The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 56


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Ascillia gave Veirya a smile and bowed: “Good morning, Lord Veirya. You sure wake up early. Or did I wake you?”


Noticing Veirya staring at the tray in her hand, Ascillia laughed: “Ah, are you hungry? Please wait a moment. I shall feed you right away. Or would you prefer Madam Angelina to feed you?”

“Letter,” enunciated Veirya.

For a second, Ascillia actually thought there was a letter she was supposed to bring. In reality, no such letter existed. She replied, “Umm, Lord Veirya, we have not received any letters.”

Veirya nodded and then lied back down. It suddenly dawned on Ascillia that she wasn’t very considerate. It was obvious whose letter Veirya was looking forward to. It would be none other than a letter from Lord Lin.

Ascillia enviously admired Veirya’s glistening ring. It wasn’t just a ring; it also represented his love and loyalty. She had once dreamt of receiving a ring representing love from Lin Dongqing.

“Are you… waiting Lord Lin’s letter?” inquired Ascillia.

Despite mustering up the courage to ask, it wasn’t to speak to Veirya but merely because Ascllia wanted to accept the reality that she couldn’t be with the man she loved. He rejected her already, yet she was taking care of the woman he loved most.

“Yes,” answered Veirya.  “I’m a bit worried. About him. I still haven’t. Received any news.”

“Is this love,” wondered Ascillia, smiling helplessly. “Lord Veirya, you should worry about yourself, instead. Your wound has not yet completely healed and may open again. I am sure that Lord Lin will be fine. You need not worry about him.”

Ascillia helped Veirya sit up as the former couldn’t flex her core yet, or her wound would open. Ascillia accidentally grazed Veirya’s ring, prompting Veirya to instinctively jerked her hand back and stare at Ascillia. Ascillia quickly removed her hands and smiled: “I apologise, Lord Veirya. I did not mean to touch it. You must love him very much.”

“Uhm. Have you. Interacted with him before? I’m curious. What you think of him.”

“Ah?!” Startled, Ascillia almost spilt the contents in the bowl she held: “I… I… Lord Veirya… I do not quite understand what you mean… Umm… Umm… Lord Lin… is father… I mean, not father… takes care of me more than my father did… He saved my mom and me… I am grateful, yes, grateful to him!”

“I see. Father?”

Veirya calmly nodded in spite of Ascillia’s flustered response.

Ascillia’s heart palpitated out of control. She was so afraid that she would reveal her true feelings to his wife. She inwardly questioned, “What would Lord Veirya think? I… am just a child to her, yet I like her husband. Wh-what is this considered?”

Ascillia gripped her skirt, concerned she let something slip. Veirya grabbed the bowl and slowly drank the liquid inside as being fed was childish in her world.

“Umm… Lord Veirya… Can I return to humanity’s lands together with you this time?”


“Yes… Previously, Lord Lin sent my mother and I here to treat my ailment. I have recovered thanks to the elves taking care of me and wish to go back now… So, Lord Veirya, can I go back together with you and live together?”

“Live. Together?”

Breaking the long, tense – depending on perspective –  Veirya finally replied, “I think. It’s fine. But. You must. Ask him.”

“I will!”

Angelina happened to stroll in and, apparently, heard their conversation. Ascillia’s hairs stood up due to Angelina staring at her with an ambivalent smile. She quickly grabbed the tray to leave. When she passed by Angelina, Angelina whispered, “Be careful. Veirya isn’t your only opponent. There’s also Leah.”

“Ah… wait… what… what are you talking about…?”

Ascilla flinched and stammered, attempting to play the fool. Nonetheless, Angelina just squinted and pushed her out with a laugh.

“I. Like the girl,” verbalised Veirya, watching Ascillia leave but not noticing the girl’s tremors. Veirya placed her bowl down then added, “I also want. Her to join our family.”

“Yeah…? I don’t think Lin Dongqing will be too happy.”  Wearing a smile only the likes of Sisi or Lin Dongqing would fathom, she continued, “Leah won’t be happy.”

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