The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05 Ch. 42

Within the Elves

I had a plan, a new plan. It was quite a risky plan, but I had to roll with it. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t have any chances if the elven race was united. They ended their own in-fighting to combat humanity in the war. Said war was over, and the elves were triumphant. That also meant their in-fighting could resume. The Queen’s faction was subdued last time since their Queen had her eyes dug out and was sent to our place. With that said, it didn’t mean the Queen’s faction was done for. I realised it after I met the peculiar elf, and I also found the best thing I could ask for, the elf herself.

Lucia and her brother were on the same wavelength, but I managed to get in between them. In essence, I became the catalyst to have them deviate from the path they shared. Additionally, Lucia didn’t plan to continue with her previous lifestyle. She chose to pursue equality and justice. She just happened to be susceptible to being led by someone else because she was too pure. I knew her brother wasn’t my match. There was no one who would be better at moving Lucia than me as I was soon to be her husband. Lucia wouldn’t live with her brother in the future but me.

Lucia’s brother was, presumably, the one ruling the elves. Unfortunately for them, not everything he did was correct, and not everybody acknowledged him. All I had to do was instigate him and Lucia into harbouring opposing views. I acknowledged Lucia’s love for me was genuine and that she did her best to love me. I understood her love for me, but I also realised she had something she loved more than me: elves.

Lucia loved the elven race. When a crisis encroached upon her race, she wouldn’t hesitate to take a stand. She wouldn’t fear or cower from humans or dwarves. Despite her current status, she still did her best to ensure the prosperity and peace of elves. Before I confessed to her, she never spared romance a thought. She dedicated her entire life and being for elves before my confession. She treated her life as a disposable for elves. She was willing to give up her personal life until peace was brought to elves. Only after peace was achieved would she consider romance with me. Lucia loved the elves more than she loved me. She could sacrifice me for elves the same way I could sacrifice her.

Lucia hugged me around my waist. She took gentle breaths and would occasionally move her lips. She snuggled up on my chest. The first night we slept together, Lucia was incredibly shy. After a few nights, she was used to hugging me and sleeping on my chest or arms. Little Lucia felt the same as Leah when she lied next to me. I had my arm gently coiled around her.

It was the first time I felt conflicted and torn. I didn’t love Lucia, but I didn’t want to hurt her, nonetheless. Alas, I was inevitably going to hurt her. Perhaps I was also always taking what I want from Lucia. Was loving an elf a good or a bad thing? I didn’t know. Either way, it was Lucia’s fate as it was mine that tightly bound us together no matter if it was in bitterness or joy. If I was reincarnated a second time, if Lucia found me instead of Veirya, then I would swear to stay with Lucia in the forest.

There were three days left until our wedding; subsequently, there were less than three days before I had to leave.


Current time at an elven internal affairs meeting.

“What has that human been up to recently? Has he gone anywhere suspicious? Did he search any strange places? For instance, did he search for Queen Sisi or something?” Lucia’s brother inquired.

Hopeless, the elves smiled helplessly: “You have had surveillance on him for a long time already, but we have not noticed anything odd about him. He goes to sit at the river for the afternoon. Then, he goes to chat with Ascillia, help her fetch water and that’s it. Moreover, did you not already confirm your suspicions in the last test you set up? He did not react to Queen Sisi. That is proof he did not come here for Queen Sisi. Additionally, you can see that he will be marrying Madam Lucilia in three days’ time, yet has shown no indications of fleeing. Does that prove his feelings? Also, what is most important now is focusing our attention on those elves, is it not? They seem to have begun to harbour some ideas as of late. Should we prepare to stop them?”


Truthfully, Lucia’s brother was still somewhat worried. Indeed, he didn’t notice any oddities when he checked Lin Dongqing’s pulse. That was what worried him more. A man whose heart beat didn’t change, a man whose expression wouldn’t change in that situation, a man who showed no fear despite having a large group of elves right behind him as a threat was a man that made Lucia’s brother feel uneasy. In fact, it was somewhat scary.

“Was he pretending or does he truly consider himself an elf? I don’t think that even an elf could remain so calm in that situation…” reasoned Lucia’s brother.

“Our focus should be on them, on what those elves are planning? About them trying to bring the Queen back?” asked one of the elves.

Lucia’s brother tried to get his thoughts back on track. His sister’s marriage to Lin Dongqing was set in stone. They had chosen a location. The invitations had been sent out, and their new house’s location had been confirmed, as well. Their house location was on a small hill, and the entire hill belonged to them. They had commenced work on the land. The human prisoners and banshees toiled there day and night. The elves also utilised their simple creation spells. In just three short weeks, it would be done.

“I don’t think there’s any way of dissuading my sister at this point. Seeing her with that man is seriously an emotional rollercoaster,” addressed Lucia’s brother.

“They are probably planning to hold a protest and demand that we release humanity’s Queen, aren’t they?”

“Why would they do that?”

“They were dissatisfied with the way we treated prisoners of war to begin with. They’re also close to humans. That’s why they want us to send humanity’s prisoners back.”

“That is impossible. It is our elven tradition. We will not agree. Stop them. Kill their leader, and it will be settled. Just do as we always have. That said, I doubt my sister will take the job, so you need to send another assassin.”

“All right.”

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