The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 01

Knight and Princess

Leah vigorously set down her spoon and stood up from her chair. She looked outside feeling excited beyond what words could do justice and exclaimed, “I smell Papa!!”

Without finishing dinner, Leah bolted out. Angelina lingered for a moment then shouted, “Leah, come back! It’s dangerous to be out at night!! Wait for us!”

However, Angelina realised that her daughter had already rushed to the door. Hopeless, she sighed. She shouted back into the property to have Anna prepare dinner again. Then, she picked up two swords and gave chase.

The town wasn’t too safe at night at the moment. After all, the majority of the townsfolk everyone was familiar with had left. The injured and straggling soldiers might do something. There were also the merchants who had gone bankrupt due to not making the profit they expected to in the war. Selling a girl to a brothel was absolutely within the boundaries of what they’d do. Leah, therefore, was in grave danger outside at night. Nevertheless, Angelina was somewhat happy as Lin Dongqing had returned, apparently. The biggest problem was whether or not he succeeded, though. If he was back, what about Queen Sisi?

“Did Queen Sisi safely make it back? Is he back in one piece?” Angelina wondered.


As soon as I hopped off the horse carriage, I was blessed with a passionate hug. Leah leapt up and hugged me tightly with all four of her limbs, thereby nearly knocking my wind out of me. I tightly hugged her back. The memories I felt were distant instantly came back to me thanks to Leah’s warmth and scent. I kissed her cheek and smiled: “Leah, Papa is back.”

Leah suddenly clasped my face and nervously touched my face. She then touched my ears and nervously asked, “Papa, are you all right?! You can see Leah, right?! Is your body in one piece? The elves didn’t hurt you, did they?!!”

I gave Leah another kiss on the cheek: “Papa is fine. Of course Papa is fine. Papa came back from the elven lands, and Papa even has a small present for you, Leah. You said you really wanted to raise a cat, didn’t you? This isn’t a cat, though. It’s a walking bird.”

I carried out the walking bird with a big head that was sitting on the seat of the carriage and handed it to Leah. The walking bird immediately started calling out as it wanted Leah to hold it.

I said to myself, “You were clinging to me just now, but you’ve chosen to change your master now…”

As a succubus, Leah had an irresistible attractive force that wild species couldn’t resist. Perhaps that was an ability unique to succubi. None of the animals that saw Leah would ever run. Instead, they’d approach her.

“Wow!! This birdie is so cute, Papa! It’s adorably chubby!!”

Leah slid down from my arms and cheerfully held the bird up to her chest. Boy, I wanted to just snap its neck… Leah hugged it and copied it: “Gugugugu.”

Apparently, she was saying something to it… Actually, I doubted she could communicate with animals even with her power of attraction as a succubus…

Angelina then appeared behind Leah and caressed her head. With a smile, she said, “Lucky you, Leah. The bird is cute. It must be a walking bird, huh? They work as transporters for the elves. Essentially, they’re the same as elves. Leah, if you raise it well, you’ll be able to ride it in the future.”


Angelina instantly won Leah’s attention. Angelina took Leah away from me right away. I instantly figured out what Angelina’s gaze hinted meant. I looked up to see Veirya, who stood opposite me. She calmly looked at me as always. We had been separated for such a long time, yet she didn’t seem emotional in the slightest. I didn’t know what to say. My smile also slowly vanished. There was no one around; there was only the sound of the wind and the horse stamping its feet with its head down.

Veirya didn’t approach me. I had thought of possible scenarios when we met again, but my brain blanked out. I had no idea what to say. Veirya suddenly expressed, “Sorry.”

“Huh? What?”

“Before. Before you left. You and I. Argued. So. Sorry.”

Veirya’s sincere apology surprised me. I was too contentious; it wasn’t her fault that we argued. I was supposed to apologise, yet she apologised. I thought she’d never apologise given her temperament.

“Mm… sorry… It was my mistake to be fair… I’m sincerely sorry.”

Normally, apologising was just procedure for me; however, I felt embarrassed to apologise this time. Nonetheless, Veirya didn’t plan to say anything, so I was relieved. Happy with my apology, she came over and extended her arms out to me. I looked at her with surprise, and then she pulled me into her embrace, thereby letting me experience the familiar and painful collision one more time.

My memories of Veirya and Leah were opaque, but their voices and embraces highlighted them. It felt as though I never left. Veirya didn’t release me. I touched my teeth to ensure that they were still there. I hugged her back and chuckled: “I’m back, Veirya.”

Veirya asked, “Where is Queen Sisi?”

“In the carriage. She’s fine; however, she doesn’t smell too pleasant. She did stay in the elves’ sewers for a week, after all. That said, I brought back the elves’ detergent. She’ll be fine once she washes herself with it.”

I pulled open the fabric behind the carriage. Queen Sisi had sat up. She wrapped herself up with a blanket while fearfully looking at the dark carriage interior. Veirya pulled off the canvas; she looked at Queen Sisi and bowed. In a calm voice, she regarded, “Welcome back, Your Majesty.”


Queen Sisi shuddered then went limp in the carriage. Her tears poured out of her eyes. Her first reaction was to relax. Then, she wailed and crawled over to Veirya. She wailed on Veirya’s shoulder. I awkwardly retreated two steps, for Queen Sisi smelt horrible. Veirya didn’t mind, however. In saying that, she didn’t hug Queen Sisi back. She, instead, calmly offered words of comfort: “Your Majesty. Please calm down. You have returned to humanity’s lands. You have no need to worry anymore.”

“Veirya… Veirya… Veirya… Thank you… You, too, Little Doggy… Thank you, thank you… Without you two, I really might not have made it back!!”

Queen Sisi looked up at me with her teary eyes as if she was hoping I’d give her a hug.

“Uh… I think we should give that a pass…” I thought. I had the privilege of being covered in head to toe in that liquid, so I wasn’t too good at handling the smell again…

I took out the small vial from my pocket and explained, “Queen Sisi, put aside who saved you and whatnot for now. You need to wash up first. This is the elves’ detergent. It can easily get rid of the smell on you. Once you’ve recovered, you can return to the Imperial Capital. I am sure humanity’s Imperial City is in anarchy at the moment.”

Veirya added, “They. Wanted me. To be Queen before. But. I feel that. You are the true Queen. And. You would. Be back.”

“Veirya… Little Doggy…”

Queen Sisi returned to crying on Veirya’s shoulder. Veirya still didn’t dare to hug Queen Sisi back. She remained respectful as always to Queen Sisi in spite of Queen Sisi’s current state. Nobody respected Queen Sisi more than Veirya. Veirya’s loyalty was absolute loyalty and respect.

The pure Veirya was also the Veirya I loved most. I would sometimes question myself in the past; Lucia would surface in my memory. Having returned to Veirya’s side, it felt akin to having found myself again. I really wanted to hug Veirya and tell her how much I missed her. I didn’t dare to think about her while I was with the elves. I finally realised how much I missed her. Everything considered, though, I didn’t think I could hug her. It was dangerous.

Queen Sisi docilely rested in Veirya’s embrace. The two of them were akin to the knight who saved the Princess. I resembled a retinue who carried the weapons and shields in spite of me being the one who rescued Queen Sisi. It didn’t bother me, nonetheless. I didn’t want to prove anything.

Perhaps Veirya, herself, didn’t realise it, but her gaze had a lot more life compared to usual. That proved she was genuinely happy. I went through all the effort for her smile. Everything that I did was for Veirya’s sake. I infiltrated the elven lands for Veirya and fooled Lucia for her. I did so much and hurt so many people just to put a smile on Veirya’s lips. I regretted it before I returned. I felt apologetic toward Lucia, but the regret and guilt was all lifted from my shoulders when I saw Veirya.

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