The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 16

Becoming a Shareholder

Ross sat primly opposite me. Truth be told, I was also pretty anxious. After all, it was my first time teaching someone. Normally, nobody would want to learn what I did. To add, I never undertook any systematic learning system for what I did. It was all acquired through my innate talent and instincts. All I could share was experience, not a systematic theorem.

“Ahem, so then, our classes will be held in the afternoon. As you are my pupil, I will do my best to teach you things; however, the onus of learning on you, so you must try your best to grasp what I teach as best as you can.”

“Yes, Sir Lin! I will definitely earnestly study! So, what are you going to teach me, Sir Lin? I just want to become a man like you!”

“I know. Judging from your appearance, you’re not suited for combat, so you don’t need to train with Leah. Therefore, I think you should learn the elven and human languages with Leah. That’s going to be an crucial skill in life. I’ll teach you business. You must become a businessman on par with Achilles and myself.”

“C-can I?” Ross clasped his shaky hands and questioned, “Can… I become a businessman as successful as you and Lord Achilles are…?”

“Of course you can; anyone can. We’re ordinary people to begin with. To put it simply, no matter what business it is, there is only one way to make money, which is to sell for more than you bought it for. It doesn’t matter how profound their methods may look, that’s an unchanging principle that’s forever abided by. It’s about using strategies to raise the price you sell for.”

Every businessman’s tactics are derived from the aforementioned principle. There are no textbooks on their tactics. Even if there was, you still wouldn’t make money following the methods in there. Those who make money are usually those who can think of what others can’t. That’s why I couldn’t teach Ross business. He had to figure it out for himself.

After my explanation, someone knocked on the door. I froze for a split second then checked the time. Leah and Veirya shouldn’t have been back yet at this hour. Surprised, Ross stood up, intending to get out of my way. Anna opened the door. Edward’s blonde hair immediately stole the limelight. He gave Anna a small bow: “Hello, Miss Anna. May I ask if Mr. Lin is home?”

“Sir Lin is home.”

Anna turned around to me. I dispassionately nodded to indicate that she could let him in. Anna made way. Edward removed his cloak and scanned the interior of the house. He then smiled to me: “Mr. Lin, I do not see your daughter this time.”

“Leah and Veirya have a class together in the afternoon. Veirya teaches Leah swordplay every afternoon. I suggest you best not disturb them.”

“Does she? Leah is still just a young girl. Is it really wise for her to be learning swordplay? Also, I feel that there is no need to learn swordplay anymore.”

“As Veirya’s daughter, she must know how to wield a sword. It has nothing to with necessary or unnecessary. Additionally, as she is a girl, I cannot protect her forever. Only by learning to use a sword can she put men with crooked thoughts their place.” I narrowed my eyes and went on, “What, you came here just to inquire about my daughter? That’s unlike you, Edward. Or, did you want to talk to me about what we discussed in the morning? I’m sure I made myself clear enough in the morning.”


Edward ignored Ross and sat down opposite me. Ross awkwardly lingered, unsure if he could stay. I made a hand gesture to tell him to do as he liked, and he chose to stay.

“I still don’t plan to join you in the coal mine. To word it differently, I don’t trust you. I’m sure you have a hidden agenda. I just want to lead a peaceful life now. I don’t want to be taking risks again.”

“I know. You told me in the morning already. For that reason, I’ll just say this: since you don’t want to participate in the coal mine, can you invest some money to join us? The miners are asking for a raise, which is the reason the mine has been left idle. I don’t have much money. As such, I need your assistance.”


I recalled the workers’ letters, but I never read them. Maybe they were writing to me about the raise. I definitely didn’t want to get involved with the coal moan, and I had no intention of taking it. My original plan was merely to acquire all of the shares. There was no way I was going to be responsible for managing it. I wanted passive income; I had no desire to manage it. If he just wanted me to make an investment, then I could accept that. I would become a shareholder once I invested, thereby allowing me to get a loan from the bank with the share as collateral. Subsequently, I could buy the other shareholders’ shares.

Coal was bound to make money; everyone knew that. The issue was that managing it would require painstaking efforts.

“So, what’s the lowest investment?”

I didn’t want the fly to keep harassing me, so I decided to drop some money so that he would bugger off.

“Mm, just one thousand gold coins will suffice. One thousand gold coins will give you about twenty percent of the shares. As for the specific number, I will tell you once I do the calculations. You will receive an annual bonus every year, and you will be able to freely trade shares every year hereafter. That’s fine,” Edward enthusiastically promoted.

I had Ross bring over a sheet of paper. I gave Edward a thousand from the six thousand that I made off the businessmen. I wasn’t certain how much profit I’d earn from one thousand gold coins. Either way, I knew that I had managed to earn myself peaceful days. That was enough for me.

I didn’t know what Edward currently had in mind, but as long as I didn’t get involved, I wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would I? Even if the coal quarry fell on its head, I’d only lose a thousand gold coins. That was nothing major. As long as I wasn’t involved, I should be able to welcome a temporary period of peace.

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