The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 54


Wills are the easiest, yet the hardest at the same time, things to settle because the dead won’t speak. The living can take the last things the dead left behind to do whatever they want with it since nobody would know what happened in any case. Hence, there was absolutely no reason to fear somebody might find out you tampered with the will. In saying that, it’s how the dead’s assets are distributed that is challenging. For many people, that’s of utmost importance. Humans are similar to vultures by nature in that they take what they need to loot the dead. Humans search their own friends for money and assets that they need for that was what humans needed. It comes as no surprise, then, that there inevitably will be many who set their eyes on a will.

Having said all that, that concept applied to others, not me, because I had no obstacles to overcome. Ross had left, which meant that I was the only one in the room. Well, and a dead man who couldn’t speak. “The dead are scary,” they say. As long as you don’t have a conscience and aren’t afraid of possible vengeances chasing you, you’ll be an intrepid liar.

A light knock came from the door, so I went over to open it. Ross, body shaking and eyes red, was back with a bag: “Lord Lin, a-are my eyes just playing tricks on me? Are they…? Mr. Albert is still alive, right…? Lord Lin, h-how do we explain this to Sister? Wh-wh-What is Sister going to do now… Lord Lin…”

“Calm down, Ross. Albert planned everything already.” I cleared my throat and picked up the will. “If Albert didn’t suicide, then there would be no way of resolving this. With him now dead, there won’t be anybody who will pursue his debt. We just need to restructure his company a little and give them some money. He’s entrusted his entire company to you, which means that you only need to do some restructuring to transfer the company’s authorisations from him to you. Leave that stuff to me. This is a good way of sorting it all out. With that said, you need to stay here with your sister to take over his business.”

Ross wobbled back and stammered, “I-I do not know how to… I-I do not know how to run… such a large business… H-how can I run it…? Lord Lin, I have not finished my learning… I-I cannot do it.”

“In that case, let someone else run the business on your behalf for the meantime and just collect the money. Albert has imparted all of it to you. You can’t let Albert Family’s blood, sweat and tears crumble. You must cherish it. Leave it in the hands of somebody you trust, and then bring Lilia and her child back to the imperial capital to live with us. I acknowledge that I’m partly to blame for this, which is why I can’t just leave. I’ll make it up to him by taking care of his family, so don’t you worry, Ross.”

Ross nodded: “I trust you, Lord Lin. You have always been very nice and kind… You have no reason to shoulder any responsibility… I… I… I have nobody I can trust. If possible, can you take over everything Mr. Albert left behind? Y-you are the only person I can trust, Lord Lin… Lord Lin, can I ask you for the favour?”

“Sorry, Ross,” I apologised with a shake of my head. “I’ve explained it before. I can’t come to the South, and you haven’t finished your training. I don’t have anybody I can trust. The only one I can trust with things here is Achilles’ pupil; however, he is but a pupil. In saying that, if he has any problems, I’ll earnestly respond. I won’t immigrate to the South, though. You understand my reasons, right, Ross?”

“I do. I can understand.”

I scrubbed Ross’ head: “I promise to do my best to help you graduate so that you can come back here and inherit the business. It is yours, after all. Now, as for Lilia… I think we don’t have any other option besides telling her the truth. Let’s tell her after she gives birth. We’ll tell her everything. Let’s put Albert to rest now. Don’t tell anyone that he committed suicide, or people will come after you. Let’s carry him out and say he’s drunk.”


I did say that wills were simple, yet difficult, to forge, didn’t I? As long as you don’t have a conscience, you can tamper with a dead man’s last wish. I’m sure you readers all know I’ve never told a lie. I, Lin Dongqing, swear I never tampered with Albert’s will.

You trust me, don’t you?

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