Oh No! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! – Vol. 2 Prologue

Addressed to your majesty.

Confidential telegram.

I have visited the various famous doctors and magicians as per your orders. I have also learned that his majesty’s condition cannot be cured and can only be alleviated. I have also learned only their queen, Vyvyan Galadriel* can alleviate the symptoms. In my opinion, I believe you have no need to waste your energy concerning yourself with the elves. Though they are cautious and on-guard, they have no intent of breaking the agreement. His majesty has just won a battle over here. He also discovered that the movement of the Earth Dragons are connected to humanity. Your majesty, please be cautious of our generals as there is a chance that they may be trying to instigate a war with the elves. Please be extra cautious. His majesty has departed and should arrive in our capital in around three days. Before his majesty departed, he spent a long time with his fiancé and was reluctant to leave her. After he departed, she never left his mind. I believe that you have won over Queen Vyvyan Galagriel as a mother, but we need a woman who can tie his majesty down. His majesty does not crave women. What he needs is a woman who he can fall deep in love with. We need such a woman if we wish to keep his majesty with us. I wish your majesty the best of health.

Sent from the Elf Capital Dulgana.


The candle flickered in the gold room located deep in the palace. This was a huge room. There were exquisite designs drawn on the walls. There was a fireplace on one side burning slowly. There was a large bed with a thick mattress and soft velvet blanket. An elegant silk curtain hung behind. The person in the red velvet blanket scrunched the letter up and threw it directly into the fire.

The dignified maid on the sofa to the side looked at the person on the bed, and asked in a courteous tone: “Your majesty, is it a confidential telegram?”

There was no response from the person on the bed. The person in the blankets shifted her body position in the blankets. She extended her long white elephant-trunk like bare arm out, and picked up a grape from a bowl made of jade sitting on the red-wooden table. The maid hurried over to the bed and courteously extended her a hand. Moments later, the grape’s skin and seed were thrown into her hands.

The person inside the blanket whose laugh sounded like a silver bell laughed and said: “It’s related to my son.”

The maid gripped the grape skin and seed tightly in her hand, and softly said: “Yes, his majesty will be arriving tomorrow. Your majesty, will you be going to meet him in person?”

The person on the bed got up. The red blanket didn’t cover her naked body and slid off her body as though her body was covered with lube. Her black hair swayed freely in the air. Her eyes were a beautiful black like an obsidian. She pursed her red as blood lips and said: “Of course. Of course I’m going to go and see my own son in person. The things Castell mentioned in the letter were completely useless, but he was right about one thing. I’m very unhappy right now.”

The maid quickly lowered her head as she didn’t dare to look her majesty in the eye. She looked down at the floor and courteously said: “May I ask what has caused you to be angry, your majesty? I have three kids. If it is about his majesty, I could share with you my humble opinions.”

“Oh? Is that so? Alright. I want to know what sort of girl my son likes. What sort of girl could steal his heart and keep him here?”

The empress looked at the maid who had a slight frown. The maid’s eyes were filled with anxiety and tension. The empress looked like a silly mother who wanted to fulfil the wilful, unreasonable wish of her son. The maid took in a deep breath. She felt like her heart stopped beating. She was a new maid who’d just started. She hadn’t ever seen the prince before, so how was she supposed to know what sort of girl he liked?

“Umm… I think his majesty must like the type that’s kind, gentle and has the perfect body.”

Well, no matter. All men like that sort of woman. As long as his majesty was a normal man, there’d be no way he’d hate the sort of woman. My guess may not be right, but it’s definitely not wrong.

Her majesty kept silent, so the maid didn’t dare raise her head. The domineering aura from the empress’s nude body was getting stronger. The maid’s two legs were quivering uncontrollably. It was like an antelope going face-to-face with a lion. Her sixth sense kept telling her to run as it was dangerous but all her body no longer had the capacity to move an inch.

She couldn’t escape, and her legs had lost all their strength so she couldn’t move.

Her entire body as trembling from head-to-toe, her legs were quivering as was her hand tightly gripping the grape seed causing the seed itself to look like it were placed on a quaking surface. She gripped it so tightly, grape juice seeped through the gaps in her fingers.

The empress coughed, then turned around and pulled the blanket over to cover her body, and said: “The cold weather is tiring me out. I’m going to sleep now. You may leave. Remember to keep warm.”

The heavy tension slowly dissipated. The relieving feeling that came over the maid dropped her to her knees and she took in a deep breath. The grape skin and seed in her hand fell to the floor. She hurried to pick them up but was relieved that she chose the right things to say. She was glad she was going to survive. Her predecessor vanished and never appeared again due to a slip of the tongue. She was face-to-face with a dangerous situation, but she managed to pull through…

Her eyes suddenly widened. In front of her stood a lady with her black hair in ponytail and dressed in beautiful military gear. Her eyes, as green as ice picks at the bottom of a deep well coldly looked at her, so cold it felt like it pierced her bones and could take her life. She could see her fate in the eyes of the lady in front of her.

A long sword pierced straight through the maid’s heart. The thrust was delivered with the utmost precision. The sword had pierced through her heart the moment the maid went to turn around.

“Her majesty must never be soiled by anything, whether that is your blood or grape juice.”

In the instant the sword pierced her, a large batch of cotton was also stuffed into her. The cotton sucked up all the blood in her heart, so there wasn’t so much as a drip of blood when the sword was pulled out of her body from behind.

The sword pierced the maid’s heart in less than a second and yet not of drip of blood was in sight. The maid still had a tight grip on the grape seed and skin when she got stabbed. It was like time had frozen and she hadn’t actually died.

From behind, the empress lazily said: “Nier, you were a bit slow there.”

The girl with the high ponytail let go of her sword, knelt down on one knee with a loud thud, lowered her head and said: “I am sorry, your majesty! Please punish me!!”

When the corpse rocked and looked like it was going to fall over, a young girl dressed in the same attire suddenly appeared from the shadows, caught the corpse and then quickly disappeared from the room.

Not a drop of blood was in sight.

“Aaahh, forget it. You’re getting faster and faster with the sword, and I’m very happy about that. Come here my child.”

The empress extended her hand out from her bed and indicated for Nier to come over. Nier moved over to the bed on her knees. Her green eyes had tears welling up due to being touched. The empress reached out and gently stroked her head. Nier was so excited her whole body was shaking and her tears helplessly rolled down her face. She was worried that she’d die from the over-excitement of having her majesty stroke her head.

“Y-your majesty.”

Looks of envy and jealously shot at Nier from all directions. Nier was shaking so much she almost went mute. The empress chuckled and then said: “You haven’t disappointed me as my Valkyrie. Continue to loyally serve me with your sword. Do not lose your way.”

Nier excitedly shouted: “I will!!”

She then stood up while she was still shaking, and then left the room wobbling as though she was completely exhausted.

That was a given.

As the empress’s Valkyrie, her sword, armour, blood, life, flesh bones, marrow…

Everything belonged to her majesty!


If you leave the palace and sweep your eyes over the city and you will find tens of thousands of buildings lights on.

The city remains bustling even after nightfall. You will see women decorated with their sheen jewellery, while the proud city guards sleep with their weapons like fierce wolves and tigers.

This empire which was created through countless battles in the North and South is none other than the domain of royalty!

This is humanity’s domain! In just tens of years of conquest, humanity has occupied the large mainland, the most land, and has become the strongest and most flourishing empire! This was where all the royalty of all races were! This land belongs to the ruler of the mainland!

Welcome to the capital of humanity’s empire built on the Great Plains. This is the city that never sleeps, made using all of humanity’s technology, intellect and determination – Helier Persia!

Meaning, the Phoenix’s Nest.


*Vyvyan Galadriel is the spelling given by the author which you will find in the series artwork and all else related.



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