Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 25

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 5) “Good morning, Nara. Long-time no see.” “Whoa, this is a surprise. I thought I was going to be meeting Miss Freya when I received news that there was a meeting. I never thought I would get to see you. You have changed a lot since … Read more

Son-con – Nier Gilliante Character Profile

Name: Nier Gilliante Gender: Female Height: 172 cm Weight: 49kg Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Green Role: Sword instructor of the empress’s bodyguard unit ‘Valkyries’ Skills Swordsmanship (A+): She is skilled enough to exchange sword blows with her majesty. Her innate talent and diligence towards her training have helped her stand out as an outstanding … Read more