Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 17

The Process of Love is Frightening

The stench from the toilets brought me back to my senses somewhat.

When I discovered what I was doing, I discovered that we had been locked in this position for quite some time.

When my blood pressure dropped, I returned to my senses completely.


What did I do?

FUUUUCCKK!!! What did I do to this girl I met for the first time?!!!

I panicked and quickly released her.

The girl in my embrace looked like she had been tortured painfully. She lifelessly flopped onto my chest like jelly. I however, felt great. My body felt fantastic. That bad feeling before had vanished on its own.

This is not good. What did I do just now? Why does it feel like there are some serious consequences incoming?!

When she regained some of her strength, she immediately pulled away from me.

I apologetically said: “I’m sorry, I… I…” I stuttered as I tried to explain that I mistook her for being a woman being two levels of seniority above me, and lost control of myself during my fit of confusion.

Wait! That explanation would definitely grant me a jail sentence!! And I would be called a pedophile!

The girl in white frowned and started tearing up. She aggressively wiped her lips as if she were trying to rip her beautiful flower-petal-like lips.

I felt sincerely guilty and slapped myself twice. But all I could do was repeatedly apologise: “I’m sorry, I……”

“Sorry…? What good is your apology?” Her tone carried her murderous intent but her eyes were truthfully too tender, so she sounded like she was softly begging even though she was furious. Is she… Is she really the reincarnation of a female demon fox?

“Men… Hmph. Why are all men like this…?”

I licked my dry lips and suddenly felt like there was the fragrance of a young girl on the side of my mouth. The fragrance wasn’t from lipstick but her natural body-scent.

I couldn’t help but feel guiltier. What on Earth was wrong with me back there? Why did I do that…? I looked straight into her eyes and sincerely said: “I’ll do anything you ask as long as I can do it for you.”

“I want you to die!”

The girl in white rolled her sleeve down, flicked her white wrist, and as a strong gust of wind swept up, she struck at me with her palm.

I didn’t know she knew martial arts. And she’s not bad either.

Her palm strike was sharp. She landed it right on my chest. Since I wronged her, I took it head on.

I took the strike and took a step back. I couldn’t withstand all the force behind it and had to retreat another step. However, I still couldn’t steady my stance and fell to the ground. I revealed a look of “pain” on my face.

“Argh… I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“You didn’t do it on purpose?! You’re dressed as a constable, lay here in ambush and acted indecently towards me. If it wasn’t on purpose, then what else was it?!”

The girl in white seemed furious enough to explode. She pulled out a shiny dagger from her boot.

When I saw the dagger, it was like somebody who fell into the water had found himself a life-saving vine: “Hey, hey, hey! You’re not permitted to bring weapons into the palace. What you’re doing is against the law. I can immediately arrest you, you know?”

“Try it if you have the skill! We’ll see who cares to listen to you!”

She thrust her dagger at me six times in one breath but I evaded all her thrusts. But then I realised that something was strange.

This girl just came from the small South gate. In other words, she was coming out from the palace. Within the palace grounds, nobody including royalty is allowed to carry weapons aside from particular guards. How was she so fearless?

On that side of the small South gate is…the cold palace! Is she a fallen princess or concubine of the emperor?!

Shit, I’m scared!

All the women in the palace belong to the emperor, and yet I just went and acted indecently towards her!!! I was so scared I nearly fell to my knees.

” Please stab me to death… Miss…” End this life of suffering of mine.

When she saw me not resist, she seemed to calm down a little. But after listening to my entire sentence, she became even more furious.

“Go to hell! Who are you calling ‘miss’?!!”

Huh? What the fuck?

Is your gender Su Xiao?

I idiotically asked: “A-Are you a Su, I mean, guy?”

That doesn’t make sense! She just said something like “all men are like this”! She can’t be a guy.       The girl in white denied it as I thought she would.

“Go to hell! Who are you calling a guy?!”

I was now even more baffled. What is this girl talking about? Could it really be that I’m not crazy and that I truly have encountered a demon fox?

“Ming Feizhen! Ming Feizhen!”

“Who’s calling me?”

Thank heavens. Someone is finally here to end this awkward situation!

A minor ranked eunuch then rushed over towards me. When I looked closer, it was the eunuch who led me here. Shouldn’t he be accompanying Eunuch Wang? Why is he here?

He cried: “Bad news, bad news!”

Bad news?  Did the sky fall? Did the Earth split? Is the dog missing?

Could there be anything more significant than what I’m going through here?

I kissed someone who could only be a female fox demon that happens to be the emperor’s concubine. It was a fucking deep kiss as well!

“You are from Liu Shan Men, right? Y-Your colleagues!”

“What about them?”

“Got killed! Three of them are dead! Oh right, one of them had the surname, Su, do you know him?”     Before I could shift my focus from “three of them are dead” and the girl in white who looked at me with disdain upon hearing I was from Liu Shan Men, my attention was locked on the last part of what he said.

“Who? His surname was, Su? Su Xiao?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, it was Su Xiao.”

Su Xiao? He’s dead?

My heart froze. Before I realised it, I had already taken off running.

“It was Su Xiao who told me to come and get you, I said…eh? Where is he?”

The girl in white stared intently at Ming Feizhen who was supposed to be in the air and stuttered with disbelief: “H-He disappeared just like that. Wh-What on Earth?”

People can vanish faster than the blink of an eye?

The eunuch acted slightly scared and fearfully scanned his surroundings. While he was inside the palace, it’s still best to not disturb the spirits. But when he saw the face of the girl in white, he started sweating cold bullets. She was more frightening than seeing a ghost.

“I-It’s you! May you have the best of luck and health.”

“What’s that bastard’s name? What’s his job?” The girl in white thought back to what Ming Feizhen did to her before and got angry again. She bit down on her lower lip hard, but could only feel a flame, like she wasn’t herself and she unconsciously went red in the face. Her mouth was still red and tender like two maple leaves that had dropped into a jar of honey.

“His name is Ming Feizhen, written with the “ming” character from bright, the “fei” character from extreme, and the “zhen” character from genuine. He is a constable at Liu Shan Men, and is guarding the palace gates on orders of his majesty. He was ordered to guard the small South gate. S-Someone just assassinated warriors in the outer court so I presume he has gone to see his colleagues.”

“Ming Feizhen, Ming Feizhen!” The girl in white repeated his name. Every time his name came out of her small mouth that was like a peach, it was like the humiliating and numbing feeling resurfaced again. “If the Brilliant Consort didn’t have something to tell me, I’d like to see how many heads you have!!”


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