Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 27

Dear readers, I would like to ask you to consider the following problem.

You haven’t eaten anything normal for the last five days; the only things you ate were grass, raw meat and rotten berries. The one time you drank water was rain water that fell into a lake. You’re wet from head to toe, you didn’t get to warm up and you even jumped into a lake.

Oh yeah, you’ve had less than eight hours of sleep over the last five days too.

So my question to you is…

Would you be able to hold a short bow, accurately aim and hit the heart of a white deer about eighty metres away under such circumstances?

The answer is, no.

It’d take everything to survive under those conditions. There’d be nothing left for your body to use for fuel. As a matter of fact, your muscles would’ve begun to atrophy, while your digestive system and circulatory system would’ve begun to break down one another. Your heart would be doing everything in its power to maintain functioning, and your central nervous system would be affected as well. Your mental processes would slow down due to the lack of rest, thereby impacting your vision.

Your body would feel like it would stop functioning. Given those circumstances, your central nervous system would already be severely hampered and your electrolyte imbalance would cause your heart to function abnormally. Lastly, without a sufficient supply of oxygen and blood to your brain, you’ll end up dead without a doubt.

That doesn’t apply exclusively to humans.

The same applies for Lucia as well.

The white deer king looked at the arrow that landed in front of it. The arrow was fired very accurately, but as you can see from the tense sued, it was. The arrow flew towards the white deer king. Had the arrow continued along that trajectory, it would’ve pierced its heart and the white deer king would be dead, but that’s “if”.

Lucia was far too weakened. She no longer had the strength to pull the bowstring back far enough. She could only fire it with everything she had. There’s no MC-armour here, and neither is it a story where the MC can’t be killed by anything. This is reality.

The hero was attacked by assassins and on the verge of death while his guard who had no strength left couldn’t save him.


Lucia’s grievous cry frightened the white deer king. It stared blankly at Lucia who removed her camouflage and staggered towards it. Lucia fell to the ground before she could even take three steps. She cried out loud, kicked her hands and legs to struggle to get up. The white deer just stared blankly at the scene taking place before them. They were supposed to flee under such circumstances since they were the prey, but their hunter was suffering more and in more despair than they were.

“I beg you! I beg you… I beg you… Let me kill you… I beg you… Don’t run… Don’t run!! His highness will die…… His highness will die… I beg you… I beg you! Give me your horn… Give me your horn!!! No… No… I beg you… I’ll agree to any condition… I beg you… Give me your horn! Give me your horn!! I beg you!”

Lucia’s cries scared the white deer king who retreated two steps. The white deer king is a fearless existence among the white deer. It won’t retreat when faced with a hunter. To the contrary, it’ll stand and fight its hunter to the death. But it was frightened by Lucia’s madness. The elf before it that was crying aloud was determined to kill it.

The white deer king retreated two steps, turned around and fled as fast as it could. Its eyes were filled with terror. It was afraid. It may be tough, but it was still fodder. All prey instinctively run from their hunters when faced with a hunter with intense murderous intent.

All Lucia caught was the sight of a white silhouette, along with despair and the pain of being powerless.

Lucia knelt on the ground and stared blankly at the fleeing silhouette of the white deer king. Her teardrops continued to fall onto the lawn. It appeared as though she had lost her last ounce of strength. She lowered her head onto the grass and curled up into a ball. She grabbed her heart and sobbed with despair. She was at a lost for what to do. She had the chance to save her love, and yet she missed her opportunity because of her incompetence. What could she do now, now that it had come to this?

It was all because she was incompetent. It was all because she was useless.

His highness loved her so much… Trusted her so much, and yet she continued to let him down time and time again. She always talked about protecting his highness, about how she would stay by his side, and yet she didn’t have the right to. She failed to protect his highness, so how could she rightfully be his wife?

She was always causing his highness trouble. She never managed to help him with anything.

What could she do? What, kneel before his highness and beg for forgiveness? His highness would definitely forgive her. His highness has never once blamed her. He was always kind and gentle towards her. How could she repay that? She let him down time after time, so what was the point of her living on?

The purpose of her existence was to protect his highness and do her best for his sake. Those thoughts had always been on her mind all these years. She continued to forge forward with that goal in mind all these years. However, she was unable to realise them in the end, and her mistake has closed his fate.

What right did she have to live? She had lost her purpose to continue living. Perhaps she should just go die.

She took out her dagger on her thigh, looked at the reflection of her crying face on her dagger, and took in a deep breath. She quivered as she pointed her dagger towards her throat and yelled loudly: “SORRY, YOUR HIGHNESS!!”

His highness got injured due to her own incompetence. She had a chance to alter the outcome, and yet she could only watch her only chance at saving his highness escape before her eyes. She was surprised she was so weak without the buffs of the wind elves. How could she face him when she returned?

Lucia closed her eyes and thrust her dagger towards her throat……



I felt a dagger cut my skin again.

As I was dying, my bodily functions seemed to return somewhat. I could feel the ice-cold metal glide on the skin of my throat. I looked at Mera’s blood-red eyes and the dagger she pressed up against my neck. I could feel a warm liquid flow downwards from my neck.

It was like a Manga. I say that because I was dying and my vision faded, or rather, my body was like that of a Manga character.

Lucia wasn’t around. I had no idea where mom was, and my body couldn’t move.

I’m no super intelligent main protagonist, nor am I some overpowered main protagonist. I’m just an ordinary person, even after coming here.

The situation I was faced was a dead-end to me.  However, I wasn’t afraid, rather, I was hurt.

I was hurt by her betrayal. I was grieving with pain, and had an indescribable sense of anger.

I never wronged Mera or her tribe. I never threatened any human either. I never offended anybody, so why does everybody want me dead? I never did anything wrong. I treated everybody with kindness and politeness, so why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why can’t the people of this world treat me with kindness and respect? I’m evidently kind enough. Everybody praises my kindness, so why are there people who still want to kill me?

Would there be some meaning that could be derived from my death? I’d be willing to die if my death could stop wars and allow the people to lead a good life.

But if I died now, I’d only be able to save Mera alone. Actually, no. I wouldn’t be able to save anyone. Would the empress and queen forgive them? I’d trust that my two crazy moms would destroy the entire continent.

I can’t forgive her… I have no way of forgiving her… This is betrayal… We were friends, and now she wants to kill me. I liked her so much. I never did anything bad to her, so why does she want to kill me?! Why…? Why?!

I can’t forgive her… If I survive… I’ll definitely… I’ll definitely…

I think… I won’t be able to kill her after all…

I looked at Mera’s eyes. Big teardrops dropped down from her blood-red eyes and onto my face, one after another, like drops of blood… She wore an expression of pain. She was helpless. She was the one with a dagger in her hand, and yet she was like a child that was about to be executed.


“This act may create a river of blood, but it is a heroic deed nonetheless.”


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