Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 48

We Run Into Each Other Everywhere in Life

The temple is a large meridian point on the human body that may cause death upon impact. However, the beggar was skilled. His knees softened as though they had no joints inside, and he seemed like he shorten his body, thus causing Tie Hanyi’s punch to just scrape his head.

However, the force of the punch was enough to make the beggar dizzy and stunned. The beggar subconsciously drew his sabre and cut at Tie Hanyi’s waist without hesitation. However, he only heard a clang.  Tie Hanyi’s qigong had kicked in and he recovered his invincibility ability.

The strong man saw it and got mad: “You were faking it! Fine, this woman can die!” He angrily kicked towards Ye Luo’s skull. Ye Luo was completely immobilised, and if it were to land, she was pretty much dead.

Tie Hanyi panicked. His breathing got obstructed. Before he could save her, he felt a painful burning sensation on his back. The beggar’s sabre which resembled a venomous snake broke through his invincible defence while he was distracted.

The strong man’s kick was originally intended to be a feint. It was intended to throw off Tie Hanyi’s breathing. Tie Hanyi suddenly groaned aloud after being struck by two palms that were as hard as iron on his chest, which created a bone-shattering sound.

Blood spurt forth from Tie Hanyi’s chest. The hero famous for his Qi Hardening Technique had his chest bones shattered by man’s bare hands, leaving him on the verge of death.

Tie Hanyi stared at the two of them with bloodshot eyes and said: “Y-you despicable…”

The beggar was still feeling sick from his attack. He stomped his feet angrily and said: “And you people aren’t?! Would you people have beaten Patriarch Ximen if you didn’t resort to underhanded tactics? Didn’t you people set up a trap for him? Are you people capable of defeating Lawless and Boundless? When you people use traps, you call it tactical. When we use traps, you call us despicable. Man, fuck you!”

The beggar gave him a kick but he didn’t feel much since he was already severely injured.

“I’ll show you despicable!”

The beggar tore Ye Luo’s collar off. The young girl’s white skin which was ethereal, light like water, and soft like snow was exposed. The thick fabric covering her waist that was like a fog, and the fabric covering her budding bosom was about to be torn off by the beasts.

Ye Luo was stricken with despair and anger, so much that she could pass out. She’s still yet to understand men, but she knew that she couldn’t let those beasts have their way with her like that. That would be worse than death. She opened her mouth slightly.

The strong man reached a hand out and grabbed her by her chin because he figured that she was trying to suicide by biting her tongue. Beneath his honest exterior, he’s a beast like the beggar. He’s never seen a beauty like Ye Luo before. He indecently ran his hands over her smooth face. His breathing got heavier. He was panting like a beast that was eager to swallow its prey.

Ye Luo gave up all her thinking. She cried helplessly as she figured she couldn’t do anything else if she can’t even suicide.

The beggar laughed and asked: “Having not touched a woman for several years, you can’t resist any longer too, eh?”

The strong man swallowed his saliva and said: “This girl is young and yet her body is so… Sexy.”

The beggar’s eyes followed the strong man’s gaze. Ye Luo was only sixteen and yet she was sexier than a lot of mature women. She had a generous bosom, her waist was slim, her butt was curvaceous, which together created a smoking body. The beggar couldn’t hold back any longer. He reached his hands upwards and tore her skirt, which revealed her fine legs, further increasing their raging sexual appetite.

The beggar had a bright hot fire in his eyes: “Oh fuck, I can’t take this anymore! Let’s fuck her!”

The teacher of few words raised the sword in his hands and placed it against the beggar’s neck.

“What do you think you’re doing, Tian Wen?” The beggar gloomily raised his head to look at him, and then rolled his eyes, laughed evilly and said: “Wow, Mr Tian, you usually maintain formalities and etiquette, but now that you’ve seen a girl today, you want in too don’t you?”


Tian Wen said in a cold tone: “The justice sects in the martial arts world and our sect are sworn enemies. These two are members of the emperor’s security detail, so kill them if you will. If you kill them, those in the pugilistic world may even sing you praise as a hero. However, our sect has strict rules about raping women, so what do you think you’re doing? Have you lost your mind?!”

The beggar aggressively replied: “Sect’s rules. Sect’s rules my fucking ass! Our Patriarch isn’t even around anymore! What would we poor souls follow those stupid rules for? If it were up to me, I’d suggest we go join them.”

Tian Wen angrily said: “What did you say?! As long as I remain the leader of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo, I won’t allow my subordinates to greedily pursue wealth or lust after women the sick way you do. Since you insist on your ways, how about you try your Bone Shrinking Techniques against my Thirteen Fast Blades Sword Techniques?!”

The strong man exchanged eye contact with the beggar secretly and then said: “Branch Leader Tian is right. How do we explain ourselves to our fellow clansmen if we rape this girl today? We can kill her but we can’t fuck her. Don’t be so thirsty.”

The beggar bitterly replied: “Well, since you’ve both said that…”

Tian Wen’s face relaxed a little. He pointed his cold blade at Ye Luo’s thin neck and said: “Hero Tie, Miss Ye, we’ve secluded ourselves here for many years and not involved ourselves with the pugilistic world. We don’t intend to in future either, but you were the ones who came here today, and we’re enemies, so sorry.”

Ye Luo had already given up and only wished to be granted death, however Tian Wen’s words got her worked up again.

As Tian Wen raised his sword up to stab downwards, a strong wind struck him from behind. He retaliated and sent the strong man back two steps. Tian Wen frowned and asked: “Are you betraying me?” But it was pointless as he got struck from behind with a palm strike.

It was the beggar this time.

The beggar was aware that Tian Wen was more skilled than him, so after his successful sneak attack, he quickly sealed more than ten of his meridian points.

Tie Hanyi was severely wounded but he was still alert. He hated the beggar from the instant he saw him, but seeing him pinpoint and strike the meridian points so precisely under the dark blanket of the night sky more skilfully than some of the most skilled warriors in the emperor’s security detail, he couldn’t help but admire Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo. They really lived up to their reputation.

“How dare you two treat me like this?!”

“Don’t be so annoying!” The beggar smiled evilly. “You got married here and had a kid. A man like you who gets his fill can’t understand us depraved men. How long has it been since the two of us got to lay hands on a woman? This woman is ours no matter what the fuck you say.”

The strong man apologetically said: “Branch Leader Tian, Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo only has us three remaining members after Cha Yuan died. We don’t want to leave you or betray you. Please just reward us this woman.”

Tian Wen was powerless to stop them. He was immobilised. He was so furious his entire body was trembling, as he shouted: “You sick bastards!”

The beggar laughed and said: “Keep that up and I’ll show you how much of a bastard I am. I know where your wife lives. Do you want me to pay her a visit late at night?”

Tian Wen was fuming, but didn’t say anything. Instead he heard the strong man exclaim: “Wh-where’s the girl?”

“What are you being so rowdy about?”

When he turned around to look, she really wasn’t there anymore!

They couldn’t comprehend what happened. The strong man yelled: “Where’s Tie Hanyi?!”

The beggar was baffled. If the two of them got away, then Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo really will be done for.

“Who is it that is playing with me? Please announce yourself.”

The strong man churned up his internal energy and shouted: “COME OUT!”

His shout shook the entire vicinity.

The voice of a man still in the courtyard said: “What are you shouting for? What are the chances I’d bump into you guys here? I didn’t know this was the hour for picking up women. It looks like I always appear at bad times.”

The voice sounded young, stable, strong and was clearly coming from quite some distance away, yet sounded like it was right at their ears. The voice carried an aura that made them feel discomfort.

Ye Luo laid in said person’s arms and her half naked body was covered by a single piece of clothing. The piece of clothing carried the scent of wine. She inferred from the scent and his voice, she felt like the owner of the voice wouldn’t be afraid of the sky falling down. She felt her tense body relax as if she was on her beloved bed in her room at home. Her racing heart slowly calmed down. As she calmed down, she eventually fell asleep.

The guy placed Ye Luo down gently and said with a helpless chuckle: “This girl’s such a sleepyhead. She can sleep anywhere.”

The beggar and strong man didn’t know who their guest was, but they were well aware that his qinggong was extraordinary, and that he’d be a formidable foe. They released Tian Wen’s sealed meridian points so that he could help them. It wasn’t any time to be worried about them offending him earlier. Tian Wen was aware of their strong teamwork and put aside their own grudges for the time being. He picked up his sword and looked intently in the direction of the voice.

After the guy settled the two members of the emperor’s entourage down, he slowly walked into the courtyard finally revealing his appearance to the three members of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo.

He was very tall. Tie Hanyi is taller than most people, but their guest was pretty close in stature. His shoulders were wide, his arms and legs were long, and his perfectly built muscles could be seen through the way his clothes sat on his physique. He really seemed like a man who wouldn’t be afraid of the sky falling down. His face wasn’t particularly handsome, but looked very relaxed, and matched his domineering tone. They also felt that while his appearance wasn’t particularly unique, was very impressionable.

Said person before them was roughly twenty-seven or twenty-eight, yet had a calm and steady temperament. It was though it made no difference to him who his opponent was. It was though the entire world was in his hands.

“We seriously run into each other everywhere in life.”

The guy gave them a friendly smile which sent a sense of fear they were acquainted with through their bodies.

“Long time no see, my old friends of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo.”


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