The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 50


“Congratulations, Edward.  I don’t know why you’d like a little kid, but it sure is nice to have won her heart. Plus, you’ve become the businessman with the most stones. Both business and love are treating you well, huh,” remarked a man with his glass of wine raised, underneath the bright candle.

Edward laughed and raised his glass. He had a drink of the red-blood wine and boasted, “As a businessman, I’m already considered successful. I really need to live with a peaceful mind now. I have the woman I love with me, and I’ve earned one million gold coins of stones. My trip to the North was an amazing one. It’s literally a gold mine!”

“But, was that wise? You know who you’re provoking, don’t you? Sending that request letter to Lin Dongqing is begging for death, isn’t it? Didn’t Queen Sisi tell you not to provoke him? He would never sign. You’re just offending Queen Sisi at this point. Before my master left, he specifically told me not to get involved with that man in any shape or form. Was that wise of you? You even went against Queen Sisi’s command.”

“Who cares?” rhetorically asked Edward, leaning back and smugly laughing. “What do I have to be afraid of? Why do I need to be afraid? Why do I need to be some lame idiot who’s bankrupt and doesn’t even have a house for? Why should I fear him? What, should I be afraid of him biting me? If he genuinely loves Leah, he’d let her be with me. I stated it in the letter. I am now a businessman with a one million fortune. Leah would only enjoy a better life if she’s with me, not after she gets sold off because of her broke old man!”

“Your fortune is still just rocks, though. Once they lose their momentum, you’ll go bankrupt. You loaned five times the amount from the bank. You’ve invested all of your money in the business. If I were in your shoes, I’d start gradually getting rid of the rocks from now.”

“Do you know why the stone is worth so much? The stones aren’t worth money. The original inhabitants had lots of them; however, they’ve all been bought because the women believe that the stones will bless them with good luck and love. That’s why it’s so popular. In saying that, that is precisely why the price is absurdly high. Think about it, though. Despite the big price tag, has the women’s desire and passion for them diminished? Men don’t have it easy. Making money isn’t easy for them. If they shake their hips and say the word, their man will open his wallet, nonetheless. The market isn’t saturated yet; the price is still appreciating.

“Given that I have the most stones, I can’t sell them. Every time I sell some, the price will fall. I need to ensure that their price reaches a certain point before I sell them. As for the bank, there’s no need to be concerned. Unlike that dimwit, I won’t make the same mistake he did. After this, I will be as wealthy as the nation. By then, even Queen Sisi would have to show me respect. Do I need to give a toss about her?! Hahaha”

The man conversing with Edward began to contemplate, “Will I be able to be as haughty as Edward? What sort of business should I pursue to impress my teacher, Achilles? Is it fear or what that’s keeping Achilles from returning from the North? I should get some accomplishments to my name.”


“Where is Dongqing?! Where is my Dongqing?! Where have you taken my Dongqing?!” thundered Queen Sisi, as she hurled a flower vase with two hundred years of history at the ladies-in-waiting.

The ladies-in-waiting quivered on their knees. The room was in the same shape. Dongqing’s bottle was still where it was. His marks left behind when he was in the corner still remained, but he himself was missing.

“H-he went to have a bath… and then… and then he left…”

Queen Sisi furiously swivelled around again and snapped, “I told you not to provoke him! I told you over and over not to provoke him! What did you say to him?! I asked you to take care of one man, and you couldn’t even do that much?! I know what sort of man my husband is! Why did you have to provoke him?!”

“We did no provoke him, Your Majesty!” swore ladies-in-waiting, shaking their heads. “It was Edward… Mr. Edward wrote a letter to Lord Lin, and then… it appeared to be a marriage request that required Lord Lin’s signature…”

“Edwaaaaaard!” Sisi roared, tugging on her hair.

Queen Sisi screamed as she flung anything she got her hands on. Given the fact that she was angry enough to pull out her most cherished hair, it was obvious that her rage had reached boiling point.

The head lady-in-waiting hastily subdued Sisi: “Your Majesty. Your Majesty, calm down. Calm down. Do not be so angry. This is detrimental to your health. Calm down first regardless of what happened. Lord Lin will definitely

“Never expect handouts. Plan and manifest it yourself.  Make money. Manifest muscle. Make your mark. Lord Lin certainly will not suicide or go and kill Mr. Edward. He is not the type to do that. Calm down. Believe that Lord Lin will come here. He will come back.”

“Have you ever seen a bird return to its cage after flying away?! Do you know how hard it was to get Dongqing? I was days, just days, away! Edward! You’re dead! You’re dead!”

“Your Majesty, he now owes the bank money. Do you plan to repay his debt for him after you kill him? Calm down, calm down. There are lots of ways to kill Edward. Do no personally give the order!”


I could smell the familiar and strong smell of alcohol that I couldn’t stand previous visits. Now, though, it felt as gratifying as returning home. The rowdy voices, stench of dwarves and scent of alcohol immediately flushed out the door and my face as soon as I pulled the door open. The anthropoid women with buxom bosoms deftly passed through the crowd as I remembered to deliver the cups of wine and food. Francis, who conned me might’ve been down there, but I wanted to see him for a change.

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