The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 04


“Sophia, will these things you’ve taught me truly make Papa happy?” questioned Leah, in her adult form. She was straddling a wooden dummy that had the form of a human and shaking her hips on it. She slid her hands over her body and quietly asked, “Leah doesn’t know what this is supposed to do. Will it make Papa happy? Does Leah just have to do this to Papa? Is this supposed to serve some sort of purpose?”

“It’s a succubus’ way of gaining the strongest power and the foundation of reproduction,” answered Sophia. “Miss Leah, you love your father, correct? However, your father’s feelings for Veirya seem to run deeper. Are you truly willing to watch the two of them? You brought Lord Veirya back, but are you happy now?”

“I… I don’t know… Leah’s father is Leah’s. Leah wants to make Father happy. Leah is Father’s daughter. Father protects Leah, so Leah must make Father happy. Leah is happy when Leah sees Father’s happy smile.”

“Is that right?” Sophia and whispered next to Leah’s ear, “Miss Leah, I believe that you will eventually come to understand. What you must know, though, is that we are wild beasts in love. We do not need to mind family or friendship in love. Just rip apart your competition, and then straddle him and squeeze every drop from him. That is love. Miss Leah, you will understand sooner or later.”

Leah responded with a small nod, but she was still quite baffled. She didn’t understand what Sophia meant. Anyhow, since she was told that she’d eventually understand, she figured that she wouldn’t need to worry for now. Leah had memorised everything Sophia imparted to her. Sophia shared with her a succubus’ experience for how to make a man so aroused that he’d lose conscious. As a succubus, Leah soaked up knowledge comparably to a sponge.

Leah didn’t know if it’d make her papa happy or not. Regardless, as long as she could put a smile on his face, then she, too, was delighted. Leah liked the world she was in. She liked the world with flying birds, pretty flowers, the delectable foods and the gorgeous clothing. Even so, they all paled in comparison to her father’s smile. The entire world was particularly beautiful thanks to him.


Leah gently grabbed her chest. Every time she thought of her father, her heat would race… Her father had returned to her side, smiled again and returned to his old self. She told herself, “Leah is a very good girl!”


We packed our luggage to return to the North. We were all happy to return to the North this time. Sure, the North was much more run down compared to the imperial capital; however, it was the start of a new life for me. Once we got back, my relationship with Veirya would be totally different. We never made it explicit, but we were engaged.  I could finally sit next to Veirya without becoming a nervous wreck.

In the morning, Leah sat on my lap and jovially kicked her feet as she waited for me to feed her. Veirya was expressionless, but I could see that she cherished her ring. She didn’t dare to touch food with her left hand, yet she would deliberately move her hand along with the sunrays, nonetheless. As a result, the sunlight was reflected off the ring and onto Angelina’s face.

At first, Angelina put up with it, but she eventually exploded, “Flaunt your ring one more time, and I’ll take your finger and your ring! I swear it!”

“I’m. Not worried,” responded Veirya, smugly adding, “He. Gave it to me! He didn’t. Give it to you.”

“Do you think you would have that ring if it wasn’t thanks to me?!” snapped Angelina. She probably never thought that her daughter would flaunt her ring. She was irate but didn’t know what to say… She didn’t know how to word it to Veirya.

“I can’t stand it anymore! My own daughter is flaunting her ring in my face! I also want a ring! I must have a ring, and I don’t care how! Buy me a ring!”

“He won’t. Because. He won’t. Give one to someone. He doesn’t Love. You won’t get one.”


Angelina was so angered that she was speechless. She gave me the “it’s all your fault” look. I also gave Lucia a ring, except I didn’t plan to let Veirya know… I gave Angelina a nod.

“Why?! How come I can’t have one?! I’m the exact same as Veirya?! Why can’t I have one?! I knew I shouldn’t have let Veirya come back! You wouldn’t even resist if I pushed you down onto the bed if she wasn’t around!”

“Can you not say something so scary?” I helplessly smiled: “Giving Veirya a ring was the right choice, after all. Now I can differentiate between you two. Otherwise, I’d truly be worried.”

Veirya tugged her collar downward: “You can distinguish. By looking here.”

“I know, I know. Now stop showing me…”

“Papa, is Queen Sisi not coming to the North with us?”

“No, Sisi, erm… Sisi will be staying at the imperial capital. This is her true home. Do you like this place Leah? Do you think that the imperial capital looks nice?”

“Leah thinks it’s all right. Leah does have others with Leah here.”

I figured she must’ve been referring to the succubi. They treated her as if she was their leader. Leah might’ve gotten used to having them around. She held my and, looking cheerful, declared, “Wherever Papa is, Leah likes, so if Papa wants to stay in the imperial capital, Leah will be fine with it!”


Knock! Knock! Someone suddenly knocked on our door. After Queen Sisi returned to the throne, the succubi’s place would return to usual business from tomorrow. Today, however, they were still cleaning the place and didn’t accept any customers. I sighed to myself. My bet was that they were after me.

I led Leah to the door with me and pulled it open. Nobody was there. My first response was to freeze. Leah, on the other hand, asked, “Are you… here for Leah’s papa?”

I looked down to see a head of milk-coloured hair with small triangular ears at the top of his head. His head was slightly larger than a usual kid’s, and its shape was round. His eyes weren’t a human’s eyes; they resembled cat eyes. He was lean and looked around Leah’s age. He wore unadorned clothing made from burlap. He didn’t have shoes on, thereby exposing his fluffy feet. He had a sheet of paper pressed to his chest. He took in a big breath and inquired in a quavering voice, “Umm… umm… are you… are you… Mr. Lin?”

The shape of his mouth didn’t resemble a human’s but a cat’s. I had seen his race before at a bar, but they were all voluptuous women. It was my first time seeing a male from their race. I was surprised that their males looked so adorable and small. Had he not spoken, I wouldn’t have been able to identify that he was a male. Obviously, despite him being a male, I still thought cats were adorable.

He had large and moist eyes. His body was small, and his gaze had that pitiful aura about them, which gave one the feeling that he was a pitiful young girl.


Needless to say, my attention was on the sheet of paper, not the boy himself. I didn’t know who addressed it to me, but it might’ve been important.

“Umm… umm… I… I am… umm… Mr. Achilles… introduced me to you… He said… you needed a pupil. This… is a letter he personally wrote…”

“I don’t need a disciple. If you need a teacher, ask Achilles to take you in. I’m not a full-time businessman. I’m Veirya’s assistant if you will.”

I didn’t want a pupil. To top it off, the dwarves used a pupil to deceive me before, so I didn’t have a good impression whatsoever of this pupil that took the initiative to approach me. I pulled Leah over and turned around. I went to shut the door, but he grabbed the door and loudly pleaded, “I beg you… please… take me in… Mr. Achilles also said he did not need me… which was why he introduced me to you… If you do not accept me, either, I will starve to death… Please… I will do anything. I am willing to do anything regardless of what it is… I am very good at working hard and enduring hardship… Please… take me in.”

“I don’t accept pupils. I told you, I’m not a full-time businessman.”

It wasn’t tough for me to pull his hand off the door. I slammed the door shut. Leah looked up at me, seemingly eager to say something. I looked down at her and rubbed her head.

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