My Standards…

My last post was about Sticking to my story and making sure to deliver what I promise. If you missed it, it’s here:

Here’s the sequel video:

They say every man was created equal, well not this guy. Following up from the last clip, this clip was filmed right after the previous one with no breaks in between. When I prepared for this performance, I had less than 24 hours to train for it. I got asked less than 24 hours before it if I’d be able to do it. I said without a moment’s hesitation: “Yes.”

Another person of the same age as me at the time performed it with 10 spears. I said: “I’m better than him, I’m on a much higher level.” So I decided to use less spears so that it’s more of a challenge, and therefore a greater achievement. How? The less spears, the more weight on each spear therefore making it more difficult.

The point I’m trying to establish? I’m trying to raise the bar. I’m not trying to be another translator or one of the best, I’m here to be the best. I don’t mean to discredit the guys at the top like Yang Wen-li for example. The guy’s a machine, but I’m going to do better, ‘cause that’s how I’m wired. While you may shy away from telling me I’m wrong when I’m wrong or not up to par, please don’t. I appreciate it when you’re frank with me. If I screw up, tell it to my face. If you don’t get through, cut me down. I’m thankful for that because it means that you care. I’m perfect but not perfect, so when you point out my faults, I learn from them and therefore improve.

What I dislike is ‘yes-men’. While some people love to have an entire “community” pamper and kiss their ass, I frankly don’t give a shit and I loathe them. The fact of the matter is, the truth is hard to face, and some people don’t have the balls to face it. Some people talk quality but can’t accept criticism. Don’t lump me in with them. I want to produce quality, so shove it in my face until I produce quality. If I ever needed a self-esteem boost, I’d return to the ring, sell out arenas and sell ass-whoopings while they sell… Their ass for me to whoop.

When I do well, you can choose to keep silent or praise me, thank you. If I go awry, tell it to me. If you have suggestions for improvement with some objective value, tell me too. Others call it “bitching”, I call it growth opportunities. So far, Archer, Raul and Chris P Duck have all pointed out areas they felt could be improved or my mistakes. Yes, I remember their names because I appreciate them. Guys, I grew up on the streets not in a pampered household, the last thing I’m going to be upset about is something you told me over the internet.

The take-away: Don’t compare me to the average standard or any other mediocre standards, I’m dead to those standards. I don’t meet standards, I set standards. If I screw up, tear me down and make me learn to do better. By the same pretext, unless there are legitimate logistical reasons, I won’t ever use the “Charge upfront upon becoming a patron” function on Patreon. I want to let you experience my quality of work and efforts when you decide to support me. If you feel like I’m not making good on my word, you can cancel your pledge before the new month and you won’t lose anything. Like I said, I’m not here to participate, I’m here to take over!

If you think I’m worth your support, you can support me on Patreon, and I’d be grateful because you’re helping me build the life I want, and above all else, you trust me:

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