Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 02

“Lucia, are you asleep?”

“No, you’re lying on my hair, your majesty.”

“Sorry, I’ll shift to the side a bit…”

“Don’t. Let me hold you tighter. My scent has almost covered up the scent of that woman’s.”

I don’t know why, but when we arrived at the inn we were resting at for the night, we were told there was only one small room left with one bed. If we didn’t take it, we’d have to sleep in the stables… While it’s true that I’m the elf prince, using my identity to kick people out isn’t such a good idea. Moreover, Lucia who was glued to me said she’d be fine with one bed since we were to-be husband and wife anyway.

And that’s why I slept with Lucia. My bed in the palace is huge. There was room for me even if both mom and Lucia were to climb onto it. It’s just that they always hugged both my arms so tightly I never was able to move… Since this single bed was so small, Lucia and I needed to embrace each other to fit on it.

Lucia also seemed to really mind the fact that I carried the scent of another elf on me. She was really unhappy. She was insistent on attaching herself to me the whole way. In fact, she forbade me from looking at other girls.

“When a female elf willingly embraces a man, she’s bound to leave behind her scent on him. Elves can rely on scents to determine if they have someone they like. Previously, the scent of the queen was really pronounced on you. When I hugged you the day you left, I could detect my scent on you. That woman was definitely able to detect my scent on you and yet she still had the gall to seduce you. If I see her, I’m going to teach her what first come first serve means.”

Lucia’s eyes showed that she was completely serious. It looks like she’s definitely going to give it to Luna if she meets her…

She was attached to me like a monkey. Not only were our arms and legs in contact, she had her body pressed firmly against mine. Every time I moved, I could feel her body, forcing me to recite scriptures to suppress my urges.

Lucia shut her eyes and hugged me tightly. She was still slightly unhappy even though it had been an entire day. I held her from behind, helplessly chuckled and said: “Lucia, did you wait for me at the border the entire time?”

“Yeah, I was there for the entire month. I waited there because I was scared that nobody would be there to help you if the humans tried to pursue and kill you.”

“You sound like you’re very prejudice towards humans.”

Lucia opened her eyes and looked at me with her emerald eyes. She nodded and said: “Of course. They killed many of our people in the war ten years ago, and lots of those were children and peasants. I can’t forgive the humans. And that’s why you are not to marry anybody else but me. I won’t accept you having a human wife.”

“Of course I’ll only marry you…”

“Yet you have the scent of another woman on you…”

“Ermm… How do I explain it…? That elf helped me on a full moon night… So… That’s why I have her scent on me…”


Lucia quickly blinked her emerald eyes several times. She looked at me stunned and said: “That’s impossible! A normal elf would faint just coming into contact with your mana. There’s no way she could’ve withstood it. And they’re bound to become horny. Could you have…have…you?!”

“No! No!! Absolutely not!! She did pass out!”

I quickly altered my choice of words when I noticed how scary Lucia’s gaze had become. The truth is, we did engage in intercourse… It’s just that we didn’t go all the way… Since…since… That wasn’t done out of lust, it was a form of treatment. A treatment, right…? That doesn’t count as betrayal. It’s not betrayal…

“Is that right…?”

Lucia looked at me with suspicion. She then hugged me and sniffed my neck wildly. She said to herself: “No wonder why the scent was so strong. Now I know it was because she was an elf in heat… Otherwise, the only way for her scent to be that strong is if you two were to have embraced each other for an entire day… It looks like I misunderstood you, your highness.”

“Isn’t that right…?”

“But that doesn’t change the fact that you hugged her!”

I should just sincerely apologise…

“…I’m sorry, Lucia…”

It looks like Lucia is adamant on pursuing this subject. Based on mom and Lucia’s fixations and strong tendency to attach themselves, it’s plain to see that while elves are very liberal in their idea of love, they strictly forbid betrayal… And…they’re all yanderes….

Lucia opened her eyes and looked at me. A moment later, she rested her head on my chest and softly said: “Since you’ve apologised… that means you still love me, right…?”

“Yes… I’ll always love you. There was no one with humanity who plucked my heartstrings… Ni-…”


“Ni-… You’re… You’re the only one I love…”*

Holy moly, why did I nearly say Nier’s name?!! Why is it that when I mentioned humanity, Nier’s looks of disdain popped into mind? Could I be some sort of masochist? No… I just recalled the night we shared a drink together…

As a person grows up, will they always remember the person who was always by their side?

Lucia, however, didn’t seem to notice. She rubbed her head on my chest, then laughed and said: “Okay, good night, your highness. I believe that you’ll be covered in my scent tomorrow.”

Why can’t I smell it? I could smell the faint scent of flowers on Lucia though.

I gently hugged Lucia, my fiancée. It felt so natural for me to hold her in my sleep after knowing her for only a week. I wonder if it’s a combination of the memories of this body and because I truly like Lucia.

It’s really relaxing here with the elves. I shouldn’t encounter any problems this time. There won’t be any more hordes of Earth Dragons, there won’t be any neighbouring countries coming over to harass us, there won’t be two parties trying to kiss up to me and there won’t be any balls. Although I only get an hour to be outside each day, life in the palace is relaxing. I need to get some good rest while I’m here with the elves no matter what. I got kidnapped only ten or so days ago after all.

I probably shouldn’t tell mom about that…

Come to think of it, what’s Troy like as a person? I haven’t quite understood myself. I just have sympathy for the people. I feel sorry for stealing the homes of the people who died. He was burdened with so much blood shed. If fallen soldiers could curse someone from the grave, they’d definitely curse this bastard who stole their life from them. Was he kind? Was he courageous? Was he a competent prince? I don’t know. I’m in his body, holding his lover in my arms, but I don’t understand him in the least.

However, there’s one thing I’m very certain of. And that is that this guy is a pervert who liked his mom.

Come to think of it… Is the person Lucia loves me, or Troy…? Ah… I don’t even have to think. It’s definitely Troy that she loves. The very thought makes me feel so guilty. I’m clearly not Troy, yet here I am hugging her. She doesn’t love me, yet she doesn’t know her loved one has passed away.

Wait, if that’s how it is.

All the feelings of love I’ve been moved by and all the intimate relationships here… None of them are meant for me.


How depressing…

Troy, sorry brother. I… I’ll Look after your mom and fiancée for you for now…

Present time, at some place.

“This is our friend in the elven territory who has interacted directly with the prince and knows black magic. Assassinating the prince is a walk in the park.”

Somebody dressed in black silently walked out. He had his face covered with a black hood. He scanned the people at the round table and gave them a small bow.

The voice under the hood said in a faint voice: “The elves are about to hold a grand event, the Deer Hunting Festival. The chosen elves will be tasked with hunting a White Deer King, and the one who succeeds is bound to receive the respect of other elves. The elf prince will definitely be present at said competition and the queen will without a doubt have him personally kill a White Deer King to raise his credibility with the people. If he dies there, the queen is bound to be furious.”

The few people at the table nodded and then said: “In that case, we’ll leave it in your hands. Make sure that he actually dies, and then I shall return to you your most treasured treasure.”




The “Ni” for “Nier” in Chinese sounds like the “Ni” for “You” in Chinese.


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