Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 21

Congratulations everybody, you’re going to get to see what takes place as I die once again.

First, I need to preface it by saying that I don’t think I have a main male protagonist’s abilities. I can’t die. My life won’t be “saved” if I die. First, I need an apple stand. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy apples when I came here. Where will I end up when I’m resurrected, a fragrance store or a grilled rabbit store?

Or will I wake up in mom’s embrace? And will I have to then kill Earth Dragons again and pay Castor a visit?

Come to think of it, it’s good that I’m mentally awake so I can think about what’s going on right now. I just got stabbed by somebody even Lucia couldn’t detect. She jumped down from the tree and immediately stabbed the dagger into my chest. What I felt when I got stabbed wasn’t pain, but my heart stop. Perhaps the assailant didn’t go for a direct kill and poisoned me instead.

Lucia probably didn’t know who the assailant was, but I do now know. It was a marvellous fragrance both Lucia and I had smelt before. Further, I suddenly recalled that box. Why didn’t I notice it back then? I have one of those boxes too. I use it to hold my bullets. It’s a box humans use to store lead bullets. An elf who has a box to store lead bullets from humans either must’ve bought the same model or prepared a gun.

So could an elf be revolting?

No, I think it’s got to be a scheme the humans thought up. Humans snuck in. Since I can enter and leave freely using a head cloth, it shouldn’t be much different for other humans. No, there must be an insider-elf assisting them. They definitely must’ve prepared guns. However, the person who killed me didn’t carry a gun. So what’s the gun supposed to be used for?

“Traitors!! Kneel before me!”

The queen extended her hand out and the lead bullets flying towards her stopped in mid-air. The elders were so frightened they were completely pale as they sat paralysed on the ground. The queen looked at a group of people who came from all sides as they drew their guns and violently waved her hands. All of them got tied up as though they were bound by invisible ropes. A second wave of assailants charged out. Their long swords emitted a light. The imperial guards that were engaged in combat with the first group of assassins were too busy to assist, so they could only watch as the second group of assassins charged towards the queen.

“Did I allow you to stand?! I said, kneel before me!!”

A scream blew the wind over. The queen wore her rage on her face. Her eyes were blood-red. The second group of assassins who charged at her exploded like countless fireworks going off, resulting in a flirtatious rain of blood as bits of flesh and organs fell to the ground. Everybody close by looked at the queen and threw their swords down before prostrating themselves on the ground as they quivered.

That…is what you call divinity.

The queen stepped over the blood and picked up a sword. Her blood-red eyes contained the excitement of slaughter. She raised her hand violently and the first group of assassins flew into the air. All of them desperately kicked their legs and helplessly tried to grab the invisible ropes on their throat while desperately gasping for air.

“Those who attempt to take the life of a monarch will not be spared! I, Vyvyan Galadriel hereby grant you death by hanging!”

The queen violently waved her hand again and the invisible ropes on their necks snapped their necks. Those below could hear the cracking sound of their necks snap. It appears the queen didn’t fully intend to kill them by hanging, but by snapping their necks. With the next wave of her hand, their corpses dropped heavily onto the ground where the onlookers were situated.

“Everybody, please remain calm. I don’t kill the innocent.”

The queen took in a deep breath and her blood-red eyes reverted back to her kind, loving blue eyes which she used to look at the elves below with. It was like she wasn’t the one who just killed tens of people. The heavy and oppressive atmosphere dissipated in an instant, but everybody was still quivering as they knelt on the ground, not daring to raise their heads. The queen spun around and took a deep breath as she looked at the interior of the forest and loudly shouted: “The deer hunting festival ends here as an accident has happened. Have everyone return. Imperial guards, split up into small teams and search the forest. Kill all those suspicious. All citizens are not to approach this forest. Those who approach it will be treated as traitors. Decapitate these traitors and hang their heads on the city walls to warn others.”

After inspecting a few corpses, an imperial guard shouted: “Your highness! They’re all dark elves!”

“Is that so? I gave them respect and equality, and yet they’re unsatisfied? I stipulated that dark elves may enter the imperial city as long as they respect our lifestyle. But since they’re unwilling to accept my management…”

The queen passed down another order: “Arrest all the dark elves. None of them are innocent, especially this…”

The queen picked up a musket from the ground, threw it back down on the ground and exclaimed: “Lockdown the entire imperial city, and arrest all humans, including merchants. No guns are to enter our forests!”

“Your highness, arresting humans…”

“It’s alright. His highness is definitely the one who sent the signal before! Once that woman knows this was the reason, not only will she not stop us, we might even end up saving them.” The queen laughed in a cold tone, looked at the citizens still kneeling and shouted: “Do not be afraid. I don’t intend to pick on everyone. I love you and so do the gods. I believe the traitors are a minority. I won’t ruin your lives because of that. Carry out my orders, soldiers!”

Ah… I don’t know what happened outside either, but I trust mom will be safe and sound. Although mom is always smiling and wearing a lovely look, she’s also the existence that fought the empress back then. She won’t be merciful with these traitors….

But I’m a little pitiful in my current situation. I’ve already died once. Now I’m dying again. Will I be resurrected this time?

I have no idea who I offended. Why are there people after my life…? Maybe I got targeted because of my identity. I guess it comes with being a prince. There are definitely people from humanity who want me dead. I suddenly realised why Nier kills all those who approach me without question. I scolded Nier, but now I understand that Nier is the one who carried out the order to protect me best.

It’s a shame that I won’t have the chance to apologise to her….

“Your highness…. I beg you…. I beg you…. Please don’t die…. Please don’t die…. Your highness…. I beg you… Don’t die…. Don’t die…. Don’t die….”

Ah…. It looks like I still have a chance….

It felt like I was returning, except, I was returning with nothing but pain and fatigue. I couldn’t open my eyes. As I opened my eyes, all I could see was a blurry sight before me. I could see a blurry image of somebody holding me and crying. I wanted to speak but I could only breathe soft puffs of air. My chest hurt so much I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t form a tear. Additionally, my chest was burning.

No wait. I’m wearing Earth Dragon armour. I performed tests with it. Forget daggers, even rifles couldn’t pierce it. So how did a dagger pierce through it like it was ordinary clothing and into my chest?

“Your highness! Thank god…. Thank god! You’re still alive. You’re still alive…. Thank god…. You’re still alive….”

Lucia was so overjoyed she cried tears of joy. She held my hand tightly as she sobbed. While she was trembling, she said: “This is a venom. It’s a mana dissolving agent which melted through your armour and the spring water I sprinkled on. If it were not for your berserk mana not flowing, this mana dissolving agent would’ve dissolved all of your organs.

Lucia held my hand tightly and then it looked like she was looking into the distance as she said: “I apologise, your highness. Sorry…. It’s my fault…. It’s my fault…. The deer hunting festival has ended…. It got terminated…. However… However, we can’t leave…. Your venom… Only the horn of a white deer king… Your highness, I’ll definitely kill a white deer king… I definitely will….”


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