Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 11

The empress sat in her armchair, put one leg over the other, rested her face in her right hand and stared at her reflection in the mirror.

She thought that she could improve her relationship with her son during their bath, but in the end she ended up scaring him because she was too hasty. It felt like their relationship got worse instead of improving.


She managed to successfully hug her son even though he wasn’t too willing… Things couldn’t continue the way they were. She had to get him to accept her as his mother. He always called the other woman “mom”, but her “your majesty”. She was his biological mother so why wasn’t she able to receive her child’s love?

She could have everything she asked for but she couldn’t get her child to call her “mom”. She could still remember the pain and bliss of giving birth to him. She could still remember his tiny figure after she gave birth to him. She was enveloped in bliss as she watched him take his silent breaths. She could watch her child for all of eternity.

However, up until now she’s spent her days on horseback. She led the army herself to conquer the lands. She’s an empress that fulfilled all her roles and worthy of respect. From the perspective of her soldiers, she’s a brave and peerless commander. From the perspective of her enemies, she’s their nightmare on the battlefield. But nobody but her own tears that flow from her eyes every night and herself know that she’s also a mother.

She felt that she owed him far too much and reasoned that was why it was only normal for him to be so vigilant of her. She gave birth to him but didn’t accompany him. But it’s not like she didn’t want to stay by his side. If she could choose her fate, she’d be willing to abandon the empire and her throne. She wanted to see her child slowly grow up even if that meant she’d become a mere commoner as that was enough for her.

She owns a vast territorial area yet can’t get her own son to call her “mom”.

A maid held the empress’s hair and carefully and meticulously combed it. Her majesty has never once dedicated any effort into looking after her hair, but her long black hair was perfect. The maid carefully combed her majesty’s hair as she was afraid of hurting her. That said, her majesty was no stuck up woman, so she wouldn’t throw a fit over a broken strand of hair.

The comb got stuck because of the maid’s trembling hand. The empress vigorously swayed and two strands of her hair broke….

“I apologise, your majesty!!”

The maid immediately knelt down. The empress lowered her head to look at her and then violently swung a kick at her.

A clear crack sound was made. The maid flew out like a piece of cotton, and crashed heavily into the wall. Ah, wait. Allow me to correct myself there. What flew out wasn’t her body, but her corpse.

The empress stood up, flicked her hair, picked up a long whip that was barbed on one side and walked out.

The inner court rules forbade males from entering but it was extremely difficult for females to enter too. The inner court was her majesty’s residence. Normal people weren’t allowed to look at her appearance let alone her dwelling. As a consequence, not many people were aware that she had her unique hobby set up underground. That place is her dungeon.

“Your majesty!”

Two young girls walked over and saluted her when they saw her.

The dungeon was wet, dark and cold. The candle lights swaying on the wall made the lighting inside unsteady. The rust and rancid smell was inerasable. The empress slowly crossed over the wet floor and moss on the ground. She looked at the man kneeling inside of the rusty iron railing cell. He had a foul stench on him, probably because he wet himself.

“Your majesty! Your majesty! Please spare me! Please spare me! I… I was unaware that his majesty did not like meat stews! I… I have served you for many years… Please spare me… Please spare me!!”

The man crawled on the ground like a bug over to her. One of the young girls extended her foot out, stepped on his head and exclaimed: “Who let you approach her majesty?!”


The empress pushed the young girl away, pulled out her long whip and whipped the man squirming on the ground. The whip ripped through the air and made a terrifying sound upon impact. The sharp spikes on the whip were like a hound biting into his flesh. The air was quickly filled with the stench of blood. The two young girls jerked like the effects of doping kicked in, like a wolf that found its prey on a snowy day.


His screams of excruciating pain reverberated in the dungeon, frightening a group of rats who fled their corner.

The empress snapped her whip back, looked at him and said: “The meat stew you made, made my son suffer a lot.”

“I… I… I did not do that intentionally… I did not…”

“My son suffered after he ate your meat stew.”

The whip made contact again, and another piece of flesh levitated into the air.

The empress looked at him without any pity. She raised her whip up high again, took in a deep breath, grunted, ripped it through the air and created an explosive resonating sound in the tiny dungeon again…

“I want my son to call me mom!!”

“I want to act coquettish with my son while I embrace him!”

“I want to be a qualified mother. I want to see my son mature!!”

“I just want to be a mother! A Mother!!!”

The two girls got excited watching her peel his flesh off his bones and splatter his blood with her whip, and cried: “Long live, your majesty!!”

Their eyes were filled with the flames of insanity. That was their empress. That’s the attitude an empress should have. Slaying, conquering, and overruling everything, killing all those who dare question her. That was the empress. That was the empress’s true nature. That was the empress they adored!

The Valkyries are loyal to an empress, not a mother!

The man’s shrill screams came to a sudden halt and all that was left was a pile of flesh and blood. There were white bones in sight too. His flesh could now be found at every corner of the dungeon. The air was filled with the stench of blood. The empress licked every drop of blood off of her finger. Her red lips looked even more seductive. She threw the whip, turned around and left.

She was done letting off steam.

She returned to her usual self where she was a loving mother…

Everybody but her was a threat to her son.

She’s his rightful mother. He grew up inside her. He’s her son to which she gave birth to. There’s no mistake about it.

That bitch…

The empress threw herself onto her bed and cussed the ruler of that other world again…

I opened my eyes to see a pair of green eyes looking at me…

“Nier, I beg you. Please don’t look at me like that…”

“Your majesty, I beg you. Please kill yourself…”

That’s the second time you’ve made that unreasonable request of me today!!! Do you have a grudge against me?!


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