Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 10 (Uncensored)


“Just take it as me begging you. Please kill yourself, alright?”

“What the hell?!!”

Nier stood before me with her hands clasped in front of her and begged me. What sort of request are you asking of me?! I’m your prince at the end of the day, and this is how you treat me?! Is it so strange for me to ask to take a bath with my own mother?! I’m no pervert either. I wouldn’t have made this request if I could wash without drowning!

Moreover, when I made this request, the empress got so elated she flipped her table over…. She jumped up and starting undressing. I couldn’t have stopped her even if I had wanted to…. If Nier didn’t hear the awkward sounds and barge in I would’ve seen her everything from head to toe by now…. That said, Nier almost pulled her sword out on me when she came in….

I was now standing with Nier in the bathroom’s change rooms, where Nier made that request very formally.

“Just what are you thinking? I reminded you that you needed to think twice before doing anything to her majesty. The Valkyries devote their loyalty to her majesty, not you. You’re angering us by doing this.” She pressed her hand against her sword, sighed and said: “I didn’t think I’d get mad, but your majesty, you keep on giving me surprises.”

“What are you guys mad about when I’m spending time together with my own mother?!”

I can’t comprehend this!!

“Son!! Son!! Hurry up and come in!! The water temperature is perfect!”

I heard the empress’s excited calls. I looked at Nier and stiffly said: “Could I bother you to turn around? I can’t undress with you looking…”

“Of course not. I must ensure that you’re not taking any weapons inside. Being naked is nothing to be ashamed of. Or are you implying that your body is so filthy you can’t show others?”

Nier glared at me. I felt like my most important sense of pride was being looked at with disgust… She was basically implying my body wasn’t attractive. Logically speaking, exposing a man’s body to a woman isn’t embarrassing in itself entirely, but having it ridiculed by her is the cruellest thing in the world!

“Our philosophies, world view and values have huge discrepancies!”

“If you feel too nervous about undressing by yourself, I’ll undress too.”

“DON’T!! I’ll undress!”

My face and ears were completely red as I stripped off my last piece of clothing. Nier’s expression, however, didn’t change at all. She didn’t even shift her gaze. She didn’t seem to be the least bit interested in my body. She just kept her eyes expressionlessly on my face from the moment I started undressing until I was done. She didn’t show any dirty or ridiculing thoughts at all.

“Your body is so thin. I guess you’re the type who eats and lazes around, huh? Or is it because you didn’t inherit enough elf genetics, hmm?”

“Please show some respect for elves, alright?!”

Nier didn’t respond. Instead she opened the bathroom…. Ah… Is this really the bathroom? Are you sure we’re not at the wrong place? Are you sure this isn’t an aquatics centre? A hot wave came over carrying water vapour along. The glittering tiles were neatly arranged, the walls were made of marble and in the middle was a huge water fountain. On the walls were exquisite wall-paintings and marble statues. The size of the bath was more like a pool than a bath. As soon as I entered, two maids walked up to me…. I wasn’t sure where to aim my gaze…

I climbed onto the bed to one side. The maid behind me carefully spread some oil on me. I silently tried to recall my calculus knowledge and lessons in class to stop my body’s natural physiological reaction… This is the empress’s inner court, so even her maids were first-class beauties. I usually get red in the face just shaking hands, so with two beautiful girls touching me like this, of course my body would react…. And what made things worse was…

They didn’t spare my private spot!

“Don’t worry about all those procedures!! Hurry up and let my son into the water!!”

Her majesty’s stern voice echoed throughout the heat filled bathroom. The two maids let go once they heard her, stood to one side and said: “Your majesty, please enter the bath.”

I took in a deep breath. Am I entering a bath or hell here…? I have to enter the water by the empress’s side or else I’ll just sink to the bottom. I walked to the edge of the bath. The baths here were divided into three types that were distinguishable just by looking. They were the ice bath, the warm bath and the cold bath. Her majesty was in the hot bath right now. The tray beside her had wine and fruit.

“Hurry up and get in the water, son.”

I could see the empress’s beautiful body through the water. Her curves weren’t as prominent as the elves. Her body was more slender. But those jugs have got to be a rare commodity even amongst humans, right?! In the eyes of humanity, other than the few scars on her waist and lower abdomen, the empress’s body must considered be perfect.

I can’t! I can’t go into the water!! I need someone to carry me in!

“Your majesty… Umm… Uhh… Could I please ask you to… Carry me into the water…?”


Her voice echoed through the room, scaring me to the point where I almost knelt down. The empress swam over with eyes filled with joy. Are you that moved?! She was so excited her whole body quivered. Her smile was brighter than anything. She took in a deep breath and opened her arms. Her voice was trembling so much it barely resembled human speech: “Come… Come, my son… Sure… No worries… Mom… Mom will hold you… Sniff!”

Are you so moved that you’re crying?!

I looked at the empress who opened her door which reminded me of the poetic saying “hot springs and lotions” …Haa~ Chinese culture really is unfathomably deep. It only took them four words to describe the eloquence of a beauty in a bath…

I gently reached my hand out. It was the first time I touched the empress’s body. She grabbed my arms with her trembling arms. She was so pleasantly surprised she roared and then pulled me into the water…

That’s right, she didn’t help me slowly into the water, but pulled me right into the water while she remained in the water… Just visualise the sight of a tiger ripping the head of its prey off its shoulders…

“Son! Son! My son! My Son! Ahh! I’m bathing with my son! I’m so happy, so, so happy! I’ve never experienced such a blissful moment before…. Son… Son…”

The empress pulled me right into her embrace. My face was pressed in between her valleys. I just got my head out of the water and before I could catch some air, I was faced with another crisis threatening to deprive me of oxygen. The empress’s embrace was totally different to mom’s embrace. Mom hugged me very gently, while the empress put a lot of strength into her hug. I felt like my spine was getting crushed by her arms…

A unique scent hit me. I could feel the empress’s warm body against mine. She couldn’t want for anything more than to glue herself to me. She rubbed her smooth skin against me vigorously. I felt like I was going to give in and fall, if you know what I mean…

I don’t argue that a boob-face-wash is heavenly, but not being able to breathe and the pain of having my joints grinding like this made me prefer death…

She vigorously rubbed her face against my forehead. She was so excited she grit her teeth, and was only left with her impulse to embrace me…

I struggled with all my might, splashing water and trying to push her away. It was only then that she noticed my discomfort and loosened her grip. She looked at me with her gentle smile as I looked at her. Just as I was about to speak I noticed something deadly.

I could move in the water.

I didn’t seem to be affected in any way.

It was the same feeling I had when I took baths before I died… The feeling of skin contact with the water, the warm temperature of the water and the feeling of water washing over my body felt the exact same. My body didn’t have any abnormalities. It was normal like when I took baths at home when I was still alive.

“Son… My Son… Do you need anything else? Be more affectionate with me…. I knew you loved mommy. I knew you were playing hard-to-get…. Mommy will help you wash. Come here… Let mommy hold you tight… Come… Come… Call me mom… Call me mom… Come on, my son… come on…”

Who are you, you crazy lady?!

I fearfully looked at the empress who was drooling like a lost zombie approach me. I gave it my all to back away and shouted: “It’s fine, your majesty! It’s fine! I’ll go to the furthest spot! I won’t disturb your bath! Please let go of me! Let go of me! Save me!!!”

That day, I went through a new life experience.

That was, her majesty was forever a solider. I was a soldier, but I only went through the training.

My strength…couldn’t compare to her majesty’s….


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