The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 39

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Angelina is Pregnant

Honestly, I had no idea what Angelina was up to. But nevertheless, since Angelina didn’t want to see us, she definitely had her own ideas. That’s why I was somewhat reluctant to let Her Majesty meet her. Another reason was because I couldn’t control Angelina. I couldn’t control her thinking or actions. I was worried that she’d involved me in what she did. Veirya probably didn’t concur, though.

Veirya trusted Queen Sisi and would obey her commands. Furthermore, it didn’t appear as though she ever wondered what Angelina would do, which was why she took the initiative to lead Queen Sisi upstairs. I followed behind the two. Truth be told, I had lost the right to speak. I said I was Veirya’s spoil of war. In other words, Veirya’s will was my will. I, therefore, couldn’t stop Veirya. I only ever provided Veirya with suggestions, and she just happened to accept all of them. However, suggestions remain as suggestions; they only existed before a decision was made. Since Veirya had decided what to do, I shouldn’t stop her. Hence, I just followed the two, hoping to do my best to control the situation.

Veirya stood at the door; she turned her head to look at Queen Sisi and I. Queen Sisi looked back at Veirya with her arms folded and chuckled: “If you break the door down, I bet the gentleman behind us and your mother in the room won’t be too happy. Therefore, please allow me to knock.”

Queen Sisi politely knocked. I believe it was a rare experience for her to knock on a door, as she never needed to in the imperial palace. Moreover, given how proud Queen Sisi was, it was impossible for her to take the initiative to look for someone else. She made an exception by taking the initiative to visit Angelina. Under normal circumstances, everyone should come and welcome Queen Sisi. Queen Sisi was at Angelina’s door; if Angelina still didn’t show her face, she’d be taking things too far. If Angelina opened up, there was still a chance to turn things around. If Angelina refused, we were done for.

Fortunately, we heard sound from Angelina in the room. Queen Sisi folded her arms with a chuckle as she waited for the door to open. I was also curious as to what exactly Angelina had been doing, locking herself up in her room for several days.

Angelina slowly pulled open the door. The three of us, who were standing outside, froze. I had imagined countless different scenes we’d see after Angelina opened her door, but I never imagined I’d see Angelina in that shape. She wasn’t dressed; she boldly displayed her goods to us. I must say, her body arrested my ey-, ptoo, ptoo, this is no time to be worrying about her body. What was most worth paying attention to weren’t her twin blessings that were a tad larger than Veirya’s, but… but… but… her round belly… below her perfectly perky breasts…

Angelina seductively ran her fingers through her hair and chuckled in a soft voice: “Sorry, Your Majesty, I am not in as good shape as my daughter while I am pregnant, which was why I did not take the initiative to see you. It would not be good if I was to puke in front of you.”

I was absolutely positive she was Angelina thanks to her smile. Veirya wouldn’t smile; it had always been Angelina who posed as Veirya and never the other way around. In addition, Angelina didn’t have the mole on her breast. The mole was the only difference between the two. I had no idea if Queen Sisi was informed of that, but I noticed she was, once again, shocked. It was Queen Sisi’s second time seeing a pregnant woman in a single day, which blew her mind even more than the first time.


I didn’t expect to see a pregnant Angelina. She gave me a smug look and a weird mischievous smile: “Are you that heartless, Dear? Have you forgotten that beautiful night? I never imagined I’d be able to serve one man together with my daughter. I was somewhat shy about it, but when we got down to it, it was really fun. Plus, it truly is so nice to let a woman, who’s always never had a man, return to her youthful twenties, isn’t it?”

“What nonsense is that?!!!” I protested.

I started to question if I lived in the same dimension as Angelina. After all, I never did what she just claimed. Nevertheless, what she said totally freaked me out. I wasn’t afraid Queen Sisi would believe her; I was afraid that Veirya would believe her…

Veirya didn’t look as if she believed Angelina, though. She slightly frowned: “Impossible. You have. Left your room recently. A month ago. You. Still didn’t know him. You had no chance. To. Be alone with him. Plus. We have. Never been together.”

Veirya wasn’t brainless, after all. She, at least, didn’t believe a lie completely lacking evidence. Consequently, I felt reassured. I looked at Angelina, and she looked back at me. With a smug grin, she asked, “Says who? Veirya, how do you explain my belly, then?”

“Drugs, of course…”

From the moment Angelina asked that question, I realised that there was something wrong. Being idiotic as she was, Veirya would definitely spill something that would practically destroy us. Thus, I swiftly covered Veirya’s mouth with my hand. To cover up my awkward response, I pulled Veirya into my embrace. I dryly chuckled, and then raised my voice: “Sorry, I was wrong; I’ll be honest. That night, I couldn’t tell you two apart and went to the wrong person. However, I swear I didn’t expect Angelina to get pregnant. I’ll sort it out; I’ll definitely sort it out properly, so calm down for now, Veirya. I think that you and Angelina need to calm down. Love you.”

I really wanted to kiss Veirya on the face as the lads in American movies did, but I couldn’t. My heart virtually burst out of my chest just hugging Veirya. I swiftly pressed my hand on Veirya’s shoulder and pushed her to the stairs, and then turned around to block the path, preventing Veirya from coming back up. Veirya had an utterly dumbfounded expression on. It was beyond her to comprehend what happened in the short exchange of two sentences.

Angelina continued smugly looking at me. I, on the other hand, wanted to rip her head off. I always thought of myself as being incredibly smart, yet I was done in by women twice in a single day. I was frustrated. I rarely experienced being shut down. After experiencing it, I could say that I genuinely disliked it. Angelina was different to Veirya. She was a little too smart for our good.

Queen Sisi took some effort to get her train of thinking back on track. She missed the small mishap before. Subsequently, she only just recovered her mind’s functioning. She looked at me and, with an astonished look on her face, stuttered, “Y-Y-You and… and… Veirya’s mother… you…”

“I d-, okay, I did it, but have you confirmed it yet? You believe us now, right? That was Veirya, herself, just before.”

“Uhm… uhm… but… I’m more interested in the story between you two!”

“Please do not make me talk about it. Please?!!”

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