The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05.1 Ch. 02


I entered the room and regarded the interviewer. Though I described her as an interviewer, I felt she was the so-called company’s boss. When I first registered at the company as a candidate, I thought it was quite a big company judging from the posh office, only to discover that my presumption was off the mark. If you asked me, I’d hazard a guess that the majority of the company’s investments were invested into renting the extravagant building.

That said, the interviewer, also known as the boss lady of the company, was seriously gorgeous. Her black hair was splayed down to her black work clothes. Her long legs underneath her skirt were elegantly positioned on an angle. Her black stockings were hard to not look at. I didn’t know if it was better to look at her face or her thighs in her black stockings. But nonetheless, she didn’t mind my gaze; instead, she scrutinised me and then my resume.

“Now then, you are the last interviewee today, and you have just graduated high school. To be frank, had your last workplace not provided information, you would not have been given today’s chance.”

I nodded: “I acknowledge my education is lacking, but I believe that I do not require high-level education for the job I am applying for. I believe there are no universities that teach one how to communicate.”

“Uhm, you are very right. I am curious about something. Your previous strongly recommended you in his letter. I know him; he is a very tough man to get along with, yet you were able to get him to write such a letter of introduction for you, so it goes to show that you do have some degree of competence. What exactly did you do?”

I stalled for a moment before answering, “Truth be told, I did not do anything major. I merely helped him with some troubles he had. There are many ways to resolve a problem, but I was able to do it without making others feel awkward or negating their expansion. Therefore, I am confident I have a talent for this sort of work.”

The woman nodded. Then, she placed down my resume and questioned, “Judging from your appearance and demeanour, you must be a smart gentleman. May I ask why you are not attending university?”

I chose to wait before responding, “There is nothing that I have to hide. My family is not well off; it is, consequently, impossible to cover the university expenses for both my younger sister and I at the same time.”

“I see.”

The woman nodded. She seemed as though she finally made up her mind after her hesitation was erased. I assumed the interview was over when she stood up, so I followed suit. She reached her hand out to me. I bent over to shake her hand. Despite it being a subtle hold and not even holding her fingers, I could feel that her fingers were soft and slender. I, as a matter of fact, was distracted for a moment. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be impolite; it was a matter of work and law issues.

“You’re the one, then. Please report in to the human resources department the day after. All of our celebrities’ schedules will be in your hands now.”


I nodded. I honestly never expected to get the job so easily. While I gave up the chance to attend university of my own volition, I couldn’t find a decent job as a result. The company looked new, yet they paid me a decent salary. Normally speaking, a manager wouldn’t choose someone who only graduated high school such as myself, but it went so smoothly.

“May I ask how many celebrities are currently contracted with the company at present?” I inquired.

I had never worked in the field before. I was previously in charge of organising others living places and jobs. I thought celebrities would be different. However, I figured that I could fulfil the job if I just weaved my way around until I got the hang of it. Since I was a manager, though, I was somewhat concerned. If there were too many celebrities, I wouldn’t know what to do.

The woman lingered for a moment as though she was slightly embarrassed due to the answer. She replied, “To tell the truth, we only have three at the moment. In saying that, this is the first group. We will definitely have more in the future! We’ve only just started, after all. Don’t worry; things will get better!”

“Uhm, uhm.”

I began to wonder if I chose the wrong place… I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the place was fishy.

I hoped I didn’t walk into a small company that would close down after two years… The boss lady didn’t appear old. She looked no different to a university graduate. That sort of company wouldn’t last long. I figured I should work there for the meantime. I’d haul ass out of here the moment they began to delay paying my salary. The place wasn’t reliable. The salary was high, but if it didn’t reach my hands, it was worth dog shit… Hence, I needed to see how things played out.

I smiled on the surface. In my mind, on the other hand, I didn’t buy it. She stamped her feet. She was the boss of the company. She was incredibly calm until I brought up her weak spot. She began to act slightly nervous and evidently awkward. I felt that I shouldn’t reveal my unease, but her gaze clearly had a hint of unease: “Don’t think that our company will close after a short time. I genuinely want to run this company well!! We all want the company to do well! So you don’t need to worry!”

To be frank, that was pointless of her to say. Not to mention that she divulged the details of her company. That just put her in a passive position; there was nothing positive to gain from it.

She was recruiting workers; there was no need to act pitiful. Why would she spill the beans? In addition, there was nothing to gain from spilling them. I wasn’t passionate about her career. That didn’t make me enthusiastic about it. It had the opposite effect. She raised my suspicion levels. What could I do, though? I really needed the salary. Therefore, I nodded: “I’ll work hard alongside you all. I promise.”

Of course, in my mind, I was thinking that I better find a better job.

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