. The green and red bits of armour got tangled together as they ripped and beat each other. They even threw their weapons down to get into a fist fight. Not one person retreated, and not one showed fear. The elven soldiers knew the sound of the flag blowing behind them. The queen’s roars and encouragement could be heard as if she was right by their side. The elves all shouted out in unison in their different voices: “For the queen!!”

“Long live your majesty!!”

The humans didn’t show any signs of backing off. Their empress watched them by their side as she rode atop her steed. They could see her sabre flash through the air in many places if they turned around to look. They had no retreat route. The empress stood in the path of their retreat. The empress was there with them. The nation was fighting on the frontlines, so how could they retreat as soldiers?! How were they going to repay the empress if they were to retreat?

Once their blades were bent, they smashed their enemies with their scabbard. Once their scabbard snapped, they punched their enemies, used their helmet, bit their enemies and before they died, they hugged the waist of their enemy tightly so that their comrades could kill them. Virtually all of the corpses had their eyes opened. Their eyes were filled with anger as they looked up to the sky. Their comrades had to step on their corpses as well as the corpses of their enemies to advance. The amount of blood on the ground was enough to make one slip. Both sides killed each other. The humans’ cannons didn’t open fire. The elves accurately fired arrows at the human commanders wearing hats from atop the city walls.

However, there was no longer a need for a commander. Both sides only had one thought and that was to kill more enemy soldiers. Their only thought was to kill more and more enemy soldiers!

The cavalry of both sides were tangled together. Corpses fell off horses. Horses cried out in pain and fell to the ground. The humans proved to be superior equestrians. However, they still suffered heavy losses due to the accuracy of the elven archers.

Both sides desperately charged towards the ruler of the enemy army. The queen raised the flag with one hand and used magic to blow up the chest and heads of her enemies. Fire balls appeared out of thin air, and the strong and sharp winds prevented the human soldiers from getting close. The human empress rode on horseback. Around her were the corpses of several elves from the cavalry unit. The blood dripping off her sabre she was dangling was like a small waterfall of blood.

It was the most brutal war between the humans and elves. Three elite red uniform army platoons were engaged in a life-and-death battle with the elves imperial guards. While the red uniform army outnumbered them, the defence weapons before the city prepared by the elves made it impossible for them to get into their complete formation since they were engaged in a man-to-man fight.

Therefore, the only way the battle would come to an end was if one supreme commander were to fall. The two women realised this and so they looked at each other at the same time. The queen slaughtered her way to the empress, while the empress charged over on her horse towards the queen.

Their blue eyes and black eyes made contact. The queen turned around, raised up the war flag and roared as she charged towards the empress. The empress charged forward on her horse. She cut down a number of elves blocking her way and then charged towards the queen. As she charged towards the queen, she held her sword up high.



The two old friends roared at each other. However, that was not evidence of their friendship or an impulse to hug one another. It was the battle cry of two former friends who wanted to cut down the other!


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