The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05 Ch. 29

Veirya’s Husband

“Mama Veirya… is there still no news from Papa?”

Leah grabbed her blanket. She peered over to Veirya from over the top of the blanket. Veirya dallied for a moment before looking back at Leah. She shook her head: “Not. Yet.”

Leah turned her head back feeling somewhat disappointed. She pulled the blanket over her head and quietly muttered to herself: “What exactly is Papa doing…? Will Papa be in danger there…?”

Veirya took a step back. She wanted to console Leah, but she didn’t say anything in the end. She, instead, turned around and left Leah’s room. She stopped at Leah’s door and mulled over something before descending the stairs.

Angelina was snoring at the table. Due to the shortage of hands forcing her to fill more than a pair of shoes, exhaustion defeated the iron warrior. She had to admit she was no longer as fit as her younger self. Veirya walked up to her side and aggressively yanked her hair up. Subsequently, Angelina vigorously opened her eyes in shock then scowled: “I’ve never woken you up in such an aggressive manner. Also, is something the matter”

“I’m going to the elven lands.”

Angelina tilted her head: “What? He’s been gone for only two days. What are you so anxious about? Queen Sisi will be fine. Lucilia won’t hurt him, either; there’s nothing for you to worry about. You’re different to him. If you go there, the elves will kill you. Don’t forget humans and elves are in the middle of a war.”

Veirya shook her head: “I’m not afraid.”

Angelina grabbed hold of Veirya’s hand: “Calm down, Veirya. You’d only interfere with his job if you go there now. I’m sure he’s doing his best over there at the moment. We shouldn’t be interrupting him. He’s deep inside elven territory right this moment. If we act thoughtlessly, we really will put him in danger.”

“Then. What should. I do now. To help him?”

Veirya dug her fingers into her palms. It was her first taste of an emotion called vexed. In the past, she could carry Queen Sisi out of danger regardless of what happened or how dangerous things were. She could save countless people and defeat countless foes. She also believed herself to be without equal, therefore believing nobody could stop her or hurt those she cared about. Yet, she discovered she couldn’t do anything right; she couldn’t get what she wanted. She purely wanted to protect those around her, yet was unable to get catch up to him. For the first time ever, Veirya realised that the distance between him and her was enormous. He had gone to the elven lands, but she couldn’t go. She eventually questioned if he was actually Her Majesty’s knight.

Veirya always believed she was worried about Queen Sisi, desired to ensure her safety and wanted to rescue her. That was why she was mentally and emotionally rustled up until then. When Leah mentioned Lin Dongqing, she finally realised the person she was worried about most wasn’t Queen Sisi but him.

Veirya took Lin Dongqing for granted when he was always by her side. When he left her, she finally realised how much had to be done in the town and how powerless she was to do anything for she didn’t even know where to start. She finally realised how much he did. She needed him. Sadly, he was still in the elven lands. She was irritated because he wasn’t with her. It had been less than two days since he departed. Nevertheless, she had already felt as irritated as Leah did.

“Could I be viewing him. As a father? He is like my father. Being able to do everything. But. I am not his child. Is this. Love? Do I. love him?” Veirya pondered.

“You just need to stay here. Take care of Leah, and reject the military. That’s how you can help him. He’s in the elven lands at the moment. I can tell you he doesn’t want to see his family in dire straits.”

“Your Lordship.” Anna knocked on the door and entered, carrying a candlestick in her hand. She was quite confused as she didn’t know who to speak to…

Veirya questioned, “Did. Something happen?”

“Umm… umm… the military’s… erm… Arthur would like to see you… He prepared a horse carriage. It seems he wants to leave with you.”

“Tell him. Audience not granted.” Angelina spoke up before her daughter could: “Don’t let him in. If he wants to come in, you can physically drive them off. The military are refusing to shelter the wounded soldiers. That makes them our enemies. How dare they come and ask Veirya to leave now.”

Anna wasn’t too sure what to do. Fighting the military wasn’t a rational decision. Angelina was one of the chapel’s erstwhile knights. She, therefore, instinctively disliked and felt apprehensive about the military. To the contrary, Veirya was a former soldier, so Anna figured Veirya didn’t want to fight with the military. Veirya nodded: “Do. As she said.”

“Are you really not willing to become a Queen? In my opinion, it would be worth being a Queen. Surely you have seen how luxurious Queen Sisi’s life was. Since you have the chance, why not try being a Queen?”

Veirya shook her head: “I won’t. Become a Queen. I don’t know. How to be a Queen. Also. He. Wouldn’t be happy. Even if I must. I need to wait for him to come back.”

Anna nodded: “I see.”

Anna left. The young man respectfully stood at the door. He watched Anna exit and asked, “Did Lord Veirya not come out with you?”

Tone void of emotion, Anna answered, “Lord Veirya’s reply is simple. She refuses as she refused before. If you really want to do something, go and find Mr. Lin. Without him, Lord Veirya won’t make any decisions.”

The young man grabbed Anna’s arm and threw a fit: “But Mr. Lin is currently in the elven lands!! Lord Veirya is an adult! Why can’t she make her own decisions?! Why?!!!”

Anna’s polite smile gradually turned into a warning expression. She pressed her hand on his and reminded, “Sir, this is the front of the Lord Veirya’s property. You must show respect even if you are the leader of the military. I would like to ask you to let go; else, I may get physical. Please understand that Mr. Lin is Veirya’s husband. His word is final. Further, you are only her former officer. Please leave.”

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