Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 32


The Combat Strategy for Facing Multiple Opponents is to Quickly Drop Them

I hurriedly pushed Shen Yiren away and acted as though I hated her. She staggered and nearly tripped over. She turned around and gave me an angry look as though she was ready to rip my head off like a mad tiger.

I had to push her away. My future was on the line…

“Keke, I was just joking before.” I was racking my brains for words: “Vice-captain Shen and I were deliberately putting on an act. We did it to… To get your attention when you were inside.”

Seeing me push Boss Shen away and plead innocence, Captain Song’s expression changed for the better. He calmed down further after hearing my explanation.

Captain Song cleared his throat and used the opportunity when no one was paying him attention to fix his collar which came undone when he threw a fit before, and said: “What do you mean? Why did you want to get our attention? And what were you four doing hiding outside of the Vermillion Hall when I was speaking to his highness? Have you no manners?”

Captain Song’s brain finally started functioning! Please let his brain maintain functioning for a bit longer.

I wore a sorrowful expression and said: “It all goes back to the Orange Prince. Back to the summer of six years ago.”

The Orange Prince finally came to his senses as though he awoke from a dream and recalled that he was here to find faults with us: “Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to have anything to do with your own issues. But I must get my book back. Return me my book, you idiot.”

I was smiling cheek to cheek: “See, Captain? His highness is getting so anxious over a book, so we need to stay alert. That’s why we had to carefully hide outside the Vermillion Hall.”

Captain Song frowned and said: “Just what exactly happened? Your highness, did you really come here today just for that book? Ming Feizhen, let me take a look at the book.”


Wait for what, bitch?!

The Orange Prince got pissed and anxiously tried to stop Captain Song, but couldn’t handle the look of suspicion in Captain Song’s gaze. The worst part though was that he realised that Captain Song indeed didn’t know anything about it. He can’t loudly announce that he accepted bribes, right?

This place is Liu Shan Men’s Vermillion Hall. A few buildings down is the Qilin Guards Xuanwu Courtyard. If you make a scene here, everybody might actually gather here.

The Orange Prince was cornered with the dissing. In the end he got furious and pointed his anger at me. While pointing at me, he shouted: “You thief! You have no regards for the law! You dared to steal from my resident and now you even dare to frame me. You must be punished, men, arrest him!”

“I dare you! On the 10th of August in the 29th year of Yuansheng’s rule, fifty-four ingots were received from Shanxi Yumen, on the 13th of August, one-hundred and twenty ingots were received from Yan Jindu…”

Su Xiao was upholding justice again. He wasn’t intimidated in the least by the Orange Prince. I think pretty boy Su Xiao seriously thinks that the prince sells fruit… I can’t see how else he could be so daring.

Captain Song got very suspicious after hearing those numbers and dates read out. I can understand him losing his mind when he nearly got cucked before, but he’s a competent captain now that he’s regained his brain functioning.

Captain Song clasped his hands together and said: “Your highness, please allow me to see this book for myself. If I find that it is indeed your property, I will naturally return it to you.”

The Orange Prince’s expression got worsened again. The six princes’ parties have been gathering power for their battles. They’ve invited many of those in the pugilistic world to join their respective parties. To do that, they need money. Lots of money. Unfortunately, the Orange Prince has bad luck. Of the six princes, he’s one of the only two who are forced to stay in the capital.

It should be obvious that it’s difficult to gather funds in the capital where the emperor resides which is why he resorted to bribes. Unfortunately for him, I found records of his corruption on my first day in the tomb. His misfortune is… I’d be dreaded too if I were him.

The proud Orange Prince stopped caring and loudly shouted: “Master Jia, get him!” I saw a silver light flash before he could finish speaking. The shadow of someone in white like a swan swiftly appeared into the courtyard. The silver light was continually moving like spilt mercury, yet was also coming down like heavy downpour, as it made its way down onto Captain Song’s head.

The silver light was emitted from the light radiating off of the sword in the hand of the man called Master Jia. It looks like he wields swords.

I don’t know what was going through Captain Song’s head, but he seemed to be shocked by the speed of Master Jia and couldn’t react in time. Shen Yiren gave him a kick from the side, and he rolled on floor, barely evading Master Jia’s sword strike.

Haa… Why does that sword strike look so familiar?

It looks so similar to Mount Hua’s swordsmanship. His surname is Jia… He’s Mount Hua’s leader Jia Yun Feng?!

Jia Yunfeng laughed coldly and then unleashed another attack called Circle the moon with three rings. He caught Captain Song, Shen Yiren and Tang Ye in his sword formation right off the bat. Nice visual prowess there, Master Jia! Go and capture all those who can fight you. That’s genius…

But from a battle strategy standpoint, his decision was right because he successfully split us up into two groups.

Su Xiao and I were separated from the three of them.

The Orange Prince cussed: “What the fuck are you useless idiots doing?! Get rid of those two scoundrels and then get my book back for me!”

I grabbed Su Xiao and ran. We jumped through the window into the Vermillion Hall.

“Aha! Those two idiots have trapped themselves. Go in and smash them! And make sure to smash that scoundrel that memorised the contents.”

As soon as Su Xiao and I entered the Vermillion Hall, four large men followed in. Su Xiao immediately insulted me: “You idiot! What did you come in here for?  Now we can’t get out!” I didn’t comment and just chuckled.

The four men roared as they charged over and surrounded us.

I still wasn’t convinced and asked: “Are you sure you want to fight?”

The leader of the four chuckled and said: “It’s too late to beg for mercy.”

The four men looked sturdy, and judging by the positions they took when surrounding us, I surmised they were skilled wrestlers.

The four men were evidently battle veterans. They closed in on us as soon as they surrounded us, so Su Xiao didn’t even have the space he needed to draw his sabre. When he went to reach for his sabre, he realised that he didn’t even have enough space to get his hand onto the sabre’s handle. This is the beauty of surrounding your enemies with a formation.

I was very thankful for all that Su Xiao did today. He helped me out many times today. I felt like I shouldn’t have picked on him so much. I decided that I’d reduce the number of times I pick on him in future each day by one.

“Su Xiao, have you ever fought multiple enemies at once?”


“I’ll teach you how to then.”

Seeing the size of the four men – they were a head taller than him – he worried a little and said: “Brother Ming, you should focus on taking care of yourself first!”

I ignored him and struck the leader of the four on the neck with a palm strike and dropped him.

As soon as there’s an empty spot, they’ll try to cover the hole in their formation.

But that didn’t matter because I struck out again instead of waiting for them to fix the formation. My second palm strike hit the head of another and he dropped too. There were only two left now. And look, now that it’s two-on-two, he’s panicking. These sorts of henchmen are just full of bark.

“H-how dare you hit my big brother…”

I wasn’t going to listen to his garbage so I just hit him between his eyebrows which knocked him out.

There was no time to be hesitant. Before the last one could escape I struck him under his ribs exactly where I aimed and he dropped too.

It may be a little boring, but that’s how you fight multiple enemies at once.

“The most important thing to keep in mind when fighting multiple enemies at once is to make sure you put them away with one strike each, understood?”

I suavely blinked and prepared myself for Su Xiao’s upcoming praise.

But instead he widened his eyes, and looked at the four unhappily. He kept silent for a good while before discontentedly exclaiming: “They were so weak. Why didn’t you save one for me?”


This is my bullshit nonsensical everyday life!!


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