The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05 Ch. 26


Veirya asked the soldier, “Have you all. Given up on Her Majesty already?”

“We did not give up on Her Majesty; she betrayed us. We told her not to attack the elves, but she refused to listen to our suggestions. She ignored humanity’s fate for her own desires. When a monarch decides to do such a thing, they have already betrayed us. That is why we need a new ruler, one who can lead humanity to prosperity and can listen to suggestions.”

“Refusing to march with Her Majesty was betrayal. What you’re doing now is insurrection. You’re no longer soldiers but traitors,” argued Angelina, who sat down next to Veirya. She gave the messenger a displeased look. The messenger couldn’t tell them apart when the two identical women sat next to each other. Angelina went on, “I’m amazed you have the gall to come here. There’s nobody more loyal to Her Majesty than Veirya. If you want to crown a new ruler and betray Queen Sisi, there’s no chance Veirya would support you. Furthermore, Queen Sisi isn’t dead. Lin Dongqing has already gone to the elves to bring her back. Queen Sisi will definitely be back. I suggest you end this act of betrayal if you know what’s good for you.”

The news shocked the soldier, “Mr. Lin went to the elves? We had no idea. Also, why would Lin Dongqing be loyal to Her Majesty? Could it be true that he truly loves her?”

“Don’t go thinking that others don’t stay loyal just because you decided to be a traitor. Lin Dongqing and Veirya are absolutely loyal to Her Majesty.”

Angelina quickly stomped on Veirya’s foot to signal the latter not to speak. The soldier froze. He argued, “But we can turn Lord Veirya into our new Queen. Queen Veirya is humanity’s hero. I believe lots of people would want for her to be our new Queen. Additionally, Queen Veirya would definitely be a Queen who would listen to orders, and not gamble with humanity’s fate for her own desires.”

“Impossible.” Angelina cut the soldier off. She expanded, “You’re not thinking for Veirya. Veirya is not ruler material; she doesn’t know anything. She’ll send humanity to its extinction. If you’re crowning my daughter, you’re not thinking for humanity’s sake. You just want to make her your puppet. As I said, you’re traitors, not loyalists. A nation needs a suitable and capable ruler; not one who obeys orders. It’s your fault Queen Sisi has fallen to where she is, yet you want to switch her for a new ruler? It sounds as if you decided on this with the elves.”

“I. Don’t know how. To be a Queen,” confirmed Veirya.

“But Mr. Lin can, can he not? Mr. Lin has displayed prudence and intellect that can definitely help Lord Veirya reign properly as a Queen. Furthermore, he would be happy to help.”

That was the ace the young man gave the soldier. If Veirya didn’t agree, he was told to play the ace – Lin Dongqing. Veirya would definitely consider it if Mr. Lin was willing. If Mr. Lin was available, he was told to speak directly to Mr. Lin and not Veirya.

Veirya was befogged just as they expected. She turned to her mother. Angelina shook her head. Next, Angelina resolutely defended her stance: “Mr. Lin would never agree to it, so you shouldn’t thoughtlessly agree to it, Veirya. This could be a fatal decision; if you agree to it, it’s the equivalent of abandoning your entire life. They’re not doing this for your sake but to provide themselves with a puppet at their beckoning!”

“That is not true!! We merely want to serve a qualified ruler!” thundered the soldier.

“You didn’t even remain loyal to Queen Sisi, so according to what would you be willing to be loyal to the next ruler? You’re not loyal to a Queen. You’re just choosing a ruler for the nation based off your own perspectives. What you’re doing is called betrayal!! I can’t believe you have the shame to claim you’re loyal to the nation. The Queen is the representative of the nation, but not one of you respects her!! Is loyalty choosing whoever you want to be a ruler? God, when did you soldiers turn into such a mob?! You’re all traitors!”


Current time in the elven lands.

I wanted to confirm Queen Sisi’s status, but I was conscious of the fact I was being monitored. As soon as Lucia’s brother caught me trying to find Queen Sisi, he’d probably send my eyeballs back to Veirya… I needed to demonstrate I wasn’t interested in Queen Sisi whatsoever.

The elves led me to a big room. Presumably, it was where the elves planned to hold their celebration banquet, but it wasn’t set up yet. The absurdly long table was crowded with various dishes. By the walls were neatly arranged rows of huge wine barrels. You could get a full cup of green wine even if you were to mindlessly take one.

“This wine colour is quite ironic, huh…” I mused.

While the elves around me were busy, they would all conscientiously salute me then hand me a dish. The food tasted decent; however, I felt awkward with them giving me food in that manner…

“Please do not worry. It is a celebration banquet. In saying that, we plan to announce your relationship with Miss Lucia to all elves at the banquet. Consequently, Miss Lucia is currently getting changed. You are our hero’s fiancé, after all. That is why we will provide you with the grandest welcome.”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that; you don’t need to do that.” I waved my hands non-stop.

The elf, who conversed with me, dressed extravagantly. She was probably from a noble family, Lucia’s good friend or something… Lips tugged up, she told me, “You best change into our elven clothing. We have some. Please come with me. I guess this will be your official engagement ceremony with Miss Lucilia. In a week’s time, you and Miss Lucia will get married. She wants to get married sooner; I guess she is really looking forward to it.”

I nodded and stood up. I didn’t expect our engagement ceremony to be scheduled so soon.

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