Son-con War for Their Son – Ch. 09


Elizabeth thundered like an angry wild beast in the guest hall, scaring Troy, so he hid into his mom’s arms. Vyvyan embraced her child as she looked at Elizabeth with anger and said: “Elizabeth, don’t be like this. Let’s calmly talk things over. You’ll scare my son shouting like that. I’m no longer the young girl I was back then. I’m now a mother. I have to be considerate of my child, so please quieten down.”


Elizabeth grabbed the sword on the table, pointed it at Troy and roared: “He clearly is my son! He is my son! There’s a limit to how far you can take jokes! Look at his eyes! Look at them! His eyes are black! Inard’s and yours are blue, and you’re telling me that he’s your son?! Return me my son otherwise I’ll kill you right now!!”

“How dare you threaten the queen?!”

The imperial guards came in when they saw Elizabeth draw her sword. Their reflections could be seen on their swords. Troy got scared and cried in his mom’s arms. Vyvyan softly comforted her son and then raised her head. Anger crept into her blue eyes. She picked Troy up, wiped his tears and then gave him a big kiss on his lips, and sucked on them.

“Let go of my son!!”

Elizabeth drew her sword and charged over so fast that not even the imperial guards could react in time. The spell that Inard placed on the cape was effective on his sister nonetheless. Time slowed down while Elizabeth’s speed wasn’t affected. Elizabeth’s sword swung through the air towards Vyvyan’s head while she reached her other hand out to grab Troy.


Elizabeth’s sword hit an invisible object in the air creating sparks. Vyvyan looked at her coldly, chuckled coldly and said: “Aren’t you too a bit too naïve, using my brother’s spell against me? Maybe you’ve forgotten, but not even my brother was a demi-god. Only I am!”

She violently waved her hand and Elizabeth got tossed aside by something like an invisible rope. Elizabeth wasn’t an elf so she couldn’t see Vyvyan casting her magic. She crashed into the wall and then got tied up tightly. Vyvyan drew a sword from an imperial guard nearby and pointed it towards Elizabeth who was firmly tied up to the wall. She then coldly said: “I can give you anything but my son. This is my son. He’s got nothing to do with you. Look here, tell me loud and clear what colour my son’s eyes are!”

Elizabeth struggled to break free of the invisible object. She turned her head to look at Troy and narrowed her eyes. A pair of terrified blue eyes looked at her.

Elizabeth shouted: “You sons of bitches! You’re shameless! You turned my child into an elf!! He’s my son! Return my son to me!!”

She stared intently at Troy and shouted: “Troy! I’m your real mom! I’m your mom! That elf isn’t your mom! She’s not your mom! Don’t fall for her lies! She’s not your mom! I gave birth to you!! You’re my child! You’re my son!”

“Shut up!”

Vyvyan looked at her and shouted: “If you keep spouting nonsense, I’ll make your life more miserable than death. I spared you out of consideration of our friendship! There’s still time for you to admit your wrongs!”

“You know why you can’t kill me! You know very well why! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?! I didn’t say anything about you stealing my husband, but you’re stealing my son too?! I’m his mom! I’ll still be his mom even if I die! You shameless bitch! You rotten bitch! I’ll skin you and brew wine out of you!!”

Elizabeth stared angrily. Her words were a combination of the human and elven languages. She cussed and used profanity, causing Vyvyan to frown angrily. She hugged her son tightly, smiled and kiss him on his lips, and then said: “Let’s ignore this crazy woman, son. Let’s go. Mommy will grill some food for you to eat.”

“Wait, mommy!”

Troy jumped out of Vyvyan’s arms and jogged over to Elizabeth’s side. Elizabeth watched Troy run over and revealed a consoled smile. She trembled as she said: “Son… My son… Do you understand now? …You’re…”


However, the response she received was a splash of cold tea. The tea ran down her head, down her face and into her clothes. The tea leaves stuck to her head and her hair. She looked at the cup of tea in Troy’s hand with disbelief. She opened and closed her mouth repeatedly looking for words. Troy then threw the cup of tea at her face which ended up hitting her eye, resulting in her eye tearing up. She had suffered much worse injuries on the battlefield, but why did her heart completely stop this time? Her eye was in so much pain she couldn’t help but cry.

Troy looked at the human he’d never met before. The boy that had always been in his mom’s arms looked at the woman holding a sword and yelled: “You’re not my mom! I won’t allow you to insult my mom!! You’re a bad lady!!”


Elizabeth, who was struggling before now lowered her head and stopped moving altogether. The tea ran down her body and into her mouth slowly. It was the first time Elizabeth thought tea could taste so bitter.


Elizabeth, who never loosened her grip on her sword let it drop to the ground. Vyvyan stopped her magic and Elizabeth slowly slid down the wall, falling onto the ground. She stayed still there as if she were dead. Vyvyan looked at her with a smile. She then hugged her son who had returned to her, and gave him a big kiss on his lips. She looked at the “corpse” with a victorious smile, chuckled and said: “I told you your Troy wasn’t here, only my most beloved son. If you have don’t have any other business, men, see her out!”

Two imperial guards helped Elizabeth who was sprawled out on the ground. Elizabeth raised her head revealing her hopeless look that made it seem as if she had aged several decades in an instant. She looked at Troy who was hugging Vyvyan around her neck tightly and crying.

“He’s mine… He’s mine… I beg you… Vyvyan… I beg you… return him to me……”

“I said he’s my son! Your Troy is probably dead somewhere, now stop it. You’re still young. You can still have another child. You can’t come and steal someone else’s child even if you can’t have your own.”

Vyvyan hugged Troy tightly. She then waved her hand and the imperial guards dragged Elizabeth as if they were dragging a corpse. Elizabeth’s fixed her gaze on Vyvyan intently and cried loudly: “You will regret it!! I’ll make you all regret it!! You stole my son!! I’ll send all elves to hell with you! I want my son! I want my son!!”

“If you want to fight for him, bring it on.”

Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth’s fading silhouette. A flash of blood-red light appeared in her blue eyes. She added: “I’ll have you know the fury of a mother!!”


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