The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 28

Fake Mistress

Veirya placed her cup down on the table. Sisi softly laughed from her padded chair, relishing the awkward situation between Veirya and nervous Melissa. Although it was a fact that Melissa tried to seduce Lin Dongqing, meeting his wife, not to mention in the imperial palace, almost crushed her under the pressure.

“What does she plan on doing…? D-did Queen Sisi want her to meet me?” Melissa wondered, brain stuttering.

“Whatever the chase, a cape isn’t an ordinary item to a woman, is it? Having the right to drape on a cape for her lover and do it up is a blissful experience. She has brought your husband’s cape back, so I think she should do some explaining to you, Veirya,” explained Sisi, wearing a smile.

“Ma’am, nothing happened between your husband and me. We only discussed how to do business after he came to the South. Your husband asked me to come back to ask for Queen Sisi’s assistance. In order to earn Her Majesty’s trust, he gave me the cape. I shall now return it to you.”

Melissa was bold enough to tease Lin Dongqing in the South. In front of his wife, howbeit, she didn’t dare to try anything. She could see that, if she angered Veirya, her deal with Sisi would also have to be revisited from the beginning. Moreover, Lin Dongqing didn’t fall for her seduction.

Veirya gave a small nod and took the cape. She didn’t think much of the matter, to be honest. Rather, she didn’t suspect the woman whatsoever. The one who was actually angry was Sisi. Sisi treated the cape with great importance. She, the Queen of the empire, personally had it made for her lover. There was only one copy in the entire empire, yet he thoughtlessly handed something so important to a woman he had just met.

Sisi, having said that, knew that she didn’t have the right to be angry. Nobody knew about her relationship with Sisi, and she didn’t dare to flaunt it. She couldn’t even share the fact that she was pregnant with his child. She brought Veirya on board, hoping to stir Veirya into jealousy so that the latter would punish Lin Dongqing. Unfortunately, her plan failed.

Veirya folded the cape properly then placed it on her thigh, ironing it with her hand. Then, she looked to Melissa, who froze until she felt it was safe to assume Veirya wasn’t vengeful.

“No wonder why he didn’t fall for my seduction. I guess a husband wouldn’t cheat when he has such a gorgeous wife waiting for him at home,” Melissa thought to herself.

“Is he. Doing well. There?”

“All right, I guess…? He is not bad in health. Additionally, he has thought of how to proceed. Your husband is a brilliant man. He suggested daring, yet practical and possible, strategy. I truly believe that he will be able to create uproar in the South this time,” answered Melissa. She knew that her best option was to compliment a woman’s husband, though she surmised Veirya wouldn’t be too happy if she exaggerated too much.

Veirya proudly turned to Sisi to gloat: “He really is. Incredible.”

“I know he is. You don’t need to point it out,” responded Sisi, wondering, “Is Veirya deliberately provoking me?”

Sisi crankily questioned, “You businesses are enjoying yourselves in the South, aren’t you? Last time, you killed my most highly-regarded businessman, Achilles. What are you planning now?”

“I suppose we are trying to acquire shares in the South this time. This is the only matter at hand. To be honest, Albert is the only one pursuing it. The businesses in the South are not too happy after being penalised,” honestly relayed Melissa.

Melissa was aware that the South was still considered insignificant in the South. Receiving Queen Sisi’s support was the best choice, particularly in her situation. Once Sisi successfully gained power in the South, she would have earned Queen Sisi’s trust.

“Is that so? I can’t sit around and do nothing, then. I have to administrate the South,” Queen Sisi stated, folding her arms. “My military should have reached the South by now. Regardless of what your opinions are, the new colony belongs to me. All of the assets produced should also be mine.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” answered Melissa.

Sisi nodded then glanced over to Veirya. Veirya, however, wasn’t interested in what they were talking about. She stood up and asked, “Your Majesty. I want to head back. And put the cape. Away. So. I will leave for the. Afternoon. Do you. Have any other orders?”

“Ah, no, Mm, wait, wait. I’m holding a banquet in the imperial palace tonight. I’m sure the nobles would like to see you. I hope you can attend despite Lin Dongqing not being here. Also, is Leah happy with the teacher I found her?”

“Mm… Leah. Does not like him. Because he always. Makes her read thick books.” Veirya didn’t hesitate to be honest, rendering Sisi stupefied.

Hopeless, Sisi laughed: “Forget about it, then. If she doesn’t like him, it’ll only serve to make her unhappy. Veirya, you have to bear in mind, though, that Leah is humanity’s imperial capital. I don’t want the empire’s children to be learning from only elves. You understand that, right? Actually, don’t worry about it. If you don’t understand, I’ll tell Dongqing when he’s back.”

“Understood. However. Leah should be. Involved in choosing. A teacher.”

“Fine, fine, fine,” responded Sisi. She sighed and smiled helplessly: “Geez. I wonder when you started arguing with me. Veirya, is it because Lin Dongqing gave you the courage to? You’re right, having said that. I won’t stick my nose in it, then.”

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