The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05 Ch. 44

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Walking Bird’s Information

Surrounded in darkness, Queen Sisi conversed with herself in her mind: “How long has it been? I wonder. How much longer will my patience and instincts keep me alive? Actually, will I even still be able to live? I was humanity’s Queen before. I enjoyed everyone’s respect, and worship. The entire human empire revolved around me. Now, however, I’m not even the Queen of these rodents. Was my decision to attack the elves a wrong call?’

“I don’t regret it, though. It was my decision; that’s my definition of kingship. My father was killed when he walked his path of kingship, which proved that he was wrong. I’ve fallen low enough to be toyed with by elves, wet myself in public with everyone watching, thrown around by the elves as if I’m trash and animal manure and even thrown together with rodents. I don’t regret it. I got to where I am step by step. It’s not my mistake or anyone else’s. All this proves is that my kingship was wrong.

“I guess… this is it for me. I don’t know when I’ll die. I’ve already gotten used to the rancid smell around me. The rodents have lost interest in me, as well.”

With a pile of egg shells and remains that were rich in nutrients, the foreigner wasn’t considered part of the rodents’ menu.

“I’m so lonely, though. I thought I was humanity’s greatest monarch ever, but nobody from the imperial capital has come to my rescue. As a matter of fact, not one person will care about me, not one. I saw Little Doggy last time, but all he said was, How repulsive….

“It hurts… It’s not my body that hurts, but my heart…. Why? Why does no one remember me in the end when I worked so hard for humanity’s sake? My father was sent to the guillotine as the people cheered when he was so generous and kind. I was the one who expanded humanity’s power until it became the most powerful nation,” Sisi cried to herself.


“Ah, they must’ve thrown garbage down again. It’s probably another animal’s corpse,” assumed Queen Sisi.

Queen Sisi curled up in the only dry corner. She had lost all motivation to even move. The rays of sunlight were just fake freedom and hope. The sunlight was a beam highlighting the futility of escape.


I had a few seconds. I could hear Lucia hollering to me from above. People would soon come for me. I couldn’t allow them to know I came into contact with Sisi. I had to find Queen Sisi and confirm she was down there in a few seconds. Sadly, as soon as I jumped down, I instantly regretted my decision. The rancid liquid down there violated me from head to toe. Strange remains and, presumably, animal manure smacked me in the face. The stench almost knocked my lights out. My foot stepped into something soft, but it immediately ran off. I completely lost control of my left foot, thereby leading to me tripping into filthy water.

I tasted animal manure and smelt the stench of rotten corpses for the first time… I never wanted to experience it a second time. My clear mind instantly cleared out in the literal sense. I couldn’t think of anything besides how gross it was.

I struggled to get up, but my left foot seemed to be stuck in something, thereby making it impossible to stand. Something heavy pinned my left ankle. I couldn’t get my foot I couldn’t control out. I wanted to see Queen Sisi when I got down there, only to find myself stuck and immobilised. My walking duck, on the other hand, enthusiastically ran off with the rodents. It didn’t turn around to bother with me.

“Bloody hell!” I cursed to myself.

I never thought my left foot could be such a burden. I desperately bent my body to try and pull my left foot out. It seemed to be stuck in animal bones. I had to smash it to get my foot out. I soon heard running footsteps overhead.

“I’m out of time!! I failed!! Mother. Flipper. I jumped into this cesspool of filth to find Queen Sisi, ate a mouthful of manure and became an exhibit for the rodents for god’s sake. I just wanted to see Queen Sisi!! I came just to see if she was here, but I can’t move! Damn this leg! I should’ve just chopped this damn leg off!” I raged to myself.

“Travor!! Travor!!” Lucia’s small head appeared at the entrance of the sewer. She peered inside. She located me sitting down and shouted, “How are you?! Are you all right?! Travor!! Are you all right?!”

“I’m fine. It’s just my leg is stuck…”

I failed. Lucia spotted me, which meant that I couldn’t search for Queen Sisi. Otherwise, Lucia would take me back right away. She might not have told her brother, but she might lock me up and never let me return to humanity again. My only option was to wait for Lucia to bring me back up.

“Is it serious? What is it stuck in?” Lucia was eager to come to my rescue.

I had a look and replied, “I can get my leg out if I just smash it…”

“All right.”

Lucia removed her sword and tossed it down. She didn’t care about the rancid water down below. I grabbed the sword and aggressively smashed the bone. The bone wasn’t too solid and easily broke in half. I managed to pull my leg out. I used the ground to prop myself up. I swept my eyes around in the darkness. The rodents monitored me from a distance and avoided the sunlight. Nonetheless, I didn’t see Queen Sisi. There was nothing down there that could be connected with a human. The elves didn’t even feed Queen Sisi.

“I’ll throw a ladder down. Climb it to get back up, but be careful.”

Lucia threw a ladder down. Truth be told, it was quite the effort to climb a ladder in my state. I couldn’t stall for any longer, and I couldn’t reveal my aim. I turned around for a look. Speaking as if it was a pity, I remarked, “It’s a pity that my walking bird is gone… I couldn’t catch it.”

“Forget it for now. Come up, and we’ll choose another!” exclaimed Lucia, anxious.

Hopeless, I grabbed the wooden ladder and went to climb up. It was at that moment that Lucia suddenly shouted, “Look!! It came out!!”

I turned around. I jumped to the conclusion the rodents gnawed my walking bird, only to see the little black and white fellow swim out. He stopped when it saw me. I swiftly grabbed him. I noticed letters written onto his fur using rodent faeces…

It said, “I’m here.” It was humanity’s text. I quickly smothered the faeces to erase the writing then put the bird in my shirt and climbed the ladder.

I did say that Queen Sisi and I had the ultimate teamwork. We understood each other.

“Sorry,” I loudly apologised. Queen Sisi should’ve understood what the apology meant, too.

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