Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 47

Anecdotes of the Divine Moon Cult

“What are you Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo demon disciples planning to achieve by sneaking into the capital?!”

The strong man looked as honest as ever. He responded: “We don’t intend to do anything. Ever since the Divine Moon Cult went into chaos, we brothers have secluded ourselves in the outskirts of the city.”

Tie Hanyi had kept track of the timeline. The Divine Moon Cult went into a chaotic state five years ago. In other words, they had been hiding here for five years.

“So you were the ones that killed Big Brother Cha Yuan.”

“Brother Cha?” The beggar gloomily approached them. He pulled his bone back into place as if it were nothing. His Bone Shrinking Skill was very well trained. It’s rare to see someone execute that with so much proficiency.

“You’re members of the emperor’s security detail and yet you call a disciple of the Demon Sect ‘big brother’? Hehehe, that was nicely played by Brother Cha. I really want to join the emperor’s security detail and have some fun now.”

“What the hell are you talking about?! How could Big Brother Cha be a disciple of the Demon Sect?!”

The strong man bitterly asked: “Cha Yuan wasn’t one of us? If he wasn’t one of us, he should’ve been able to reach the first rank of the Jia Level in just a few years given his martial skills.”

The beggar continued where he left off: “Not only was he a member of the Divine Moon Cult, he was a member of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo. He went undercover in the emperor’s security detail as the captain of a small team. When our sect went into chaos, he took the initiative to contact us and said that he could help us avoid our pursuers. In exchange, he asked that we help him consolidate his position in the emperor’s security detail.”

Ye Luo cut in and exclaimed: “That’s impossible! Don’t listen to them, Brother Tie. Didn’t Senior Cha die to them in the end?”

“Of course he had to go. That bastard did everything he could to accomplish merits in order to leave behind a fat inheritance for his son. He even went to the Orange Prince’s residence to act as the insiders. I reminded him that he shouldn’t go to the Orange Prince’s residence. But not only did he go, he actually went and stole the records book for you people. He was naive enough to consider handing the turning the book over. He then took refuge here with us for two years while he waited for things to settle so that he could one day return to the emperor’s security detail. Fuck off! The Orange Prince would dig holes in walls to find him for stealing the records. When it comes down to it, he’ll just drag us into the mess. How could we keep an idiot like that around?”

Tie Hanyi and Ye Luo dropped their jaws at what they heard. So that’s how Cha Yuan died. Their superior whom they’d always respected turned out to be a disciple of the Demon Sect, and all his accomplishments were achieved through the aid of these peoples. Tie Hanyi went silent after hearing the story.

Ye Luo was different, she cleverly noticed a particular sentence they mentioned: “Why is the Orange Prince’s residence a place to be avoided? You members of the Demon Sect are more daring than anyone, and yet you don’t dare to go there?”

The beggar replied with disdain: “You people aren’t qualified to know that.”

Ye Luo deliberately mocked them: Oh, I know! It’s because the Mount Hua sect just so happens to be there, and you guys are afraid of them.”

“Get fucked! Mount Hua Sect ain’t shit! Hey lass, don’t think I don’t know you’re trying to provoke me. Listen, the disciples of the Divine Moon Cult aren’t afraid of anybody. The only people they’re afraid of are… People in the Divine Moon Cult.”

The swordsman dressed as a teacher frowned and said: “You’ve said too much!”

The beggar waved his hand and brushed it off: “It doesn’t matter, they’ll be dead soon anyway. You know how nice the Orange Prince is. Our members are spread out all over the place. What makes you think there aren’t any of our members in his residence when we have members in the emperor’s security detail?”

Tie Hanyi and Ye Luo exchanged eye contact. They were absolutely shocked. There were members of the Demon Sect in a prince’s residence too?! On the surface, it seemed as though the Demon Sect had broken apart, but in reality, they were everywhere like weeds!

Tie Hanyi looked at Ye Luo. Ye Luo indicated she’d understood. She lightly tapped Tie Hanyo with her left foot and sent her internal energy into his body which he used to help him unseal the seal on his meridian point. This method took a lot more effort to churn up energy, but it wasn’t like they had the luxury of choice.

Tie Hanyi loudly exclaimed: “You want to kill me? Aren’t you worried that the emperor’s entourage will track you down?!”

The beggar laughed and said: “How strange of you to say that. We just live in the vicinity as your average every day citizens. We’re innocent. You’re a hero who’s ticked off a lot of people while upholding justice. Getting killed by one of those people you ticked off is completely normal. What’s it got to do with us poor little men?”

Han Tieyi angrily exclaimed: “You think you can just avoid my comrades’ investigations? Aren’t you afraid you’ll be exposed?”

The strong man innocently said: “Your head will be hanging in a small village thirty metres outside of Hang Zhou tomorrow. So what’s it got to do with us?”

Han Tieyi was shocked. The tricks up these Demon Sect disciples sleeves are cunning. The emperor’s security detail would still be able to find some clues even if their heads vanished into thin air, but if their heads were to be hung elsewhere unrelated, then this case will probably never be solved.

The strong man then continued: “As for Miss Ye, she’s far too beautiful. A feeling we haven’t had in so long is coming onto us. We can’t pass up the opportunity to spend a night with her tonight. There are three of us here, so I’m afraid it’ll be tough on you miss, hahahaha.”

Ye Luo was stunned by what she’d heard. She lost all her strength in her legs. When she sunk down, the teacher who was keeping watch at the side noticed what she was doing.

“You trying being smart?!”

He stroked his sword in four directions on Ye Luo’s body. He sealed her meridian points using air and caused no harm to her skin. His seals completely immobilised her. Ye Luo was startled and wanted to say: “This person’s sword play is too advanced. I think he could beat you one-on-one, Brother Tie. I’m afraid that today we’ll…

The teacher faintly said: “I never imagined you’d have such an amazing skill. I truly admire your ability to send qi via your feet.” The teacher spoke very eloquently, and was different to the other two.

The beggar laughed evilly and said: “Oh, so not only are you skilled with a bow, but your feet as well? I’m going to have to see for myself tonight.” He stared at her body-lines and ran his fingers over her body as if he had already procured ownership of her body.


The strong man laughed and said: “Hehe, Miss Ye, we’re perverts who couldn’t care less about our lives. You’re Hero Tie’s lover right? What a pity~ you have a lover and yet fate won’t let you two be together. But don’t worry, we’ll sleep with you on his behalf tonight, so that he at least can become a ghost on the other side that knew what happened.”

The beggar suddenly said: “Then what are we waiting for?” As soon as he was done talking, he shoved one of his hands deeply into her shirt.

“How dare you, you sick pervert!”

Tie Hanyi was extremely enraged. His eyes were filled with blood. Ye Luo’s identity is special. He has to protect her with his life. There was no way he could let any harm befall her. He vigorously took a deep breath and felt his body lighten up. He managed to undo the seal. He somersaulted to his feet, and punched towards the beggar’s temple.


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