The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 14


“Sir, why are you hesitating? I meant, I do not understand why you refused…” inquired a puzzled Ross, who stood cautiously beside me.

I didn’t open the book in the end and returned it to Edward, instead. He didn’t expect the outcome. It was my first time feeling quite embarrassed about myself. If a businessman challenges you, yet you retreat without even putting up a fight, then you’ve already lost the morale contest. If you back out without even putting up a fight, no other businessman would be willing to do business with you, either. Every transaction runs the risk of failure. If you don’t dare to do anything, others will look down on you for having no backbone.

I had never known fear in business. In the past, nobody dared to give me the attitude Edward did. Nobody dared to provoke me with their financial books. I’d definitely open it in their face. I knew how proud and confident I was with myself. I wouldn’t back down even if I wasn’t prepared in such a situation. It was the equivalent of someone pointing their sword in Veirya’s face. She wouldn’t back down from their challenge. Success or failure is one matter, but back down from the challenge, and you’ve already lost in character.

Edward’s gaze for me turned belittling. I knew what he was thinking. From his standpoint, I was a coward.

I knew that it was unlike my past self or what I’d usually do. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to accept his challenge. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even want to have anything to do with him. I knew how cowardly I was, but I didn’t think it was something to be ashamed of. To the contrary, I felt relaxed. I didn’t regret my decision.

I silently peered outside to see Leah trying her best to converse with the diplomat in the elven language. The reflection of sunrays reflecting off Veirya’s ring stung my eyes, but I didn’t want to look away.

I finally broke the long silence and explained, “Because that’s no longer what I’m after. Had he provoked me some time ago, I’d certainly accept the challenge, but I can no longer bear a failure. You don’t have a family yet, so you don’t get it. I’d only dare to gamble with anything when I had nothing to lose. A failure now wouldn’t impact just myself; it’d also impact innocent Leah and Veirya. I no longer have to shoulder just my fate alone but also their future. I can’t gamble with their futures.”

“But… I believe it is an opportunity… for you. You are so brilliant, so I am sure you will succeed,” enthused Ross.

Ross worshipped me for some random reason. I smiled helplessly then turned around: “Sorry for disappointing you. I told you from the very beginning, Ross. I’m not the man you think I am. I’m not brave or prudent. I just play the smart guy.”

I headed out without giving Ross a chance to respond. The golden orb blessed us with warmth and serenity.  I propped myself down next to Veirya. With her brows together, Leah stammered and stuttered in the elven language. Her teacher encouraged her to keep going. I expected Leah to take a long time to learn the elven language, but do you know?

Seemingly afraid she’d disturb Leah, Veirya did her best to keep her voice down as she asked, “Edward. See you. For something. Related. To the Queen?”

“It was nothing, and it wasn’t related to the Queen, either. It was about the coal quarry. He said he wanted to work on it with me, but I declined.”

“Yeah? I don’t. Remember you. Turning anyone down. Before.”

“Things are different now.” I gingerly placed my hand on Veirya’s and elaborated, “In the past, my desire was to provide for you both. I’ve achieved that goal. We can move to the imperial capital now. I still have several thousand gold coins. I’ll make an attempt to get the mine. If I can’t, then I’ll opt for something else. I can’t gamble everything I have now as I’ll be gambling with your futures. I have to be responsible for you two now.”

Veirya bobbed her head: “Right now. I’m happy. Honestly. I’m happy. Every day now. I’m happy. To have you. And Leah.”

Despite being expressionless, I could feel Veirya radiating happiness. Sensing my eyes on her, she turned to me. She stopped to think then pushed the corners of her lips up toward her ears: “Can you. Tell now?”

I couldn’t resist the urge to pull Veirya into my tight embrace. She almost reflexively wrestled me to the ground. Once she stopped her urge, she robotically wrapped her arms around to my back. Puzzled, she asked next to my ear, “What’s wrong? Why. Did you hug me?”

“Because you’re seriously too cute, Veirya!!”

I really wanted to shout. My heart was filled with bliss and excitement.  My fiancée was seriously adorable. I loved her to bits. I lost a leg, betrayed Lucia, gave up on Sisi and even changed my character for her. At the end of the day, I could proudly say that everything I did in exchange for Veirya’s smile was worth it.


Apparently, Veirya had never been described as cute by anyone. So accordingly, she didn’t understand what it meant. Having said it, maybe it made her happy.

“Ah!! Mama Veirya is being a thieving cat!!” Leah cried.

Before I could turn to look in her direction, Leah had jumped onto my back. From behind, she tried to pull Veirya’s hair with all her might. Veirya pulled Leah tight onto my back, thereby hugging us both…

What do you call this weird position…? Whatever the case, I couldn’t have asked for more.

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