The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 20

Devoted Queen Sisi

The ten thousand gold coins weren’t just ten thousand to me. It was also integral for my operation tomorrow. Actually, it was what gave me the guts for my operation tomorrow.

The discussion concluded quickly. Knowing my stance, they wouldn’t waste their breath. Their goal was to get Queen Sisi from me, or, at the very least, find out where she was. Till the end, I refused to provide any information. Subsequently, there was no point in us going back and forth pointlessly. With that said, they understood that I was, without a doubt, on Queen Sisi’s side. In turn, they felt a little more reassured about lending me ten thousand gold coins. A debt is essentially a chain. As I loaned ten thousand gold coins, I had to repay it, meaning that I had to crown Queen Sisi.

The military didn’t persecute the businessmen, but they disrupted their normal business operations. Merchants viewed that shiny gold with more importance than their own lives. You touch their money, and they’ll fight you to the bitter end. They might not have a soldier’s sharp blade, but they have the power to make the world spin for them – capital.

When we exited, Achilles checked to ensure that nobody was paying attention to us before helplessly smiling: “Frankly, you bring me pleasant surprises every single time. Actually, maybe I would classify them as just surprises. The first thing you say when you open your mouth is demanding a loan. Now, that, I didn’t expect. Originally, we wanted to ask you to hand Queen Sisi to us, and we would work together to reinstate Queen Sisi, only for you to come out of the woods and lead the entire meeting by the nose. I never considered myself an idiot, but after seeing you, I feel that my response was a step behind you.”

“Haha, whatever. I just want to protect my own hide. I’m not part of your merchant assembly. The military is putting restrictions on me, too. If I can’t keep what you all want safe, then I’ll have you and the military sending me packing. I don’t trust people or you. You understand that.”

Achilles didn’t get to speak in time, as a hand grabbed my shoulder. I turned around to see an elder with an affable smile. I lingered for a moment then reciprocated the smile: “I am grateful to have your trust. I did not interact with you before this, but you were able to lend me ten thousand gold coins without concern. Truly, thank you, all of you.”

“Haha, ten thousand gold coins isn’t a large sum to us, but there are few who we can trust nowadays. When we previously heard your name, we heard that you managed to run the chapel into the ground in the imperial capital, and indeed, you have done your reputation justice at the meeting. The imperial capital is graciously known for producing talented businessmen; however, I have discovered that none of them can compare to you. For the last few days and even now, the imperial capital has seen in dark days from our perspective. We do not mind Veirya becoming Queen, but we hope that you can support her. We hope to have someone who can explain to a Queen how to develop financially. So, either Queen Sisi returns, or we need you to assist Veirya at her side.”

“Neither Veirya nor I are qualified to rule a nation. There is no better candidate for the throne than Queen Sisi.”

“Indeed. Thus, we hope you succeed.”

“I’ll do my best.”

After showing our agreement with a nod, the elder left, the others following suit. Maybe they were afraid of the military catching them. It was obvious that the meeting wasn’t an approved one and wouldn’t be, especially when Veirya was meant to be crowned soon.

The meeting post wasn’t far from my hiding spot at the moment.

“Life has not been good recently. We and the military have always had a sour relationship. To add to it, the military’s administration system has never clicked with us. Nevertheless, as you are back, I can be considered your friend. Come to my place. I need to treat you to a drink,” proposed Achilles.

“No thanks. Once Queen Sisi is reinstated, we’ll share a drink. I need to hurry back now. Leah is waiting for me.”

No word from Achilles was heard, but he did nod. He, too, soon vanished into the darkness.

In the past, the night life would’ve kick off. Today, the streets were empty. Sophia stood at the door. Upon seeing me return, she chuckled: “It sure is tough. You went out for such a long time. Did you go to do something? Actually, pretend I ever asked. I wouldn’t understand even if you told me. What do you think of the results?”

“Mm, decent. I got what I wanted.”

I entered after giving Sophia a nod and short response. The succubi should’ve gone to sleep. It was peak hour for business, yet nobody came to the brothel. Sophia reminded me to not walk into the wrong room at night as the succubi were currently… erm… hungry?

I found food, albeit simple food, at the table when I got inside. Sisi sat in a chair by the table but rested her torso on the bed after dozing off. Apparently, she was waiting for me to return. I was  almost moved to tears. I was used to coming home to a pitch black home without anything to eat. I’d knock back a carton of milk and go straight to bed. I didn’t need to turn on lights or the television because nobody waited for me to come home. It wasn’t my home; it was just a place to take a break. It was the same as any other place. To my surprise, I had an urge to give Sisi a kiss when I saw her sleeping at the table.

I carefully draped my cloak over Sisi’s back. She shuddered all of a sudden. Then, she slowly opened her eyes and tugged my cloak. She sat up to effuse, “Welcome back.”

I sat down opposite Sisi. She opened a box. Sounding somewhat hopeless, she stated, “The soup is cold now… I’ll go reheat it for you… I can’t cook, but I can reheat.”

“There is no need. I will feel overwhelmed from  the special treatment if a Queen personally reheats food for me.”

I picked up a piece of bread and had a bite. Queen Sisi chuckled and stroked my face: “But I no longer want that throne.”

“But lots of people want you to return.”

“But, I want to return together with you.”

“… Eat your food.”

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