The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05 Ch. 33

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It’s Been a While

Unknown location in the elven lands.

“Aim carefully. You got it? Get all of those rodents down. That’s it. Got it, right? One, two, three, heave.”

The grey rodents scurried into the dark and moist locations to avoid the light. Rancid liquids dripped off her body after she was pulled up from underneath the rodents. The rodents urinated on her body. She even spat out some that invaded her mouth. There was still some rodent fur at the corner of her mouth. Her hands were covered in wounds due to the rodents biting them. She was also covered in blood. The blood wasn’t just her blood but also the rodents.

She opened her eyes; however, her heterochromia eyes looked listless. Her naked body exuded a gag-inducing stench. She was pretty all right, but the smell was beyond repulsive. The elves hooked her thighs with iron chains as if she was a toy in a machine.

“This woman ate even rodents. Damn, that’s disgusting. She even ate their fur? Humans truly are wild beasts. You reckon she’ll eat a human corpse if we throw one down there for her?”

The elves pinched their noses and jeered. One of them suddenly got in the mood to play a prank. While he undid his belt, the elf next to him exclaimed, “Oi, oi, what are you doing?! What are you doing?!!”

“What are you afraid of? We have to wake her up one way or another. Why not save the drugs? I happen to have one for her.”

The elf whipped out his rod and leered. He then began to urinate liberally. The other elf watched his companion in disbelief. He quickly turned around and walked some distance away to avoid bringing grief upon himself.

The putrid yellow liquid shot into Queen Sisi’s nose, causing her to cough intensely and open her eyes. She bent over to one side and puked a strange liquid accompanied by red flesh and a piece of grey fur. Queen Sisi ate a rat alive before the elves came.

Queen Sisi didn’t care what the liquid overhead was. She used the liquid to wipe her face then let out a breath of relief. Then, she went limp over to one side again. The elf violently rolled her over: “Hang in there. You better not get me dirty. I don’t think you have anything left to spray though, huh?”

Queen Sisi lay on the ground and allowed the elves to do as they pleased. There was no sign to suggest she was alive. She didn’t have food to eat or water to drink for the three days that she was underground. She also didn’t dare to sleep, for she was afraid the rodents would devour her… She was drained both physically and mentally after what she went through and, thus, unable to do anything. She ignored whatever happened.

The elf, who urinated on Queen Sisi, took out a wooden instrument and snickered. Cold water suddenly shot into her body. A painful sensation that was on the border of being torn apart came from her vagina. She began to aggressively squirm while she cried. Alas, her weak body was unable to put up a resistance. The elf hosed the water into Sisi. She curled up into a ball. Her abdomen bulged due to the elf forcing a large volume of water inside. The elf then took a length of wood and shoved it in.


Sisi convulsed and screamed. Her entire belly was inflated monstrously. Her belly jiggled as she rolled around. The elf remained indifferent. He then grabbed a bucket of cold water and poured it down to wash off the filth on her. He tied her bound her hands and feet to a wooden rod then asked his friend to come back. Together, they carried her toward the interior of the forest in the same fashion one would carry dead sheep.


I didn’t know what the elves meant by an archery performance, but I assumed it was a standard event… I couldn’t think of what else to do besides joining them…

Lucia and I arrived at what could be considered the elves shooting range. It was a flat expanse of land in the forest. Opposite the stand were three rows of targets, which were fifty metres, one hundred metres and two hundred metres away from the stand, respectively.

Lucia left my side to pick up her arrow and examine it. With a smile, she informed me, “This is the first bow and arrow I received when I came of age. I used it until I arrived before the Demon King. Therefore, I cherish it.”

Lucia handed the bow and arrow to me with a smile: “Here, give it a try. Archery is actually very simple. It just takes practice.”

“I’ll give it a try, then.”

It was my first time touching a bow and arrows. Lucia’s were made from wood. The bowstring was made from a material I had never seen before. Maybe it was a special material the elves had. I tried to pull it. To my surprise, the small bow was incredibly hard. I had to pull hard to pull it just a little. The wood creaked as if it was expressing displeasure with my brash treatment.

“That’s not how you use it. Archery isn’t about brute strength but technique.” Lucia watched me and laughed. She took back the arrow and easily pulled the string.

The elves were most certainly very skilled archers. Lucia was able to easily pull it in spite of her small side.

“Is it ready?”


Lucia softly chuckled. She smugly picked up a small nut from the table. The nut was about the size of a melon seed. I couldn’t see it clearly from fifty metres away, but Lucia held the nut and laughed: “I’ll shoot this nut and crush it from over two hundred metres away.”

“You can do that?!” I didn’t make the remark to please her. I was genuinely amazed.

Lucia proudly tugged her lips up. She took an arrow from the person next to her. She slammed the table then shouted to the rear. The two banshees behind us immediately came over to place two cups of the green elven wine in front of us. Then, they took the nut. Lucia held her bow to her chest. She quietly hummed an ancient melody. Apparently, it was the elves ancient song for heroes. Perhaps that was a part of the preparations for archery performances.

Out of the blue, I spotted two elves carrying something across our front view. I thought they shot some game. They walked up to the target two hundred metres away and unloaded the goods there.

My vision wobbled for a split second when I made out what they unloaded. The ice block in my cup of wine also almost fell out. I mustered up everything I had to maintain my expression because I almost cried, “Holy shit,” after what I saw. It wasn’t game. It was Queen Sisi. Her enormous belly looked bizarre… I could recognise her despite her being over two hundred metres away.

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