The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 33

Sisi’s Hope

Angelina stood at the door with her arms folded. She scratched her forehead then heaved a big breath: “I see. I didn’t think that would happen. That daughter of mine is admittedly too stupid. Thank you for bringing him back. If the military seized him, he probably would be dead by now.”

The dwarf nodded. He, too, was quite puzzled when he saw a man going bananas on the wall. As he was from Francis’ company, he did know a thing or two about the matter. Coincidentally, the succubus delivering a letter happened to see them; hence, he brought Lin Dongqing back.

The doctor opened the door. Sisi rushed up to the doctor and grabbed him by the collar. Anxious, she inquired, “How is he?”

Sigh, how do I put it? He is in good health physically. The sad news is, if he does not want to live on, he will continue to be in a coma. I do not know how to treat him, either. I guess… Well, just wait for him to recover on his own, I suppose.”

Queen Sisi nodded, and let the doctor leave. Leah ignored everyone holding her back to run over. She grabbed a tight hold of her papa’s hand and cried out to him. She pleaded her papa to open his eyes and look at her. She wanted him to hug her. Leah didn’t know what happened until the dwarf talked about how Veirya went shopping for a ring.

Angelina understood what the idiotic thing her daughter did was. How she wished she could slap some sense into her daughter. She inwardly raged, “I truly can’t wrap my head around what she’s thinking. He went through so much just to ensure that she could live a good life. Didn’t he go to the elven lands to achieve that? You don’t understand him? Fine. What the heck are you doing shopping for a ring with another man for now? Refusing to listen to his explanation and acting unscrupulously. Not even Leah would do something that stupid! What in the world is she thinking?! Thank god I fail to comprehend her mind’s inner workings.”

“What should we do now? Shall I infiltrate the imperial palace, give that idiotic daughter of mine a beating, and drag her out or just leave her? He’s broken down already. I can feel for him. Veirya has hurt him too much. Nobody would be able to stand that. We do not know when he will come to or if he even will. What are we going to do? It is not safe to wait here. We probably have to go back.”

Queen Sisi had her teeth in her bottom lip. She vigorously shook her head. With her gaze on Lin Dongqing, she resolutely declared, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care. I don’t care what or when. I’m going to stay by his side until he comes to. If he doesn’t come to today, I’ll wait until tomorrow. Three days, seven days, one month, one year, ten years, I don’t care. I’m only twenty. I still have time. If it comes down to it, I’ll enter an eternal slumber with him in the end. I said that I would never leave him, and I mean it. Once it comes out of my mouth, I will do exactly as I say.”

“Your Majesty… you have no need to do that. You should return to the throne…”

Queen Sisi turned around and brayed, “What for? To bring back a woman who treats him this way so that I can watch her hurt a man who loves her over and over again? I don’t need your opinions. I don’t plan to listen to any of you in the future despite this having happened. I especially hate it when people want to stick their noses in my love, not to mention someone looking identical to Veirya telling me that!!”

“My daughter’s issue should not be associated with me. As you have said that, we should prepare to return to the North. Without him, we cannot do anything.”

“No, I’m staying here. The imperial capital has the best medical facilities and services. I’m taking back my throne. When I do, I’m going to butcher the slut and manwhore who did this to him. Then, I’ll use my authority to obtain everything that can take care of him. Previously, I was a Queen for myself. Henceforward, I shall be Queen for him.”

Hopeless, Angelina chuckled, “I am Veirya’s mother. I was eager to have him as my son-in-law, but I cannot say for sure now. He might be happier with you. It is just that, without him, you will have to work hard on your own.”

“That’s fine. I’ve already almost figured out his entire plan. I have an idea.”

Queen Sisi knelt by the bed and gently held Lin Dongqing’s hand. Leah crawled onto her father and cried until her entire body trembled. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to get even a hug from him. His eyes were shut tight. Being as strong as he was, he still ended up choosing to run. He could no longer bear with the pain. Having received blow after blow, he had been mentally defeated. He came to the imperial capital for Veirya, but in the end, it didn’t even matter

“What do we do… Your Majesty…? What do we do? What do we do… Papa… Papa will not wake up… Your Majesty… Wh-… what do we do…?”

Leah’s entire face was smothered with her tears. It was a struggle for her to keep her eyes open. Sisi gently hugged her while reserving one hand to hold Lin Dongqing’s. In a soft voice, she replied, “It’ll be all right. It’ll be all right, Leah. Don’t worry. He will wake up. We just need to wait. I’ll wait until he wakes up no matter what.”

“Your Majesty…”

Queen Sisi didn’t say anything else. She, instead, stood up and caressed Leah’s head: “Leah, I need to prepare some things now. Ask some succubi to help me send the stuff out. I’m going to do my best to take back the throne as soon as possible. Ask the succubi to prepare some food that he can eat. I’ll feed him. In addition, we need to buy some ointment for burns. I’ll personally go apologise to her at night.”

“Your Majesty… with so much to do…”

“I’m used to it,” said Queen Sisi, with a smile while caressing Leah’s head. “I’m not Veirya. I’m not as lucky as she was to have your father by her side. I carried myself through life in the past, so I’m used to it. Right now, at the very least, there’s still hope for me. Maybe your father will fall in love with me after he wakes up. There’s still hope for me.”

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