Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 26

“Fuu… Fuu…”

Her red eyes stared intently at her prey who was struggling as she strangled its neck. She formed a fireball in her right hand and slammed it onto the face before her. A wind wall was formed at the moment of explosion which kept the blood and brains of her prey from flying all over the place. Her long emerald dress which represented life wasn’t stained with a single drip of blood.

Vyvyan tossed his corpse in her grasp away, walked up to an individual who had his limps snapped and was hung up on a tree, reached her hand out and dragged him down. He cried desperately, begging for mercy in humanity’s language, and a foul stench from his pants exuded into the air. Vyvyan threw him onto the ground with her hand, then stepped on his face with one foot, and took in a deep breath.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I’ll tell you everything! Someone hired us. We were employed… Aaahh!!”

He grabbed his broken right arm and cried out. Vyvyan ripped his arm off and tossed it aside. Her blood-red eyes looked like they were dripping blood. She bent over at her waist, looked at his face and slowly said: “I don’t care why you came here, and I don’t care who sent you. I’m killing you because you hurt my son. You want to be spared after hurting my son?”

A strike of lightning came down and after a painful cry, all that remained on the ground was the carcass of a human, charcoal and smoke. Vyvyan violently waved her hand and a group of people fell down from the tree. They kicked their legs as they desperately tried to free themselves from the invisible rope around their throats. An instant after, the sound of bones cracking could be heard. Nobody moved as they hung from the tree. Vyvyan whistled to a group of crows circling the sky above. Vyvyan looked at them and aggressively waved her head. The crows rushed down for a meal looking ecstatic before they began to shred the corpses.

Vyvyan took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. If I had to use an example, Vyvyan was basically like a living detective as she scanned the forest with a panoramic view through her eyes. Not a single living human silhouette was missed. She saw two bodies sitting inside a cave. She assumed it was her son and Lucia so she didn’t panic. Instead, she tried to locate more assassins in the forest and found three groups.

Vyvyan opened her eyes. Her blood-red eyes showed her irresistible urge to kill. Vyvyan is by no means a kind, forgiving person. She killed many during the war for her son. She has the image of a loving mother in the eyes of her people but she appears as a demon of destruction in the eyes of her enemies. It had been a long time since she exhibited the murderous tendencies of the Galadriel tribe. She had lived with the identity of a mother for a long time. However, the blood and cries of pain stirred her instinct as a hunter. She didn’t rush to find her son because she confirmed that he had Lucia by his side. She instead focused on killing all the enemies within the forest.

Vyvyan vanished in an instant. When she reappeared, loud cries of despair before the enemies died could be heard throughout….

I think mom wasn’t aware that I was injured at the time. She was also mistaken. The one who sat by my side wasn’t Lucia, but Mera, who wanted to kill me.

Lucia was crawling in the shrubs at the same time. She carefully trained her eyes on the white silhouette before her and suppressed her heart beat.

“Fu… Fu… Fu…”

Lucia stared so intently it seemed like her eyes were going to pop out. She intently watched the white silhouette. The strong looking silhouette of the white deer king was taking a stroll in the grass area. A few white deer politely followed by its side as they vigilantly watched their surroundings. Lucia took in a deep breath, and calmed her excited and anxious heart down. She was wild with joy. Her excitement and hunger made everything before her look dark.

She held her breath to slow her heart rate down. She then took out her bow and arrow, and aimed at the tall physique of the white deer king. Its heart isn’t too far down from its neck. Lucia was familiar with the anatomy of white deer because she had killed many before. If she could hit its heart at this distance, she could pierce its heart.

Everything before Lucia’s eyes looked dark. She found that it took all her strength to pull the string on her bow due to her hunger and fatigue. She took aim twice, but had to put it down each time and rub her eyes. The problem didn’t lie with her eyes though. She was just too weakened.

Lucia looked at her shaking hands and firmly told herself: “Calm down… Calm down…”

She took in another deep breath and held it, but the dark sight appeared again. The white deer king’s tall and large body was like a patch of white clouds. Lucia quietly chanted an ancient hunting song and released her hand.

The white deer looked up. Their sensitive senses detected danger but it was too late. The arrow flew through the air and toward the white deer king that had its head down as it ate the grass….

“Your highness, you should be aware what the name, Galadriel means, right? Forget it. I shall tell you directly. Perhaps the Galadriel you refer to is different to the one I refer to.”

Mera sat by my side, looked into my eyes and with a smile said: “The elves were not unified in the past. Elves were formerly separated by tribes and groups. Wars among tribes and groups over territory and other reasons were commonly waged. That was the warring period for elves. During that era, an elf would die to another elf daily. What everybody was actually fighting over was the rights to the holy spring. The holy spring is the source of life for elves, and also the purest source of mana. Whoever controlled it would rule all the elven tribes, so it was a necessity to rule it.”

I wasn’t aware of the things Mera told me.

“Afterwards, one tribe conquered another, and began to grow thereafter, eventually occupying the holy springs. However, they didn’t stop there. They defeated the other scattered elven tribes and forced them to either submit or be destroyed. The tribes that didn’t submit were slaughtered. The elves that escaped spread out in the forests. Said tribe then sent guards into the forests to search for escapees and kill any they encountered.”

Mera licked her teeth and stroked her face. She ran her cold right hand across my face. I couldn’t feel anything, but if I could, I imagine it would’ve felt colder than a snake slithering across.

“Yes, I am referring to the Galadriel tribe. You probably do not believe me, your highness. Her highness may be benevolent and kind, however, when faced with someone unwilling to submit, she will not show any mercy. I would even say that she is cruller than others. Her highness was able to treat us all with equality. She regathered all of us. However, we had to submit to her. She showed kindness to those that submitted. However, if she were to face me in my current situation, she would behead me without any hesitation.”

“Countless elves died at the hands of the Galadriel tribe. The Galadriel tribe killed half of the elves that existed back then. However, the first generation king of the Galadriel tribe is someone we revere as a hero. Do you know why? It is because there is no king who is crowned without resorting to violence. Benevolence is a virtue for a king. However, the most crucial component is to have the power to protect that benevolence, and to acquire that power, you must be willing to kill.”

She took a step back to look at me. She smiled bitterly and said: “You should be an outstanding king because you are innately kind. You will bestow us with warmth and kindness as long as we submit to you. However, your highness, as you have seen, kindness cannot convince everybody submit to you. Being able to display benevolence while being able to resolutely kill and conquer are fundamental traits a king requires. And thus, though blood may be spilled for thousands of miles on top of tens of thousands of corpses, it is still considered heroic.”

“I apologise, your highness… Perhaps it is pointless for me to tell you this… You will not become the king I yearn for. But since you once asked me what would make a suitable king, I believe I have answered your question. Treat your people with benevolence, and face your enemies with your blade. I too, will not have the life I yearned for… My tribe teamed up with the humans to seek vengeance on you and her highness. If I were to disobey them, my family and my last tribe members will be killed. I know I am being very selfish, and am aware I have betrayed you. I do not hope that you will forgive me, for a king shall not forgive a traitor. I shall now free you….”

Mera smiled and crawled onto me. She gently kissed me on my lips. Her fragrant tongue circled around in my mouth once. She then bit down on my lip hard and retreated before finally pick up her dagger from the ground.


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