The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 83

Aftermath of the Chaos

Sisi didn’t continue clinging to me or impose on me to stay. The food served up was more attractive than we were to each other. After a frenzy of a night, we returned to being civilised human beings dressed in bathrobes at a dining table. I doubt anybody could imagine the beast-like acts we carried out in the room not long ago based on the appearance of us gracefully utilising knives and forks. We virtually destroyed any semblance of shame humans had.

I firmly rejected Sisi back in the bath, but she didn’t seem perturbed. Perhaps she never really harboured any hope that I’d choose to stay after the night with her. Although she enjoyed the food and wine, I dealt with my mixed emotions. I had misgivings about the food and honey wine the ladies-in-waiting served me; I was worried about them being spiked with something. Seeing Sisi’s calm demeanour somehow made me feel that she didn’t add anything.

I washed down my meal with honey wine then set down my fork and knife. Even though it was the middle of the night, and I was extremely exhausted, I didn’t dare to stay in the imperial palace for too long.

“Sisi, I’m heading back.”


Sisi then started on her dessert. It was as though I was just a friend who came to share a meal and had to go home. However, she probably expected as much from the beginning. I might not even return after taking the medal. The North was no longer hers. We had a reason to stay in the North forever.

As the coal mine developed, prosperity would bless the North thanks to the merchants’ endeavours and transportation of the flammable. I could deal with just the elves. The North would also become the only import channel for the flavouring. The ladies from noble families would be keen on purchasing flavouring, which could be attributed to their nice lives and pursuit of luxury goods. Regardless of when it was, women’s hips and smiles were able to entrance men.

There was no reason for me to return to the imperial capital. Plus, with what happened, Sisi had to know that I might never return. I had gone through a lot, so I had a legitimate reason to leave her. Having said that, she stuck with an unbelievably calm demeanour. I went into her room, where the lady-in-waiting helped me wear on a new set of fitted and pleasing set of clothes. I then wore on my sky-blue cape.

“I should ask how the lady-in-waiting has my measurements to make me clothes…” I inwardly said.

I didn’t end up asking. I took care to place the medal in the breast section, against my heart, of my clothes properly so that the cold medal would share Veirya’s past with me.

Sisi lazily slouched in her chair and enjoyed her honey wine after dinner, giving me a gentle nod as I stepped out. I wanted to say something to her, yet I didn’t know what to say.

I inhaled a couple of times and then informed, “I’m heading back to the North, Sisi.”

“I know.”

Sisi revealed that unsettling grin of hers again. There was a degree of condemnation and disdain but also arrogance – the classic Sisi smile. Whenever her plans successfully worked out, she’d wear smile. The fact that she wore that smile now meant that everything went according to plan.

She gently touched her abdomen and chuckled: “Do you have any suggestions for our child’s name, Dongqing? Or did you want me to name our child?”

“You… it was only one night!”

I thought she might say that. Still, I was reluctant to believe it. It was just one day. If she could get pregnant in one day, there wouldn’t be so many people struggling to have children, would there?

“Today is my most fertile day,” stated Sisi, stroking her abdomen. “You want to make a bet? Dongqing, if I’m pregnant, then you’ll be my child’s father. Could you bear to let a child be without his father? Or will you remain in the North and leave a child without a father?”

Although pregnancy wasn’t a matter of chance, surely Sisi had her timing too spot on. If we did it for an entire day on her most fertile day, then it would be easy for her to conceive. Sisi always ensured she had a backup plan no matter what she did. Indeed, I couldn’t ignore the child and go to the North. As a result, Sisi could acknowledge the child was mine. I had to go back. Otherwise, nobody would accept the child if the child’s father wasn’t by Sisi’s side. When it came to royalty’s marriage, nobody would accept my marriage to Veirya. Additionally, what would Veira think? I didn’t plan to inform Vierya about what took place today. In other words, I had to be with Sisi if I didn’t want the matter to be make headlines.

In the end, I left without another word. Sisi didn’t need to say anything for the reason that we both knew what the ending would be. Sisi was going to keep the child. If I was present, then Sisi would be able to silence the debates and questions because I, the child’s father, didn’t abandon Sisi. Everybody should also be aware of my relationship with Veirya. Nobody would be nosy since it was our inner circle issue. Sisi always had a plan B. As soon as I approach Sisi, she would play me.

As I left, Sisi hugged me around my waist from behind. In a tender tone, she begged, “I don’t ask for much, Dongqing. I just want a child. Can I? Dongqing, I… just want… your child…”

I just gently tapped Sisi’s hands and then left, inwardly assuming, “It seems that Veirya’s child with me will have two elder sisters or maybe an elder sister and brother.”

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