The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 09


Though a war had been fought recently, the town no longer resembled a frontline in a war. Thanks to the war, our town grew famous after the event. Lots of people came here and sent their families back from afar.

The number of wounded that we could treat was limited. Only about half of the injured personnel who came were able to make it back, and only half of them were able to go home with their entire body intact. The military was running amok in the imperial capital at the moment, while the garrison soldier was basically only alive in name. We didn’t have the funds to transport everyone back one by one, so we had to resort to sending letters out. Then, their families would come and pick them up.

The town was still peaceful and harmonious. There weren’t many carriages coming and going, but there were enough people to show that there was life in the city. The townsfolk worked in their fields, while the injured personnel carefully moved about in the town.

Outside of our town, there was a cluster of white tents. Veirya and I both recognised them. They must’ve been the security guards we had planned to instate at the town. I wasn’t certain if they didn’t move in as they weren’t used to life in the town or what. They had begun to go grazing in a faraway place. I didn’t mind that. We just had to give them a pasture.

“Veirya, head back first. I’m going to take a look around here. They’ve just arrived here, so I need to have a word with them. Actually, come with me. Angelina, you head on back first.”

I changed my mind as I had no power to command them. What they truly believed in was Veirya’s might. I had to bring Veirya along to ensure that they’d listen…

Veirya nodded.

“Sir Lin, can I go with you?! Do you need me to follow you?!” enthused Ross, poking his head out of the carriage.

“No. Head on back. This job doesn’t concern you. Leah, you should be older than him, so look after him as his elder sister.”

“Elder Sister?! Leah is an elder sister?! Leah is an elder sister already?! So, Leah can take care of others now?!”

Honestly speaking, I didn’t think I could treat the kid the way a slave pupil was treated. I didn’t know why I felt that way, either. Perhaps it was because his eyes looked too innocent. I couldn’t see any schemes in his eyes. His eyes were bright and clear in spite of the miserable past events he experienced. His eyes were ain to spring water. I speculated he might be planning something under Achilles orders, and I always told others to keep tabs on him. But nonetheless, I couldn’t be ruthless when I saw his eyes and small cat ears.

“You could say that.”

Unfortunately, what happened last time left Ross slightly fearful of Leah. Mature Leah was alluring to us, but suddenly having a big ball smack you in the face as you lay there is much more frightening than it is alluring. Thankfully, Ross didn’t seem to be a pervert.

“I wonder if he doesn’t know the significance of females due to his past,” I wondered.

Veirya and I went over to the tents. When someone inside saw us, he gave their elder a holler. I went to support the elder upon seeing him.

“Welcome back.”

“Thank you. A long journey is not a joyous one. Fortunately, now that I look at the town, it was worth the long journey.”

He smiled and gently slipped a necklace over my head. It was an emerald-carved necklace, shaped after an animal that resembled an owl somewhat.

“Could this group have had cultural exchanges with the elves before? My elven name does mean ‘owl’, after all,” I pondered.

“This type of stone is often found at our homeland. Still, it is most beautiful. We usually use it as jewellery. We cannot give you much, but this stone has become a memory of our homeland for us. We might never return there; therefore, it is precious to us now. I hope you like it.”

I gripped the necklace and expressed, “I will treasure it. Thank you for the gift. I shall now make arrangements for your life going forward. I don’t understand you. Thence, I need you to discuss this with me. I need to make the appropriate arrangements for you. On top of that, I have some other work to take care of. Try not to disrupt the local’s well-being/ I will do my best to fulfil your lives. As for your jobs specifics, I will explain them to you when it is time.”

“All right.”

I wasn’t interested in them in the slightest at the moment; they couldn’t provide me with practical experience and money. The town didn’t need any security guards at the moment. Thus, they could be put on the backburner for a bit. What I wanted to research most was the mine’s development. I had left for a long time, but I doubted the mine’s development stopped. The first batch of coal might’ve already been shipped out.

I wanted the steam engine and the coal mine. That wasn’t a casual remark. I genuinely wanted them. The entire empire was going to become a steam-powered empire. They had yet to realise it. I, nonetheless, had. So accordingly, regardless of the price I had to pay, I had to get my hands on it. I had resolved all of the problems immediately around me, and Sisi would take my side henceforward. Success was already in the back.

Veirya and I headed back to the town.

“Will we. Leave this place?”

“Definitely. We have to live in the imperial capital. It’s not good for Leah if we stay here forever.”

“But. I really like this place.” Veirya cast her fond gaze toward the town and added, “I’m happy. Here.”

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