Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 33


A Deadly and Brutal Young Girl

I ordered Su Xiao: “Hurry and go help out. The guy outside likes to use sneak attacks. It’ll be bad if he succeeds.”


Su Xiao was surprised when he heard me, and like the god of justice had possessed him again, he enthusiastically said: “I’ll go take a look now. If there’s a need when the time comes… Chop chop!”

His “chop chop” made me really want to stab him, but I knew that it was fine outside. Yes, Jia Yunfeng is Mount Hua’s leader. Yes, he’s a skilled martial artist in the pugilistic world. But, that depends on who he’s up against.

Song Ou is Liu Shan Men’s captain, Shen Yiren is the Vice-captain, and there’s also Tang Ye whose martial arts skills are close to their levels, and yet Jia Yunfeng is trying to fight them three-on-one? He’s dreaming.

I just wanted to send Su Xiao out and ask some questions I want answers to.

As soon as Su Xiao left, I picked up the leader of the four men and injected some of my internal energy into his body to wake him up.

His face looked down as soon as he awoke: “Kill me if you want, cut me if you please. I, Tan Dadao am a man, I won’t sell out my master for riches or glory.”

“I know.” You just answered my questions.

I sealed his pressure point and he passed out again.

I then proceeded by picking the weakest one among the four. I injected my internal energy into him and he immediately woke up.

“Y-you!” He looked like he saw a ghost when he saw me. I immediately grabbed his neck so he couldn’t speak and gave him an aggressive glare.

“Answer my questions honestly. I already asked that punk Tan Dadao, and he spilled the beans. If what you tell me doesn’t match up, you know what’s going to happen.”

This scoundrel was so scared he pissed himself. He’ll tell me everything for sure.

Further, since I was choking him by the neck, his blood flow would’ve been impeded so the chance of him lying due to having a foggy mind was reduced. This is a torture method for getting information out of people in the pugilistic world. I learnt it from a disciple from the Beggars’ Sect when we were drinking together a few years ago.

“Why was the prince’s record book in Cha Yuan’s house in the Peach Village? How is all this related to the Demon Sect?”

“I… I don’t know. Cough. Cough. Alright. Alright. I’ll talk. It’s like this.”

I tightened my grip on his throat until his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets and his face turned purple. Now his brain wasn’t optimised for too much thinking and he started telling the truth because he couldn’t stand it.

“Cha Yuan is a member of the emperor’s security detail and is responsible for investigating those in the capital. He pretended to defect to the prince. We found out that he stole the records book in the residence and intended to report it to the emperor. The prince therefore sent people to capture him, but before he could be captured he was killed by those from Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo. We consequently thought that the records had been picked up by the Demon Sect and that they’d definitely threaten us with it. However, after a few months of waiting, nothing happened. That’s why the prince thought he might’ve hidden it in his house before he died and sent people to search for it… Cough. Cough. Cough. Please spare me, sir!”

“Oh~ so Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo really were involved? Why did they kill Cha Yuan?”

“I really don’t know.”

I snapped at him: “Are you absolutely positive?!”


Okay, it looks like he really doesn’t know. I was just scaring him to make sure.

The only plausible explanation is that the book contains secrets the Demon Sect doesn’t want others to know, right? Killing people at every turn certainly is characteristic of them.

But this has nothing to do with me. I just needed to know who we offended and who was after whom. I just investigated the rest out of curiosity.

“Okay, thank you.”

I chopped him on the neck which knocked him out.

I need to be low-key, avoid causing trouble and hand ball problems to my superiors.

Alright, that’s the plan.

I stepped out of the Vermillion hall and then looked left and right. I then called: “Su Xiao. Tang Ye. Where are you guys…? HEY, SU XIAO, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!”

The scene before me scared me to death.

I now know what Su Xiao meant by “chop, chop”.

In the little flower garden in front of the Vermillion Hall, Su Xiao had his rusted mud-like-looking divine Ancient Cold sabre up against the Orange Prince’s neck. Actually, it looked more like he was going to cut him with it. The Orange Prince was evidently inept at martial arts since he couldn’t even beat that brat. His men were all missing in action. In short, Su Xiao essentially got a cheap shot.

You the shit!

You’re a mere constable and you’re threatening a prince. How many heads do you have again?

Su Xiao, however, smugly said: “Tell your men to stop or else.”

I looked towards Jia Yunfeng. Stop what? You mean we should stop?

To be honest, this was the first time I looked at Jia Yunfeng carefully. He looked around thirty. He looked fairly handsome, and had a refined aura quite similar to Captain Song. However, unlike Captain Song, he didn’t look like he was skilled in literacy or martial arts.

Jia Yunfeng was battling it out with three highly skilled fighters. Captain Song seemed to not participate to protect his reputation. Tang Ye was the vanguard. He stopped all the changes in Jia Yunfeng’s sword strikes using his red arms. With Shen Yiren assisting him, Jia Yunfeng was on his back leg. It’s a good time to stop now guys, otherwise I’ll have to send white packets* to Mount Hua this day next year. That’s a waste of my money.

As soon as Jia Yunfeng realised that the prince had been captured, he leapt backwards. His swordsmanship may be inferior to Tang Ye, but his qinggong was far more advanced than his. In just a few steps, he’d returned to the prince’s side and pointed his sword at Su Xiao.

“You insolent girl, how dare you threaten his highness!”

“Damn right! Let go of me you ugly hag or I’ll have your entire family and ancestors executed!”

Su Xiao was enraged, His face turned bright read. He smacked the prince on the head with his sabre’s handle. He used it like it was a small mallet. All my hairs stood up watching it happen.

Come on man, don’t do that! He’s a prince!!

Su Xiao angrily exclaimed: “Who are you calling a woman?! I’m a guy!”

Alright, alright, alright! You’re the manliest guy in the world!

Fighting broke out in the Vermillion Hall. If the guards hadn’t figured out that something happened by now, this place wouldn’t be called Liu Shan Men. All the guards and warriors in the office gathered. It was a jaw-dropping scene.

A warm wind blew in the small flower garden. A brutal young beautiful girl laughed wildly and pressed a blade up against the prince to threaten him without any regard for anything. And she was his colleague!!

The Orange Prince grit his teeth, grinded them and said: “Insolence. Insolence! Such insolence!! I’m going to report this to my father. I’m going to tell you how ridiculous Liu Shan Men is! You bitch!” The Orange Prince then pointed at me and said: “You too! None of you are getting away!”


What’s this got to do with me?! He’s the one that’s threatening you!!

You got shit for brains?

All my colleagues started expressing concern for me. Yeah, that’s right, most of them put distance between themselves and I in the blink of an eye. Listen guys, the prince is just hating on me, I’m not the plague.

Shen Yiren returned, patted me on the shoulder and said: “As team mates, you guys have to shoulder the burden and suffering together, okay?”

That’s a terrible idea! I’ve only benefited a few times. He’s the one that started all the troubles!

Tang Ye was calm as usual. He gave me a stern look and said: “Are we going to have our duel tonight?”

Fuck off! Look at the situation!

And you’re part of the team too, moron!

Tang Ye: But I didn’t threaten the prince.

Me: Well, me neither!

Su Xiao laughed out loud and said: “Tell your men to back off if you don’t want your head to become Gautama Buddha.” Jia Yunfeng reluctantly retreated two steps. Well… The Orange Prince’s head looks like it’s becoming an half an Arhat already.

Somebody suddenly spoke out: “Stop! Have you no regards for the law? How dare you do this in a government office?!”

Someone dressed as a eunuch suddenly approached. Su Xiao of course wasn’t scared of him, but the Orange Prince looked as though he’d seen his saviour. His face looked like he was glad. “Eunuch Nan, you’re here! Which means…”

Shen Yiren who looked like she was enjoying the show had an “oh shit” look on her face: “Shit, Feizhen, I forgot I invited the emperor here to inspect us today.”


A loud pitched voice suddenly rang through the air as it announced: “His majesty is here!”


*You probably already know that red money packets are for lucky money during Chinese new years. The white packets are for the dead.


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