The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 58


Everyone, even I, because it was the fourth day I was looking forward to, was on cloud nine. Edward loaned an unfathomable sum from the bank. Fortunately for him, his business earned him an enormous amount. He didn’t need to do anything other than drip feed the stones he possessed every day. The stones were cleared off the shelves as soon as they were in stock. Perhaps they were given to some lady. Perhaps they became second-hand stones that were sold the next day for even more.

The stones weren’t worth much but humanity’s money was. Investing gold coins on those stones was irrational. Nobody considered the possible consequences as they were focused solely on making money. For some reason, the merchants seemed to think they were in heaven once I was out of the picture. I never considered myself their match, nevertheless.

You couldn’t see what was written on the timber board from the corner I sat in. Therefore, there was practically nobody around. Whatever happened, happened. It was meaningless to me. I wasn’t waiting for their news. Ross continued to weave through the congested trading floor as he did the last few days.

Catching a familiar scent, I perked up to see Sophia in a relatively formal black robe, standing in front of me with a bag in hand. She asked, “Why am I not surprised? You would never let this opportunity slip. I do not know what you are waiting for. Does this mean that you have given up?”

“I never gave up.”

Sophia laughed and placed the bag she carried in front of me: “This is what Miss Leah asked our succubi to con people into giving us. She then asks us to sell it for money. We are experts at this sort of stuff. As a consequence, we have earned quite a bit. This is money Miss Leah hopes can help you get through your tough time. See if it is enough if I sell this.”

There were a decent number of stones in the bag. Nonetheless, it was far from being enough to earn fifty thousand gold coins.

“I’ll let you in on something. The price of these stones will definitely nose dive. And, it won’t be worth a penny when it does, so I suggest you sell them now.”

“Really?” asked Sophia, casting her gaze over to the trading floor. “I cannot see that happening, though. A large number of patrons have promised to make jewellery with the stones for our succubi. Their price would not drop, would they? Or, do you happen to have a way to make the price drop?”

“I do have a way, which is why I suggest you sell them as soon as possible.”

“What method might that be?”

“Wait,” I answered and had a drink.

Sophia looked puzzled. Nonetheless, she wasn’t keen on making sense of it and, therefore, departed. I was sure she’d believe me. Needless to say, even if she didn’t, there was nothing I could do about it. I wasn’t obligated to do any explaining to her.

“I wonder when the dwarves’ letter will arrive. If things go without any hurdles, I should receive it today or tomorrow,” I inwardly said.

The final victory would be on the last two days. Nobody had the foggiest idea as to what had happened. They still thought the stones were raking in money for them. Soon enough, though… I looked at the crowd that had gone into frenzy with excitement and tugged up the corner of my lips.

I thought to myself, “Their money is going to vanish into thin air faster than alcohol. I hope they can still show me those smiles when this implodes. They fooled me. They must’ve smiled the same way when I ran with Veirya to the elves and went on my knees to plead Lucia and when Veirya bled. When the elves were nearly sold off when I was kicked out of my house, when my daughter was almost sold off, they must’ve all been smiling that same way. I hope you can still show me that smile when I drop the bomb.

“Edward, you felt blissful that you scored my daughter, didn’t you? You thought that I could no longer take care of my daughter, didn’t you? Let’s see who can take better care of Leah. I won’t hand my daughter to a bankrupt halfwit. I may have nothing now, but I can still squash you like a bug, and it’s easy. Nobody is allowed to harbour ill will toward my daughter. I’ll let Leah get married, but it won’t be to Edward!

“Let’s wait and see. Yes, I’m bankrupt right now. I admit I failed; however, that’s not your ticket to push your agenda on my daughter! Edward is sewage waste, one who thinks he’s all that, I won’t accept it! You dare to push your agenda on my daughter, and I’ll make you regret you were born! Mark my words.”


 “Is Lord Lin here?” A man ran into the hotel with a letter in hand. Panting gently, he relayed, “This is a letter for Lord Lin. It is an urgent letter from the dwarves. Two horses died to deliver this. I need to get it into Lord Lin’s hands.”

“He should be at the trade centre at the moment. He told me beforehand that, if the dwarves have a letter for him, then hurry and send it over to him,” replied the owner of the hotel. “Is Lord Lin and the dwarves conducting some sort of business deal? Is it legal…? If it is not, I will have to take responsibility, as he is lodging here.”

“I am not sure myself. I am just a letterman. The dwarves told me that it was an important matter, though,” simply replied the young man, who then took off like a bat out of hell.


Sisi shook our her hair, and then asked the lady-in-waiting behind her, “Has there been any news of Dongqing recently? How about the merchants?”

While Queen Sisi has her own retainers, she was privately searching for Dongqing and digging for information. During her absence, the lady-in-waiting was notified first. The head lady-in-waiting shook her head. She gently patted Sisi’s shoulders and replied, “None whatsoever. We only know that Lord Lin has been at the trade centre every day. Despite being there, he does not sell or buy any stones. He just drinks there, and then leaves.”

“Uhm…” nodded Sisi. Voice soft, she muttered to herself, “Just what exactly is Dongqing trying to do…?”

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