The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 17


From the outside, one wouldn’t be able to tell that such a large ceremonial hall existed in the imperial palace. Huge warriors, heroes, knights and crowned monarchs who gave their life and everything they had for the nation were illustrated on the colourful glass panes to commemorate their contributions to the empire. The hall was the nation’s sacred hall.

As I crossed the painted daffodil field reflecting the colourful sunlight, making my way to the big throne Sisi waited for me on, the most influential vassals chanted. I had never been part of such a big occasion, let alone the star of it, so the lavish clothing they adorned or Sisi’s most resplendent clothes that accentuated her elegance and majestic appearance.

As a sign of respect, all of the nobles lowered their heads when Sisi stood up, sword and ancient book in hands. I was the only one who was allowed to stand before her and look at her. With a bright smile, she drew the sword, placed the length of the blade on my left shoulder and held the book out to me. I placed my right hand on the book and genuflected.

“My vassal, my friend, my loyal servant, henceforth, I shall reward you for your years of service and loyalty to myself and the nation. You shall continue devoting your loyalty to me and making me proud.”

I looked up and solemnly declared, “I shall fight for you and conduct myself in a manner that will honour you, my Queen.”

Sisi chuckled, tapped my shoulder with her long sword and then took back the book and sword. I stood up. Sisi shook out the sky-blue cape that a count passed her and personally draped it over my shoulders: “Henceforward, Lin Dongqing is of the same rank as all of you. He shall devote his loyalty and life to me. I will allow you to feel honoured and satisfied. You, too, must make me proud of your efforts and conduct. Today, I have draped the sky-blue cape on for Dongqing. This colour represents the highest honour in the entire empire. There is only one of these capes today, but I hope that I will eventually see you all with sky-blue capes!”

“We are at your service, Your Majesty!” My voice could be heard blending into the voices of everyone else.

I was no longer a man who appeared out of nowhere but a noble count who served the Queen of the empire. My path never crossed with the other nobles, and I couldn’t cross paths with them. Yet, henceforth, I would be of higher standing than many of them.

After our oath was made came the routine banquet. Leah and Veirya rushed to my side as though they couldn’t wait any longer. Leah cheerfully hugged me around my waist and beamed: “Papa, you look so cool today! Papa is a noble from now, so is Leah a noble from now, too?”

“Of course you are. Henceforward, you’re the count’s daughter and a noble young lady. Everybody will show you a lot of respect.” I ruffled Leah’s hair.

Veirya, who was dressed in formal clothing, came up to my side with light steps and looped her arm around mine. For once, Veirya used perfume. Perhaps her lady-in-waiting dolled her up. Veirya wore a light-purple dress and wore a sky-blue necklace. Her usually messy silver hair was splayed behind her, highlighting her gorgeous face. She also wore a pure-white cape.

In a raspy voice, I conveyed, “Veirya. You look beautiful.”

“I’m about to marry Veirya, yet I still feel so nervous around her. I’ve got to be too innocent,” I told myself.

“Thank you. The ladies-in-waiting. Also said that. I’m very happy. To hear you say. I’m beautiful. When you saw me.”

The unhappy Leah tugged on Veirya’s dress, so I quickly intervened to stop her dangerous behaviour. Needless to say, Leah was also cute. I just happened to care more about Veirya in the moment. She was my wife, after all.

Some of the nobles recognised Veirya and greeted her. Veirya, however, didn’t seem to recognise any of them, merely responding to them out of courtesy. While I regarded them with smiles, their counterfeit smiles weren’t envious but wary. They didn’t need to fear me because interacting with them wasn’t on my agenda.

Joining us at the ball, Queen Sisi raised her glass and announced, “Apologies, ladies and gentlemen. Today is a celebratory occasion. Sadly, owing to my poor health, I can only drink fruit juice. Nevertheless, it doesn’t abate my mood and pride in the slightest. So, you must all drink with me. A toast for my new noble family, upcoming exhibition and Dongqing!”

As the nobles promptly offered a toast, I also raised my glass of honey wine. We knocked back our entire glass in one go. Sisi gave up to me and clung to my arm. Smiling, she expressed, “Sorry, Veirya, I’m going to borrow your husband for a moment. I want to introduce him to the nobles around me.”

“All right.” Veirya released me, and then Sisi led me to the nobles.

I turned around and frantically looked to Veirya, but she was only reassured. I even thought she was cheering me on. I mused, “Veirya trusts me too much now, no…? I… I… Does Sisi doing this not irritate you?!”

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