The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 06


I finally knew what, “What goes around comes around,” meant.  I always presumed that the marriage thing was done and dusted. Lucia had become the Elven Queen, so it should’ve been impossible for her to be pursuing romance. I thought Lucia would get off me once I returned to humanity. If neither Lucia nor I mentioned it and sealed it in our dreams, then Veirya would never have known about it. I planned to take it to the grave with me.

“Why? Why did Lucia suddenly send someone to ask me to go back to marry her when she shouldn’t be able to talk about love again?!” I silently fumed.

Nobody present should’ve known about it. Even Angelina and Queen Sisi were in disbelief. I sat on my chair with an ashen face. I found myself without a word to help me weed my way out for the first time.

Veirya wasn’t clueless this time. Anyone could notice the aggression gushing out of her. Actually, she could burn the house with her rage.

“I want. An explanation. You said. You loved me. So why. Are you. Marrying. Lucia?”

I stood up. I explained, “Veirya, let me explain first. The goal was to rescue Queen Sisi. In order to do that, I had to win over Lucia first and foremost. That was the plan I came up with to achieve that. I had to get married with her. That was the only way the elves would accept me, allowing me to approach Queen Sisi. Otherwise, they’d kill me. Veirya, believe me. I don’t love Lucia. It was just a ploy. I swear it!”

The moment I voiced my last line, I suddenly felt that the more I desperately tried to hide things, the more I exposed myself. Not even I fully believed that I never loved Lucia in the slightest. I didn’t know if lying would work on Veirya.

Leah licked the edge of her bowl and then coldly denounced, “Papa, you’re lying.”

“I’m not!!!”

Leah showed no fear. She and Veirya looked at me with the same cold gaze.

“Papa, Leah can smell the scent of lies. Papa, you’re lying.”

“Veirya!!” I pressed my hands on Veirya’s. Her expression had yet to change, but the calmer she was, the more flustered I was. I had no idea what she was thinking. I asserted, “Veirya, believe me!! I really never loved Lucia! I only did it to make you happy. I wanted to save Queen Sisi to make you happy! That’s all I did it for!! That was just my goal! I lied to Lucia! Trust me!”

“I need you. To honestly answer. My question.”

“Go ahead. I swear to answer honestly.” I took in a deep breath.

Veirya touched Leah’s head. Leah remarked, “Papa, you can’t trick Leah.”

“I know…” I clenched my teeth, thinking, “God dang it, succubus Leah really isn’t helping out here. If you know I’m lying, why are you saying it out loud?! You’re destroying our family’s harmony!! You’re just my daughter. What are you jealous about?!”

Veirya sternly asked, “Did you and her. Embrace?”

Leah kept her eyes on me as though she was eager to hear my answer. I took in a big breath and nodded: “We did… But, Veirya, you have to bear in mind that I…”

“Did you and her. Sleep together?”

Veirya spared no cares for what I had to say. As soon as she got an answer, she ignored everything else I said to continue with a follow up question. It was clear where her questions were leading; sadly, I couldn’t go done that route.

“Yes, but it was a necessity!! We didn’t do anything on the bed! Come on, trust me!”

“Did you and her. Kiss?”

Veirya waited for my response. I gyrated my lips. Leah also awaited my response. She didn’t have any intention of helping me. I knew the question was an important one. If I lied, though, I’d be exposed anyway. However, I was at rock bottom, no?

“Understood.” Veirya didn’t give me any time. She nodded, but her expression remained the exact same: “So, when I was missing you. You were there. Hugging Lucia. Kissing her. You said. You loved me. Did everything. For me. Yet hugged Lucia. And kissed her. How can you. Still say you love me? I. Don’t understand.”

“Let me explain!! I really never loved Lucia. Everything I did was for you!!”

“You kissed. Hugged and slept with Lucia. For me?”

Veirya tilted her head: “Angelina. Is that love? Should love. Be loyalty? Why. Did it turn out. That way? I don’t understand. I genuinely. Don’t understand.”

Angelina didn’t respond. She, instead, grabbed her daughter’s arm and quietly persuaded, “Veirya, calm down first. Don’t get worked up. When you’re worked up, don’t say anything that could upset people, and don’t do anything impulsive. You need to calm down first.”

I opened my mouth, but… silence. I didn’t know what to say. Veirya’s words were knockouts. I didn’t know how else to explain myself. I loved Veirya. Because I loved her, I married Lucia. There was no way I could explain that. All I could do was tell Veirya that I loved her. Alas, in that situation, it sounded so insincere and weak. I was out of ideas. Nevertheless, lying to Lucia really was for her sake, except I couldn’t explain it.

“I just. Don’t understand.” Veirya shook her head. She pressed her hand to her chest and lowered her head. She muttered, “I don’t understand. Why do I feel this way…? I don’t know why, either… I haven’t been wounded… And. What he does. Has nothing to do with me. Why, then, do I feel so upset? Why? Angelina. Can you. Tell me why…? Why. I feel. So upset. And why. I am so angry?”

I went to speak, but Veirya’s piercing gaze shut me down. What she verbalised was a serious and angry word: “Traitor!”

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