The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05 Ch. 36

Steadfast Veirya

“I warned you that I’d kill you if you came and mentioned it again. You’ve made numerous attempts to deceive my daughter. My patience has its limits! The only thing you should be here for is to take these soldiers back, not to take my daughter. I will not let you do that. As long as I am alive, I won’t let you take my daughter!”

Angelina flung him outside effortlessly by his collar. Angelina merely refused to let him take Veirya, but her patience finally ran dry as a result of his constant badgering. He even went as far as parking his carriage at their door.

The young man pathetically tried to rise to his feet, but Angelina aimed her sword up to his throat: “Get lost, right now. If you dare to come here again, this sword will be inside you. The imperial capital is in enough chaos for a little nobody, like you, to hold power, so I doubt anyone will come here to look for you. Nobody will know if you die here!!”

The young man belted, “I don’t care about my life. I don’t care at all!! I just want to see Lord Veirya!! You are not Lord Veirya when it comes down to it. I want to hear from Lord Veirya. Not you and not that man!! Lord Veirya now needs to take responsibility for this nation! I am willing to die for this nation without any regrets! You aren’t Lord Veirya. Lord Veirya can decide for herself! Lord Veirya is the next Queen. Besides her, nobody has any right to comment on this matter!!”

“I. Refuse.” Veirya appeared behind the door and shook her head. She elaborated, “He won’t. Agree. I. Follow his opinions. Moreover. I am loyal to Queen Sisi. You have. Betrayed her. When Queen Sisi comes back. I will follow her orders.”

“Queen Sisi is already dead!! Lord Veirya! It is true! Queen Sisi is already dead! We did not pay the ransom. The elves are guaranteed to have killed her! You know the elves, Lord Veirya! Do you think they are a benevolent race? Queen Sisi has definitely been killed after being tortured! Your loyalty to her no longer serves any purpose! Further, Queen Sisi brought all of this upon herself! We stayed loyal! It was Queen Sisi that refused to listen to us!!”

Veirya shook her head again: “Her Majesty. Never. Needed to. Listen to us. Our loyalty. Should be unconditional. The reality is. You’re no longer loyal. You will betray. The next Queen. All the same.”

Angelina looked to Veirya and smiled wryly, satisfied. She mumbled in her mind, “I guess my daughter is sensible, after all. At the very least, she can remember what I said and isn’t stupid.”

The young man’s brain had a short circuit. He then awkwardly gulped and questioned, “Did that man say that to you?”

Veirya shook her head: “No. That is. My own view. Plus. He. Wouldn’t allow me. To go to the Imperial Capital. Therefore. Go back now. I won’t kill you.”

“Lord Veirya!! Why do you have to obey him?!! Why?!! Why?!! He is not on our side! He is not loyal to the nation whatsoever! He does not care about us in the slightest! He is not on our side! He is just a bastard who cares for nothing but money!! Y-.”

Before he could finish, Veirya’s sword made its way to his throat. Angelina relished in the young man’s misery with a smile: “You just made a big blunder. You can mindlessly talk about anything but him. You just earned yourself a death wish, stupid kid. Your fault for speaking ill of him in front of Veirya.”

Veirya looked composed, but her immense murderous intent erased every thought in the young man’s mind. Angelina didn’t make an empty threat. Veirya wasn’t threatening him, either. That was a declaration telling the young man the young man’s death wish would be granted. With a straight-faced look, Veirya emphasised, “He’s my property. So. You are not to insult him. He accomplished what others couldn’t. So. I trust him.”

“He is not willing to go to the imperial capital for you! He is not willing to let you become a Queen. How can that be called loyalty?! It is avoidance! He might have gone to save Queen Sisi because he loves her. He might never have loved you! You have not known him for long at all!! You cannot believe in that façade he calls love, Lord Veirya!!”

“You shut your trap!!!”

Angelina showed no mercy. She was enjoying the show, but she finally lost it. She gave the young man’s face her boot then gave him another. She had rage written all over her face. She angrily muttered, “I can forgive you for everything else you said, but you have no right to insult others, you traitorous scoundrel! What right do you have to insult him? He’s gone to the elven lands to face off against every single elf for Veirya! Who are you?! You didn’t even have the balls to go to the border, yet you have the gall to discuss this topic?! You have absolutely no right to downplay and insult his sincerity!”


The young man was scared speechless. When his throat moved, he could feel the tip of the blade gently graze his throat. Veirya’s gaze was absolutely serious. Her anger and desire to kill was an invisible pressure he could feel suffocating him. There was no doubt she could thrust her blade through his throat at any given moment.

Angelina looked at the two. She did make some serious comments. Regardless, killing wasn’t for the best. The young man’s means were unacceptable, but he was a loyal fan of Veirya’s. That meant that he could be useful to her in some ways. If they killed him, the imperial capital might be plunged into more anarchy.

Angelina stopped her daughter’s sword: “Forget it. Forget it, Veirya. He should’ve realised this by now. Don’t kill in Leah’s presence.”

Veirya pulled her sword back then turned around: “Leave. I don’t want. To see you again.”

Veirya’s final words were the biggest blow to the young man. They hit harder than Angelina’s threats. Despite Veirya having left, he still blankly lied on the ground as though his entire meaning in life had been taken from him. Angelina sympathised with the young man. She grabbed him by his cape and dragged him outside. Finally, she slammed the door behind her.

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