The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 47

Jealous Veirya

Leah slept by herself in a tent. Perhaps she was spent after the day, hence didn’t wake up when I returned and, instead, pouted as she turned over. I lied down next to her and pulled her blanket up. Leah hugged my arm and then rolled over onto me to wildly attack me with her enlarged breasts.

When I had a breath of relief, I heard the sound of a curtain slowly opening from outside the tent. I opened my eyes and sat up to see Veirya’s short hair. That scared my soul out of me. Thus, I quickly tugged Leah’s head under the blanket with one hand. Shocked, Leah nearly screamed, but I pressed her head to my belly so that she couldn’t scream. After the initial shock, she realised what was going on. Leah immediately curled up and glued to me in silence.

Veirya noticed my action when she stood at the door: “Did I. Disturb you?”

“No. I just lied down.”


“Leah is asleep.”

I patted the small ball next to me. Leah was about the same size as her child form after she curled up in her adult form. Therefore, Veirya didn’t say anything after sweeping her gaze over Leah. Veirya looked back to me and lowered her voice: “How about. Coming out to talk?”

My original intention was to talk outside regardless of what Veirya wanted to say. Veirya seldom took the initiative to approach me. Plus, Leah was in her adult form. It wouldn’t be good if I forced her into the blanket for too long. However, Leah tightly grabbed onto me. It seemed as though she didn’t want me to go out with Veirya.

“No need to. Leah is holding onto me, so I can’t move.”

Veirya’s gaze contained a tinge of envy. She probably wanted to sleep together with Leah and have Leah hug her. We still hadn’t told Veirya about Leah transforming into an adult yet, though. That was why Veirya wasn’t going to get to enjoy the bliss of it anytime soon.

“I want to ask. What. Did Her Majesty. Talk to you about?”

It was my first time seeing Veirya behave that way. She looked quite cautious; she looked as if there was something that she found hard to talk about. Perplexed, I pondered, “What does Veirya want at this hour? Why is she behaving this way?”

“We didn’t talk about anything. Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand,” I answered.

I thought, “Why does this conversation sound as if I cheated on her?”

Although it sounded as if I was trying to humour Veirya and be done with it, what I said was the truth. Veirya wouldn’t be able to comprehend what we said. If I had to explain it to her, it’d probably take ages.

Veirya had enough self-awareness to know she wouldn’t understand. For that reason, she never asked the question in the past. She’d ask every now and then but wouldn’t pry deep. She didn’t plan to end there this time, however. She was as serious as if she was questioning her husband, who she suspected of cheating: “Tell me. I. Don’t need to understand. I just want to know. What you two. Talked about. I saw her. Hug you. You two. Looked very good together. I’m worried. You’ll go. To the imperial capital.”

After Veirya said that, I felt Leah grip me tighter. Leah was also worried that I’d go to the Imperial Capital and leave the two of them in the North. Veirya’s tone was also oddly tense. Frankly, I was surprised.

I had questions racing through my mind: “Veirya is nervous due to the possibility of me going to the imperial capital?! Since when did she start to care about me so much?! This is making me strangely excited. Have I become important to Veirya?”

“I don’t want. To let you. Go to the imperial capital. Her Majesty. Keeps asking. You to go. Which is why. I don’t want… I want you to always be here.” Veirya paused for a moment, seemingly trying to adjust her words and behaviour so that she could speak properly. She took a step forward. She didn’t sound too happy as she went on: “I… was also happy. To see you two. Happy. I have never. Seen Her Majesty. Smile that way. I… I feel… slightly unhappy… but, I don’t know. Why… I really want to speak, but… for some reason…”

My mind was blown. I shouted in my mind, “What is this?! Is Veirya jealous?!”

Veirya gently bit down her lip. A look of dilemma and resentment passed her face for the first time. Seeing as I didn’t stop her from stepping forward, she took a step inside. She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I don’t know… why… I feel unhappy… when I see you two. I can’t help but feel. That you’re happy. With Her Majesty. While I always. Give. You. Trouble. And. I get frustrated.”

I shook my head and smiled helplessly: “You don’t. Actually, it’s miserable being around Queen Sisi. She’s too clever and perceptive. Trying to be with her is also tiring for me. I feel comfortable around you, Veirya. I won’t go to the imperial capital, so don’t worry.”

“You won’t. Go to the imperial capital. With Her Majesty?”

Veirya repeated my statement, but she sounded happy when she did. She lowered her head and took off her shoes. She then stepped onto the mat on the ground and lied down next to me.

I said it before. I was nervous and shy whenever Veirya was near me. My heart began to race out of control again. Veirya and I lied in the same tent and next to each other.

“I think. This can. Help put me at ease.”

Verya rolled over and looked at me. She even hugged me. My heart felt as though it’d burst out of my chest. Leah, on the other hand, hugged me around my waist and tried to pull me away from Veirya with all her might and into her own embrace. Veirya was quite baffled as I was. However, she hugged me around my neck and softly said, “I’ve never felt this way. I don’t know. Why. But. I. Really care… I truly. Care a lot.”

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