Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 50


While I was in a hazy state, I felt my lower body go numb… No… Not that type of numbness from poor blood circulation, but rather… The type of… Yeah… The type where you feel really good…



I was so shocked my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I desperately tried to lift my head but the rope by my throat prevented me. I had just regained my senses so everything looked pitch-black to me. However, I could recognise who it was from her voice. In fact I didn’t even need to hear her voice. There was only one person here who could help me, so there was no question about it.


A painful cry from the bottom of my bed could be heard. Only mom can withstand my mana. Lucia passes out just from licking my lips. Luna, however, swallowed all of my mana!! I could hear her rolling around and slamming the ground, but I couldn’t lift my head.


“Right away.”

I heard a calm and familiar voice. I caught a glimpse of the light from the reflection of Nier’s sword and all the ropes that had me tied up came undone. I quickly popped myself up. I still had no strength in my legs and couldn’t support myself. I basically rolled off the bed. I hit my head onto the floor hard when I rolled off but I didn’t care about that. I used my arms and legs to desperately crawl over to her. My vision was ultra-poor and still dark, but I still caressed one of her hands.

“Luna! Luna!”

I desperately rubbed my eyes. My quivering hands searched around and reached for Luna’s body. Luna was curled up like a ball. Her face was covered in tears, while a liquid with a foul stench flowed from her lower body. The liquid was flowing out of every place liquids could flow out of from her body. That was a natural physiological reaction. It was only natural for Luna to lose control over her body like that when her magical prowess is a far-cry from mom. Even mom needs to release it after sucking out my mana.

Luna grabbed my arm with all her might and pushed me onto the floor. She mounted me and stared at me with her blood-red eyes in the darkness which was like a wolf that found its prey. She desperately rubbed her lower body against mine, while her fingers gripped my chest. She laughed in a lunatic tone which and shouted: “Come on… Hurry! Hurry! I can’t take it anymore!! I can’t take it anymore! Hurry!! Do it! Ravage me! Ravage me! I want it! I want it!!”

Is this what an elf in heat is like?! The lust of elves literally explodes on full moon nights. Even mom gets horny after sucking out mana, albeit being able to retain her sanity. But I could tell that Luna had gone completely mad. Her breathing sped up to a dangerous rate. She ripped my clothes off with her hands. I could feel the places she rubbed against become instantly moist. Her smile was that of someone who was insane. She was drooling like a rabid dog. She tore off her skirt, revealing her entire beautiful body, which also seemed to slightly glow. I could see the spring water of life run down the mountains and straight downwards. She lowered her head and crazily licked my face.

“Get lost!! You don’t deserve to touch my son with your filthy body! I’ve already shown an excessive amount of generosity by allowing you to do that!”

Mom’s cold voice came from above Luna’s head. She grabbed Luna with one arm and threw her to one side, where two Valkyries quickly proceeded to hold her down. However, Luna in her insane state was too much for even the Valkyries to hold down. She swiftly broke free of them and stumbled over like a zombie.


I heard the sound of a swift sword draw. I reacted as if I’d been conditioned to the reflex, hugged the leg by my side and shouted: “Mom… Mom!! Don’t! Don’t!!”

“…Son, don’t be rash. You just focus on resting… I won’t kill her, alright?”

Mom bent over and stroked my head. I then heard a muffled thud. I saw Luna lifelessly kneeling on the floor, and then slowly fall to the ground. I’d expended my last ounce of strength as well so my eyes were covered with a dense fog once again. My painful and powerless body went limp on the floor and I passed out again.

At least it stopped hurting…

The empress returned Nier her long sword and Nier sheathed it into its scabbard. She then carried me and put me on my bed. The two Valkyries held Luna who was unconscious and quickly dragged her out. The empress stepped over the filth Luna left behind, frowned and said: “Get the servants to clean this room up before my son wakes up. Re-attach the doors and clean the floor.”

“As you command.”

Nier nodded and then quickly left the room. The empress walked up to my bedside, pulled over a chair and sat down. She looked at my silent silhouette, reached her hand out and caressed my face. She remained silent for a long time.

After some time, Alice entered and at the empress’s side quietly said: “Reporting in, your majesty. The elf is still alive.”

“Is that so? In other words, I don’t need that bitch anymore since I have this elf…? In that case, the elves are a useless existence to me now. Hmm…”

The empress carefully pulled my blanket up.

With an enthusiastic look in her eyes, Alice looked at the empress and said: “That is correct, your majesty. We do not need the elves to keep the prince alive any longer. The elf’s reaction may be a bit overwhelming, but she can be used nonetheless. Your majesty, we should now continue the war that we did not finish ten years ago. Once we conquer the elves, we will truly have conquered the mainland.”

However, the empress didn’t respond to her. She just continued to silently look at her son’s silent sleeping face for a long while. Before the war ten years ago broke out, the eyes of the empress was filled with determination and murderous intent. Back then, not even Alice dared to look into the empress’s eyes. But in the present, ten years later when discussing the war, the empress’s eyes were filled with love and satisfaction. Her eyes didn’t have a tinge of murderous intent in her eyes.

“Forget it.”

A moment later, the empress gently sighed, smiled as she caressed her son’s face and said: “My son has returned. I no longer have any reason to start a war. What’s the point of calling upon all of the country’s power and resources to attack a block of land? I would have to form an army to protect the place, and send someone to train them. When I join the expedition, Castor aside, even Socina will take advantage of the situation to take action. War is not a tool but a tactic… I’m tired of it… I’m tired of it… I’m satisfied as long as my son is by my side. This is enough. It’s enough.”

Alice was silent for a while before softly replying: “Understood.”

She then turned around to leave.

The empress who once rode at the very front on her white steed while her eyes were filled with murderous intent and rage had disappeared. She disappeared when the prince returned. The once valiant war commander who led tens of thousands of soldiers had become a mother who quietly watched over her son sleeping. Alice clenched her fists tightly and punched the wall beside her, creating a cracking sound and leaving a crack which ran through half of the wall.

“It’s all because of that damned prince!”

“Son, I told you that I would tell you about the past once you wake up. I’ll tell you what happened ten years ago… No… No… I… I’ll tell you the story from twenty years ago… That was how everything started…”

The empress sat by the bedside and gently caressed her son’s hands. She watched her son who was still sleeping and softly said: “Son, I lied. I don’t dare tell you the story once you wake up. I know that you’ll definitely look at me disappointed…because I was very weak back then… I was a scaredy-cat… I… I’ll just tell you here and now…”

The empress took a deep breath, looked at her son’s face, the face which was the same as that frivolous young man’s twenty years ago, and said: “It was in spring twenty years ago… When I was just… Fourteen… In this room…and on this bed… What happened…”


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