Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 03

Lucia didn’t lie. She looked at me with satisfaction the next day like I made her feel amazing last night… I however, wasn’t feeling too good. When I woke up, my back and waist were hurting because she hugged me all night.

“Uhm, this is much better.”

Lucia stepped over towards me, and then proudly said: “When you go back there next month, I’ll sleep with you for a night, so that that elf knows to get lost.”

“Yes… Yes…”

I can see you hugging me every morning when I wake up in the palace, so I can guarantee I’ll be covered in your scent by then.

“Let’s get going. We’ve still got about a day or two left until we arrive.”

“I’ll go get a horse then.”

“Can’t I just hold you from behind?”

“Don’t wanna.”

Lucia resolutely turned me down which really hurt me. I felt like I encountered a fake Lucia. She was all over me yesterday and wouldn’t let go, and yet she rejected my invitation to ride together today… Perhaps she noticed that my gaze carried a hint of loneliness. She apologetically lowered her head, and blushed – which was rare – and quietly said: “That’s… That’s…really…really embarrassing… Idiot…”

She’s too cute…

Lucia is just too cute… I have got to marry her. I have got to marry her!

I grabbed Lucia’s hand and then said: “We don’t necessarily have to get another horse. We can just a horse carriage, can’t we?”

“A horse carriage?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m really interested in being a coachman!”


I solemnly regretted my decision afterwards. Yep, the remainder of the trip back to the imperial capital is a trip I never want to remember. The horse carriage was in no way, shape or form more comfortable than a horse ride. Lucia was in the back of the carriage and could play around freely in there, read books, eat snacks and mess with my hair. But since I was the coachman, I was stuck trying to control the reins while sitting on a wooden plank for an entire day. My waist almost got dislocated. Shock absorption technology isn’t available in this era while the road was made of stone… My god, when I finally touched my feet to the road, I still felt dizzy like I was on a trampoline.

“Your highness, we can’t bring this carriage into the palace…”

“Smash it!! Smash it!! I want revenge for my ass!”

The imperial guards smiled helplessly as they watched me rub my waist and bum while venting at the wooden carriage that I out of all my genius decided to purchase. Lucia dexterously hopped off the carriage and said: “Yeah, it’s more fun sitting in the carriage. Your highness, let’s ride in a horse carriage the next time we go out to play! You can be the coachman!”

“No!! No!! Not over my dead body!”

People say that oxcarts are a lot more stable than horse carriages, so is it a good idea to replace the horse with an ox? But wait, I haven’t seen an ox here in the elf kingdom before. How about getting an Earth Dragon instead? How awesome would that be? I think I could create an RV with such a large beast pulling the cart. It’d be a damn tank.


As soon as I turned around upon hearing my name called, my eyes were covered in darkness. My head was squished in between two soft valleys I was very familiar with. My hip that was not in any condition to handle a heavy load got crashed into at a high speed again. I felt like it cracked… Mom wrapped her arms around my back tightly and pulled my head into her bosom, while she intensely rubbed her body against mine. She rubbed her thigh against mine!! Her hands kept moving back and force between my hair and my neck. She let go just as I was about to pass out from an oxygen deficit, then cupped my face in her hands, and before I could say anything, she give me a heavy lip smack.

What the hell?!

It felt like there was an enormous dragon was rampaging around in my mouth, virtually trying to swallow my tongue. Her breath which rushed into my mouth left me almost breathless. Along with it was a huge injection of saliva from her mouth, which she then sucked back into her mouth. I was completely and utterly befuddled in that moment. I couldn’t believe myself because I even coordinated my kissing rhythm to match hers…

I could feel her rubbing her body crazily against mine as if she were horny. Aside from cupping my face with her hands, she couldn’t stop stroking my face with her hands.

“Smooch… Smooch… Smooch… My son… My son… My son… My son… Mine… Mine… The scent of others… Others… Are not to be on him… He can only have my scent on him… Only mine!!”

Mom finally released me. She then reached her hand up to her lip as she smiled and wiped the corner of her lip. She stared at me with her bright red eyes while panting. I was at my wits end by her sudden deep French kiss. I was having doubts about my life and everything I knew about it. I have suspicions that you’re my lover and not my mom!!

I heard Lucia’s groan of frustration from behind.

“Your highness!!”

I couldn’t believe the imperial guards behind me weren’t fazed at all!! They even waited for us to finish before saluting us!! Is this a commonplace occurrence for you people?! Have you people witnessed it happen so many times it’s become a “just another day” thing for you?! Don’t you people have anything to say about it?! She’s my mom, not my wife! What she did clearly crossed the line!!


“Sorry, son. Mommy always treats you like a kid. Uhm, you’re right, it’s not too good to do that in front of Lucia. Let’s go, son. Let’s return to the palace. Mommy is sorry that you had to suffer for a month with the humans. Mommy has prepared some tasty delicacies for you today. Have a good rest here. Mommy really missed you.”

That’s not the point! You don’t kiss your child on his lips now do you?! And what do you mean by “it’s not too good to do that in front of Lucia”? You can’t do that even if she’s not there! I understand that you’re excited and happy, but please bear in mind that you’re my mom!

I smiled helplessly as I looked at mom. I was lost for words. Mom affectionately stroked my head and then kissed me on my forehead. I looked at mom’s red eyes and they were honestly slightly scary.

Mom closed her eyes for a moment. When she re-opened them, her red eyes had returned to their blue sapphire-like state. She wrapped her arm around mine and laughed as she pulled me along as we walked back to the palace. She looked like a kidnapper taking me away to someplace. She then ordered the captain of the imperial guards: “Close the doors. I’ll set the enchantment. Son, you still have one hour every afternoon.”

“I know.”

I gave her a nod and mom scrubbed my head. She then closed her eyes and chanted something complex in the elven language. I didn’t understand a word, but I did feel like some sort of energy began to flow throughout my body. Mom pulled out a string out of my body and tied it to the door as though I was a wooden doll.

“Alright, let mommy take a good look at you. You’ve been absent from mommy’s side for a month. That woman only knows how to fight and kill. Otherwise, she’s just useless. She doesn’t know how to look after my son. Haa, you must’ve suffered so much. That woman doesn’t know how to look after children. My son can only enjoy life when he’s here. A son should always be by his mother’s side. Mommy wouldn’t let you leave mommy if it weren’t for that agreement. One month. One month! Mommy suffered so much. Let mommy see how thinner you’ve become tonight.”

Night?! How are you going to see?! The moon won’t be full tonight! I forbid anybody from entering my room tonight!!

Mom grabbed onto me without saying anything prior and walked in with me while wearing a bright smile on her face. Lucia looked at me. Her gaze looked like she was feeling slightly lonely. I smiled helplessly and apologetically shook my head. It’s just as I said… Elves have extreme jealousy tendencies. Yet with mom, I feel…


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