Son-con War for Their Son – Ch. 03

“Good morning… Is that how you say it?…… Uhm, Good morning, miss.” The princess didn’t know how she managed to fall asleep herself. The female elf just pulled her into a room and slept. Before she fell asleep, she kept sneaking looks at the female elf, only to find the female elf also sneaking glances at her. It appeared that she wasn’t the only one interest as the elves were full of curiosity about humans.

And the night passed quietly just like that. The elf slept peacefully at night like she was dead. No, it’d be more correct to say that they face towards the moon and slowly adjust their body.

She was softly called awake in the morning. When she opened her eyes, she saw a blue pair of eyes in front of her. The elf smiled as she looked at the princess, and then said: “Try speaking now. It’s been a night, so the medicine should’ve taken affect.”


The princess went “ah“ as per the instructions of the elf, and to her surprise, her voice which she had lost yesterday had returned to normal. Her throat was also no longer in pain. She had no idea what the medication the elves gave her was, but it was clearly superior to medical treatments practiced by humanity. The female elf looked at her, and then pointed to herself and said: “My… my name is…Vyvyan Galadriel.”



“Vyvyan… Ga… Ga…….”

“Don’t worry about it. My name is very difficult to pronounce…..”

The elven language was a bit of a challenge for the princess, however, the female elf’s name sounded nice. In the elven language, the pronunciation for “Vyvyan” was elegant, making it sound very nice. The princess repeated it a few times. She then smiled as she looked at Vyvyan and said: “My…. Can you… understand… me?”

“Some, I can.”

“My name is…Elizabeth Rosvenor……”

“E-… Eli?”

“Elizabeth. Since I called you by your name, you should call me by my name too.”

“Elizabeth? Elizabeth!”

Vyvyan finally managed to pronounce Elizabeth’s name. Perhaps it was her first time communicating with a human. She revealed a gleeful look on her face. She cheerfully grabbed Elizabeth’s hand and said: “Since this is how it turned out, we are friends…friends! Uhm… I am… elf… elf. Umm…… Erm……”

She didn’t seem to know how to say “male”. She hesitated for a moment and then pointed at her own breasts, and then slid it down to signal “flat”……. Her simple and crude gesture made Elizabeth go red in the face from embarrassment. Vyvyan cheerfully said: “My brother… Inard Galadriel…. Train… together.”

Elizabeth nodded, and before she knew it, Vyvyan cheerfully pulled Elizabeth along as she ran downstairs. Elizabeth didn’t understand what was going on so she got pulled along by Vyvyan. The hands of elves were slightly smaller than humans, but they were more slender. She thought elves would have bumpy and blistered hands since they were supposed to be archery experts. However, the elf hand before her eyes right now was smoother than jade. There wasn’t a single blemish in sight.


Vyvyan ran down the stairs with Elizabeth in tow. Elizabeth looked at the look timber table, with two elves seated on either side, facing each other. The young man and Vyvyan both had blonde hair. Vyvyan’s hair was naturally slightly wavy, while the young man had short blonde hair, which was as bright as the elf with the messy red hair. It was quite difficult for the princess to discern the male elf’s appearance under the fire-light last night, but seeing him now, his facial features and gentle smile made Elizabeth’s heart race. People say that elves are all very pretty. It looks like it’s true.

The two of them sat on either side of the dining table and lazily conversed. On top of the table were berries, which the two took turns picking up and eating.

“Onii-sama!! Onii-sama!! She has recovered!”

When the male elf heard his sister’s voice, he smiled and turned his head around. The princess and male elf officially exchanged eye contact for the first time. In Elizabeth’s black eyes were the male elf’s blue eyes, and a smile. He was lean, but his posture was upright, and he wore a determined smile on his virtually transparent face

“Hello, I am Inard Galadriel. This is my younger sister, Vyvyan Galadriel. This is our bodyguard and teacher, Lorana Astirose. May I know your name, miss?”

Elizabeth froze up. It had only been one night and yet Inard had already become so fluent with humanity’s language. She swept her gaze across the room, and saw the dictionary by Inard’s hand. Maybe he sped-read through it. The cover had already fallen off.

He didn’t sleep a wink the entire night just so that he could communicate with her?

“I am Elizabeth Rosvenor. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I wish you good health.”

Elizabeth elegantly took a step back and saluted as per standards required of a cultured female. Since Inard was so courteous towards her, she reciprocated with courtesy. Inard smiled. He then stood up and said: “I am the prince of elves. May I ask, why did you enter our lands as a human?”

Elizabeth looked at him with disbelief. She exclaimed with surprise: “What?! You… You are the prince of elves?”

“You need not be so surprised……”

The ears of the three elves jolted due to her loud voice. The red-haired elf, Lorana looked at her angrily, while Vyvyan who was closest to her was painfully covering her ears…. Elizabeth lowered her head out of embarrassment and softly apologised: “Sorry…… Sorry……”

“It’s alright…… We elves are just more sensitive then you. Yes, I am the prince of elves. So miss, please answer a question for me. Why did you come into our territory?”

Elizabeth cautiously asked: “I……. Would you believe me… if I told you I was the princess of humanity’s Rosvenor Empire?”

“Why not? There’s nothing for you to gain from lying to us. Further, you look like you’re the daughter of a noble family. It’s just that you’ve now become the daughter of an emperor.”

Inard spoke with a smile, while Vyvyan was slightly excited. It was clear that the two princesses had positive vibes between each other.

“Then… then…. I ran away because…. I didn’t want to get married to a sixty year old king……”

Elizabeth then showed embarrassment as she continued, “I… I got lost… when I got here……”

“Ah… So you ran from a wedding.”

Inard smiled, and then turned around to face Lorana and said: “Teacher, see? I told you she couldn’t possibly be a spy. A spy couldn’t possibly step into my trap on their own accord. The trap was intended for animals…. Moreover, how could this beautiful lady be a spy?”

“Why don’t you consider that she is a spy precisely because she’s so pretty, your highness? Why is it that nobody normally enters the forest, but then she appears when you’re out for training? Such a coincidence makes it hard for me to believe.”

Lorana gave Elizabeth an angry look. Elizabeth was awkward because she couldn’t understand what the two of them were saying, while Vyvyan was trying to speak to Elizabeth using humanity’s language fundamentals.

“Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence, but the work of the gods who allowed us to meet. This proves that the gods want us to begin to make contact with humans!”  Inard’s excitement was worn on his young face. He looked at Elizabeth with his eyes filled with pleasant surprise.

Lorana grumbled: “We have already been as benevolent as possible to them. There is no need for us to interact with humans. She has recovered, so send her back.”

“Teacher, don’t you feel that this is a good opportunity for us to communicate with humans?! Our elven territory is far too remote and secluded. We need to leave the forests here and see the entire continent.”

“The previous group who shared your thoughts all died out there.” Lorana laughed coldly, and then looked at the prince and continued, “Your highness, don’t always be so trusting of humans. To humans, trust is the most worthless thing. We’re sending her back today.”

“But she ran away from a marriage! If we send her back, she’ll be forced into the marriage with somebody she doesn’t actually love!”

“Does that have anything to do with you?”

Lorana’s question left the prince speechless. Lorana stood up and said: “Your highness, please don’t waste time. We haven’t started our sword lessons for today yet. Send her back to humanity’s side and let’s get started with today’s training.”

Inard stayed silent for a moment before asking: “Can we, really, not?”

“Of course not. What would become of an elve’s training if he were to bring a human with him?!”

“Please don’t make me go back!”

Elizabeth yelled out, and the ears on the three of them jolted again. Vyvyan squatted down and painfully covered her ears this time while Lorana looked at her angrily. She then looked at Vyvyan who was by her side, frowned and said: “Your highness, please don’t translate everything we say.”

“Please don’t send me back! If I go back, I’ll definitely be sent away! I want to stay with you all! I want to see what the lives of elves are like! I want to understand the world outside! I don’t want to go back. Not one bit! I beg you, please don’t make me go back! I….. I’ll do anything, but please don’t send me back!!”

Elizabeth shouted as she looked at Inard. Inard scratched his head and awkwardly looked at Elizabeth’s tears forming in her eyes. He stayed silent for a long while and then looked at Lorana and begged: “Teacher, let’s just keep her with us. I want to communicate with humans too…… I want to know about the world outside too…. The territory of elves truly is too small.”

Lorana looked at his highness silently for a moment before saying: “Your curiosity will hurt both of you. It’s best that humans and elves don’t bother each other.”

“We can become friends! We definitely can!!”

“… In that case, do what you like, your highness.”


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