Son-con War for Their Son – Ch. 17

“Your majesty, we should begin our final attack.” The empress silently looked at the luxurious chess piece ivory and gold in her hand. She ignored Kurt who entered and spoke. She instead gently placed the chess piece down and asked Alice who was siting opposite to her: “Alice, if my army isn’t able to fight their way to stand before your king, should I……”

The empress grabbed the last metal king chess piece between her fingers and placed it before the Alice’s king. She then kicked away her king, placed her own king on and asked: “Get the mighty king himself to enter the battlefield, kill all the pieces blocking his way and then kill the enemy king?”

Alice laughed and pushed aside the empress’s chess piece. She then picked up the empress’s knight and placed it in her king’s position. She then gently said: “A king of one nation does not kill the king of another. The purpose of a king is to get his soldiers to bravely kill the enemies. Your majesty, a vanguard being caught in a trap is something only a knight would do.”

“Impressive, Alice.”

The empress gave a nod of approval and then swept away the chessboard before. An enormous sword underneath the chessboard was revealed. The sword looked very ancient, and was very wide. In terms of length, it was almost taller than Alice. It was almost as thick as a rock. However, the blacksmith sharpened the blade to the point where it could easily slice through anything without effort. The empress picked up the sword like she was holding a dinner knife and casually stood the sword which looked like it was a hammer intended to be used to assault a small city up. She then: “Alice, I’m giving you a weapon to destroy this world. Go and completely destroy those three star fortresses. I shall allow you to take a Valkyrie squad with you.”

“Understood, your majesty.”

Alice stood up and tippy-toed up to touch the handle of the sword. The enormous sword and her body ratio were completely off. She looked like a Barbie doll with a metal hammer. It was a weird combination. But the Barbie doll easily picked up the enormous sword. She held it in her hand like a hat, and then dragged it along as she exited the tent.

The empress seated herself one seat behind on her throne and put one leg over the other. Castell handed her a cup of wine. The empress narrowed her eyes, looked outside and then asked: “Castell, make a bet with me. How long do you think it will take for Alice to destroy the three star fortresses?”

“I… I think it will take her about an hour and a half?”

“I think she’ll bring them down within an hour. Don’t forget that she has the Valkyries with her.” The empress smiled as she picked up a piece of dried meat by her side and put it in her mouth. She then slowly chewed it before picking up another and placing it into Castell’s hands.


The humans weren’t launching rocks or pots filled with oil this time. Instead, they launched pots of dust, turning the area where the humans and star fortress was into a blinding field of dirt. All that could be seen was dirt. The elves gathered at the top of the wall holding their bows and arrows blessed with her highness’s magic liquid. They vigilantly watched the sky covered in dirt. Countless humans died there in the previous battle. The elves gave the humans time every day at dawn to retrieve the corpses of their fallen men, so there was no obstacle.


An arrow flew through the air but there was no response. Since they were faced with a field of dust the sensitive senses of the elves were dulled. If the arrow hit someone then there would be a cry of pain or the sound of a weapon dropped. However, they heard nothing, so they assumed it must’ve landed on the ground.

“There doesn’t appear to be anybody attacking.”

The elves scanned the area before them and placed down the bows and arrows in their hands. Just when they turned around to inform the other elves that there was no need to prepare, a black silhouette suddenly jumped up onto the star fortress.

“Sorry, beasts, you saw wrong.”

Her heavy sword danced in the air and a few elves’ heads were sent into the air. The elves stared with astonishment as a short silhouette that resembled a child swung a sword much larger than her body so lightly like it was a butterfly and cut five to six elves. They roared, threw their bows and arrows down, drew their swords from their waists and leapt at her.

“Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, ahahahahahaha!!!”

Alice laughed hysterically as she faced the oncoming elves. Her hysteric laughs were accompanied by the elves cries before their deaths, the sound of her blade slashing their bodies and the echoes in the air. The sounds of weapons clashing could be heard from the two remaining star fortresses as well. Alice picked up an elf in the middle like someone insane and ran. Every time she swung her sword, a few elves would be cut up. Alice didn’t care what body part she cut. What went up in the air could’ve been half a body, a head, an arm or an entire body. The ground became filled with organs, brains and bits of bones. She laughed hysterically as she charged at every living elf. She even threw her heavy sword down and ripped the heads of the elves off with her bare-hands one by one like she was plucking flowers.

“This is fantastic! This is fantastic! This is fantastic! This is fantastic! Ahahahahaha!!”

In less than half an hour, Alice laughed hysterically as she stood where you could not possibly stand without having your boots covered in blood, faced up towards the sky and laughed. Blood ran down her body. She knelt on the ground like she’d gone mad, drinking blood joyfully while laughing like a wolf. She frantically fumbled around to find the corpses of elves, and shoved their hearts down her mouth without any regard for whether it was a complete piece or not like a starving person who found a piece of bread. She laughed hysterically. She was delighted that she had managed to kill almost five hundred elves in a star fortress alone. She relied on eating the hearts of her enemies to transform into a killing machine.

Glories and rewards could not compare to the blood and flesh of her enemies. The greatest reward she could have was allowing her to kill.

“Reporting your majesty, the Valkyries have reported that they have captured the three star fortresses.”

“Half-an-hour. Castell, you lost.”

The empress laughed aloud as she stood up. She clapped her hands and said: “Valkyries, my Valkyries, you haven’t disappointed me. What about casualties?”

“We lost six Valkyries.”

The empress exited the tent. The dust moved aside. A Valkyrie stood between the star fortress and the station. She had an arrow in her chest but she didn’t fall. Instead, she placed her sword on her chest so that she wouldn’t fall even if she were to die.

The empress shifted her gaze from the Valkyries to the star fortress closest to her. The star fortress that brought about the death of countless human soldiers had now been reduced to rubble. The blood mixed with organs and flesh as well as corpses slashed in half flowed out from the remains. Alice was covered in blood as she walked out.

The Valkyries came out from the three star fortresses, came before the empress, knelt down and said: “Your majesty, the star fortresses have been captured.”

That’s right. In terms of swordplay, the human soldiers indeed couldn’t compare to the elves. However, the Valkyries were all trained using real blades and spears, fighting their way to their positions with their lives. Every single one of them could easily kill five to six elf soldiers. Even the imperial guards would be faced with a tough fight against the Valkyries. The scariest part was that the Valkyries had no concept of fear.

They were willing to run into your blade in order to use their last breath to slit your throat. If their sword snapped, they would use their scabbard. If their scabbard snapped, they’d use their fists. If they lost their arms, they’d use their teeth. They fought to the death. The Valkyries never retreated and never felt fear.

If you were to waver while facing a Valkyrie, their sword would pierce your heart in the blink of an eye.

“Alright, gather the cannons and attack the imperial elven city!!”

“As you command!!”


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