The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 30

Sisi’s Feelings

Prior to commencing my plan today, I needed to make sure that my current rear was secure. Queen Sisi went too far yesterday if you ask me. As escapees temporarily seeking refuge at her place, we couldn’t afford to offend Sophia. The risk of Sophia kicking us out if we affronted her always loomed. There was no way Queen Sisi didn’t think of that, so it was obvious just how furious she was yesterday. With that said, throwing your life away to placate your anger was irrational. Queen Sisi made irrational decisions when I was involved. As a consequence, I had to have a word with Sophia.

In spite of the fact that Leah could now order Sophia around, Sophia had no respect for me or Queen Sisi to speak of. I pulled open the door and asserted, “Sisi, you are aware that you were in the wrong last night, right? We are currently guests they have no need to keep, yet you poured that basin of water on her. If she decides to get back at us, we will all be history. We need to apologise to her now, which means that you need to come with me.”

“I refuse.” Queen Sisi juddered when I addressed her by her name again; however, she outright refused. She sternly exclaimed, “As I said to her, she shouldn’t be butting into my business, especially with regards to that! She should not be sticking her nose in my feelings! I am the Queen!! I will not allow anyone to question my love even if I must die!”

“Do not be wilful. As a Queen, you should be aware when you should apologise, right? If you die now, all of our efforts would be in vain. If it is in wain, Veirya will be crowned. Are you sure you want that? You know that Veirya cannot possibly be a Queen. Are you going to surrender this nation? Moreover, if you do not plan to be a Queen, why would you have come here with m-?”

“I never planned to come here!” belted Queen Sisi.

It was a stumping declaration. Tears sat on the edge of her heterochromia eyes. Sorrowfully, Queen Sisi thundered, “From the very beginning, I told you that I just want to be together with you. You were the one who insisted on dragging me here. You were the one who insisted on crowning me again to exchange me for Veirya. You’re treating me as the same thing you treated Lucia! You want to exchange me for Veirya! You’re not doing this for me! I’m right here by your side, yet you keep uttering Veirya’s name! You’ve never smiled with me before, yet you smiled so tenderly last night!! Now you want me to apologise to a busybody who stuck her nose in my love?! You’ve never been considerate of my feelings!!”

I exhaled my frustration. Sisi suffered so much due to her own astuteness. She was on the money. I treated her the same way I treated Lucia. Indeed, I needed her to exchange for Veirya. In saying that, Queen Sisi was a Queen in the first place. She was a Queen who fell due to betrayal. Thus, I wondered if she didn’t want to return to her throne.

Queen Sisi was a Queen, a brilliant Queen. She was able to lead humanity to victory against the demon race, the most powerful race on the continent. She brought prosperity to the empire. She was the most suitable candidate for the throne in the entire empire. The entire world needed her; the empire needed her. Choosing me would mean the downfall of the empire and a waste of her talent. I I couldn’t make others pay such a big price for myself. Sisi wasn’t a woman, but a Queen. As for me, I wasn’t a man suited to the role of a Prince.

“Queen Sisi, you said so yourself. You are a Queen. Do you genuinely have no desire to return to your throne at all? Sisi, you are the best Queen this empire could ask for. All of humanity’s hope rides on your shoulders. You put in so much for this empire. Are you going to give up the throne for me alone? Sisi, I am not doing this for myself and Veirya. I am also doing this for you and this nation. You are best Queen this nation can ask for.”

“Have you considered my feelings?! Have you considered my opinion?!”

I shook my head. I turned around and opened the door: “Many times in life, your own opinion will be worthless.  An impulsive moment will ruin your entire life. Sisi, do not be impulsive. This nation needs you more than I do. I am going to apologise to Sophia first, and then I will go see the merchant. You continue with your plan. You have to return to the throne for your sake, too.”

I didn’t give Queen Sisi a chance to say any more. Queen Sisi shouldn’t be with me. The nation needed her more. Maybe we had a future together if she wasn’t a Queen, but that was impossible. Nobody was a better candidate to rule the nation than Queen Sisi. Giving up an entire empire for love only happens in novels and Manhuas. It sounds romantic, but it’s nothing more than being irresponsible. One should stay in the lane they should stay in. One person’s happiness and love is worthless compared to the entire world.

When I got outside, I saw Leah conversing with the succubi. She turned around when she heard the door open and ran up to me, beaming: “Good morning, Papa!”

“Uhm. What’s the matter with everyone, Leah?”

I had a vague idea of what happened when I saw the succubi… I supposed they assembled due to what happened to Sophia. Leah looked at me and then the succubi behind her. She nonchalantly declared, “Nothing, Papa. There is no need to worry about anything. Nothing happened.”

“I don’t think so.”

I folded my torso over to parallel to the floor: “I am sincerely sorry, succubi. It was our mistake. Sisi poured hot water on Sophia. I hope Sophia is all right. The fault lies with us. I apologise, but that does not mean that I do not respect you. We are sincerely grateful that you could accept us, so when I return, I will personally visit Sophia and bring her some medicine. You don’t need to worry.”

Leah judged my apology to be meaningless: “Papa, you don’t have to do that. They won’t say anything.”

“That’s not right, Leah. If you made a mistake, you must apologise. A wrong is a wrong regardless of your reasons. Papa needs to head out now. Leah, watch over Queen Sisi. I think she might be unsettled today…”

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